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NE Alberta Mamas Gathering

As a part of the discussion on "Seasons changing, What's a mama to do in the dark?", a few NE Alberta mamas are scheming to get together!  Sounds fun!!  Diane says:

Lets just pick a first time get together at a cafe that works for everyone and during that time we could come up with something more regular? How about Tuesday the 18th, 6pm Vita cafe.

Hope y'all connect!


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Sounds great. I will have my 3yr and 7mo daughters with me!


It's on! I'll be there with my 3yr old daughter.

I'll try to get there with my almost-3-year-old. Thanks for organizing this!

I will try to make it too. I have an almost 4 year old girl and 16 month boy.

I'll try to be there too with my almost-12-month-old daughter.

I might be living in SE, but I am coming anyway since I am the one who was originally looking for things to do after work with my 2 year old, and no one from the SE has expressed any interest.

i was happy to see this post because i REALLY need to meet some local mammas and their kids, but unfortunately i can't make it tonight. please keep me posted in the future-- i would love to get together!

We hope to be there too: almost 4-yr old and 20-month old boys. If it's rainy, the Vita might be a tough place to be with all the kids.

If for some reason there is not room at the Vita, maybe the Alameda Brew Pub could be a backup?

It was great to meet you all last night, and I'd like to do it again! I'm making a pitch for Monday or Wednesday evenings, 6-8ish, in the NE Concordia/Vernon neighborhood or somewhere easy to get to by public transit. There was some discussion of public places for meetings, and I think that if the group gets established, we should also consider rotating hosting at our homes, to keep costs down. But I'm getting ahead of myself - the point is that I'm interested in meeting again!

Hello again,
We had a great time meeting all of you NE UrbanMamas last Tuesday! I spoke with the Manager of the Community Room at the Kennedy School got some info. First, there is a $25 fee, per hour of use. Afterwork on Tuesdays is not an option as it's already booked. She said there is a possibility of alternating Wednesday / Thursday evenings and there is time available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

I also spoke with the owner of Milagros about renting the Family Room space. He asked for a little time to consider the idea since we are wanting to use the room outside of its normal operating hours. He also had some concern about the clean-up factor.

While I don't want to pressure Milagros unnecessarily, I do think their space would be a good fit for our group. Maybe it would help them get a better feel for us if other mamas in our group called to tell them how interested we are. Just a thought.

So let's keep brainstorming about where we can meet with our 3 main criteria:

Entertaining for the kids
Conveniently Located
Low cost

p.s. I actually gave some thought to the Ikea play area too, but kids have to meet height restrictions before they are allowed to play so it wouldn't work for infants/little toddlers. It would have been fun to eat Swedish Meatballs with you mamas though...

Hey all Mama's out there, When you have another nite out I want to meet you!!! I missed this one, but would love to meet some mamas and hang.. I'll bring my three year old- eva rose with me...

Hey all of you NE Alberta Mamas,

I heard back from Milagros this morning and I'm happy to report that they have agreed to give our Evening Playgroup a go! They would prefer that it be on Wednesday nights, once a month. They are giving us their lowest rate of $15 per hour for the space. So if we use it from 6:00 - 8:30 it would cost $37.50 per event.
So, the next step is ours. Should we test the space with our next get together to see if it's a good fit? Would you like to set a date for October or November? We can pencil a date in our calendars and then touch base the Monday before our event to determine the planned headcount so that everyone knows how much to pay. Cost could be on a per family basis rather than per child - anyone have experience with this or another suggestion? Also, we talked about possibly bringing a toy or two from home to share for the evening. One last question for you all, should this playgroup be open to our urban papas too? My dh often has the kids on Wednesday night so I'm just curious.
Hope to hear from you soon!

I'd love to come too and Milagros is an easy locale for me. Would we be eating though? 6:00 is usually dinner hour in our house, although we could always eat a little early. I was thinking that the Laurelwood Pizza Co. (where the old Laurelwood restaurant used to be) would also be a great spot to meet. They still have a play area for the tots and the pizza is good (they even have a soy option for the my lactose-intolerant daughter!). And then there's the beer...

Can we bring food to Milagros, if we promise to clean up after ourselves? We could do potluck or take turns bringing a pizza or something. Wednesday night (but not the first Wednesday of the month, ever) is perfect for me, by the way, and I'd be fine with dads joining in.

Hey, did a time and place ever get sorted out for this? I wanna come too!!!

Calling all interested Mamas,

I'd like to schedule our next NE PDX get together for Wednesday, November 7th. I didn't want too much more time to pass us by before the holidays make our schedules too hectic.

We will meet in Milagros "Family Room" located on the corner of NE Killingsworth & NE 30th Ave. The room is available to us from 6:00 - 8:30 pm. There is a fee of $37.50 for the use of the room - to be divided among the number of families in attendance. Payment will be due upon arrival. A nice big group will keep the cost per family affordable.

Please reply here if you plan to come. Food and beverages are allowed in the space. We are all responsible for the clean-up before we leave.

Oh, and let's plan on each bringing one toy from home to share with the group during the playdate.

Please chime in with additional thoughts/suggestions.

You can also send e-mails directly to me @ holly.burke@adidas.com for more details.

This sounds like fun! What age range of kids will be there (mostly, will my 5 yr old be bored with "babies" or are there some "older" kids?)? I'm sure my 3 yr old would love it...although, the boys are usually in bed by 7 or 7:30, so I don't know if we'd make it through the whole time. Lucky for us, we literally live 2 blocks away, so we can maximize playtime!

We are allowed to bring food to Milagro's Family Room, as long as we clean up after ourselves. I think we should just brown bag it for the first event. Maybe we coordinate dinner after we get a few playdates under our belts.

My kids are aged 3.5 and 8mo. I think there are a few other 3yr olds and under planning to attend. Not sure who else.

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