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The Mamas Clothing Exchange Party: Be there!

Mamas taking a break while a couple continue the search

Did ya see, did ya see?  Check out the October 2007 issue of Parents Magazine.  On page 130, you will find some of you urbanMamas featured in the "girls night out" section, as we swapped the night away at our last mamas clothing exchange party.  Thanks to everyone that emailed to let us know!

Without further ado, we cordially invite you to the next Naked Mamas Party on October 19 at 7PM at Vino Vixens.  We encourage mamas of all shapes and sizes to come; bring a pile of your formerly loved clothes and you'll be sure to walk away with a pile of fashions new-to-you just waiting to be loved.  Last time, no one left empty handed.  We still have a few piles from our last naked mamas party to add to the mix.

Leave your babes at home (Vino Vixens is a wine bar where no minors are allowed), there will lots of clothes to try on, wine to drink, food to nosh, and merriment to be had.  Please RSVP in the comments so we can be sure to have enough vino on hand!

Mamas Clothing Exchange Party
October 19, 2007, 7PM
2929 SE Powell Blvd., Portland. (503) 231-8466


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I am so there! I was just lamenting my tired old wardrobe and lack of funds to buy some spicy new pieces. My closet is full of items that are perfectly fine, I'm just bored with them. Naked Mama Party--what a fabulous idea!!! Thank you:)

i'd like to come. can i bring a plus 1 (mama)?

it's on my calendar! i'm looking forward to finding a home for so many things that really never flattered my figure... hehe

I'd like to come and if I can get some advice from the other mamas, I'd be so grateful.

Most of my clothes are too big right now. I know, boo hoo to me. I can only guess it's because I'm a lot more active than I've ever been and I'm still nursing.

Last fall, when I hadn't lost the baby weight and just felt like I would always be that size I gave away a bunch of smaller sized clothes at a naked lady party. Now I really wish I had some of those things, especially the pants!

So if you were in my situation, not sure if you're staying at this size after the baby weans, would you keep all the bigger sizes just in case or be optimistic and give them away?

NoPo mama is sick of seeing my baggy butt. ;)

I am SO there and have been SO looking forward to our next NMP.

Sadie Rose, please bring your mama friend. The more mamas, the more clothes, the more wine, the more w(h)ine, and the more merry!

Saggy Butt - I mean, Katherine - I miss those nursing days. As a mama who nursed for almost 3 years each babe, I did see my body fluctate during different stages of the nursing. I was my most ravenous and my lightest when the babies were between 6 and 18 months or so. Once I renormalized to toddler nursing, my body gained a bit more weight and I went back to my more baseline shape. I guess what I'm saying is -- I would probably keep the clothes around since there could still be more fluctuation in the future, since Iris is just over a year. Maybe two Naked Mamas Parties from now, if you're pant butts are still saggin', either adopt a more baggy hip-hop look or unload the clothes then! My two cents. See ya at the Party if not before then!

Did someone say wine and clothes swap? Count me in. The last one was so much fun, I wouldn't miss this next one. It's definitely time to reinvigorate the wardrobe.

Do I assume that there's going to be a maternity section at this swap? :) I'm an expecting mama, but also have lots of clothes ranging from 14-18 I can bring to swap.

count me in as tentative. mac's on call, but i can try to swing by for a bit!

New to the board, and wondering if the Naked Mamas party is open to newbies, too? I'm in a playgroup in Sherwood (way out here!!) and some of us may be interested in joining if there's room. Don't worry, we don't wear ALL overalls and long johns out here in the boonies!

I'll be there and tell my friends. Thanks so much.

I say what more perfect time to attend a NMP than October since it's buy nothing month at our house... again. How sweet, sweet to score new duds w/o spending a dime. Can you hold them all during our quarterly buy nothing month? It'd make it so much easier to walk by Nordstrom. PLus, with the stomach I got after baby #2, I've got some short shirts that no longer fly on this wrinkly belly. Hope to make it.

JillyBean: Of course! All mamas regardless of size, shape, location, ethnicity, and gestation are welcome :-) Did we cover it?

Um, uM - we also welcome mamas regardless sexual orientation, religion or physical ability. All mamas, bring out your gear, come meet some mamas, sip some wine, and grab some other mamas trash that could turn out to be your treasure! Can't wait.

Katherine- i always make the wrong choice with that kind of stuff. can't we just stay one (skinny) size forever!!? maybe you should keep a few really great things around just in case. i found that with my post-weaning weight gain, i was verrrrry reluctant to look in a different size rack while i was out shopping. better to already have it. :)

i'm excited to see you at the swap! Bring NoPo, too. i miss you guys.

Not been to an event before, but I would love to come - will go through my wardrobe!Great! Thanks

I think I need to try to come too...even if it's just to micromanage Katherine and make sure she picks up some jeans that fit! We've been hanging out at the park way too many afternoons this summer hiking up our pants before we run off to catch our kids!

As for whether or not to hang on to old stuff...in general, I'm a "when in doubt, toss it" kind of person so unless you're really in love with something pass it on. Would you realistically wear those things if they fit you today? Last year I tossed one of my first pairs of Diesel jeans that even though I had not worn them in years I couldnt seem to part with them because I'd spent so much money on them years before...after trying them on though, I realized how dated they were--only after a few years!

Gotta get Henrik to take a bottle so I can come hang out with you guys and drink a little wine!

would love to come!

I love to come to this event. I was sorry to have missed the last one but will put this one on the calendar and tell the friends.

This is exciting. I finally get to give away clothes that is too big and get cool clothes for free. My friend Arabeth and I are coming to this great event. Cannot wait.

Looking forward to it! I am in that in between phase and don't want to spend a lot of money while I am working to get back to my previous size (hopefully!)

I'd like to come, but I'm not totally sure I can make it, so can I reply as a maybe, in true mama style? I do have a nice bag full of Motherwear nursing clothes that I've been meaning to consign, just begging to leave the house...

I was so happy when I saw the picture in Parents too!

I missed the first one. I'd like to come to this one. I plan on bringing size 2-4 clothes and LOTS of maternity if anyone needs it. Thanks!

I'm planning on coming--yay a mama evening out! I'll bring lots of size 8/medium stuff. And after two babes and heading back to work part-time, I could use some Long length (I'm 5'9) size 10 pants...anyone, anyone?? :)


::nodding head rapidly::

i'll be there!

I'd love to attend! I have clothes in the small/medium range to bring and am looking forward to it.

looking forward to it. thanks!

I can't decide if I will come or not. It would be super helpful if folks could say what size they're bringing, like some of the other ladies here. It seems like this is a party for littler mamas. Post-baby, I'm still in a size 12 ... I don't want to feel stupid leaving pudgy and empty-handed! Wah, me.


I'll be there with size 12 clothes to give away!


I will be there with small clothes to pass on. Can't wait to meet some new moms and get free clothes! My two favorite things! See you then!

do we need to bring any wine or anything?

Wow. I'm sort of feeling weird reading "still a size 12" and "pudgy" in the same post considering there are some mammas, like myself, who wear/wore larger sizes PRE-baby. Does *anyone* plan on bringing any clothes 14 or up? If not, this isn't the naked lady party for this mama.

I just came across this site recently and I am very excited to come to this event.

Me, too! I've been needing some fall clothes and mine are all packed away! I am hoping to cash in on credit for all the clothes I sent to the last event.

TJ I am a 14 (and sometimes up)as well. I plan on being there, if i get my daughters Birthday Party organized in time. Her party is on Saturday.

Speaking of the little ones..... Does anyone have an interest in a 'Naked Baby Party'?
It might be a great way to get rid of those clothes they grow through so fast, while scoring a free new wardrobe for the next season!

Wow.. I am really looking forward to this! I have a big bin of clothes that are in great shape but I no longer wear and would love to do some trading! Thanks for setting this up.

I will be there. I am bringing everything I've just cleaned out of my closet, including some hippie dresses no one will likely want! Maybe we can have a prize for the randomest piece of clothing.

Count me in, what a life saver for this post baby body that is headed back to work in 5 short weeks! Unfortunately, I don't think the weight around my middle will be coming off in time to fit into all those old work clothes.

TJ and Lea... this mama is also a curvy girl. my clothes will be 14 and up but probably more 16 than anything.

Yay! I will be there with.... well I would say "nothing" on but you know, I should probably wear SOMETHING because it's a bit nippy out. See y'all there!

I will be there w/2 bags of clothes I've finally decided I never be able to fit into again.

drat! i was hoping i could maybe sneak out for a bit, even with mac on-call, but it turns out that both the boys and i have strep throat. so no outing for me tonight. have fun, everyone!

Last minute reply, but I'll be there--I'm new to this mama's group, but it sounds fun!

I want to come! I read about the last naked mamas party and wanted to attend one. I have some nice clothes that don't fit me anymore that I could bring.

THANKYOU naked urban mamas! I had a lovely evening and came away with some really great clothes! In particular, I adore my new Ann Taylor suit, Watters and Watters dress, Lands End bodywarmer and green cord-fuzzy jacket. Thanks!

Any more of these coming up? I'm already outgrowing my maternity pants! :(

The Mamas Clothing Exchange Party: That is awesome. I have lots of nice clothes that I can bring for another mama(sz 14). I'd love some new clothes too..♥ When is the next one taking place.

We have quite a few maternity ranges for your fancy at beaudamelingerie.co.uk

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