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Finding home with Market Data

One our way home last night, I was humored by an article about a data warehouse of info that crunches statistics and boils your neighbors down to 66 distinct types of households.  Though a bit bothered by how millions of Americans can be categorized into just 66 little boxes, I was curious.  From WalkScores to Zestimates, finding your new neighborhood can be done in the midle of the night but just punching in your zip code.  In our North Portland zip code, we have:

  • "American Dreams", Urban Uptowners -- ethnically diverse, multilingual neighborhoods, middle-aged immigrants, middle-class, mostly with kids.  They go sailing, go ice skating, read Ebony and the Sunday paper, and drive Lexus IS300s.
  • "City Roots" Urban Cores -- lower-income retirees, typically living in older homes and duplexes they've owned for years, often widows and widowers living on fixed incomes and maintaining low-key lifestyles.  They watch daytime TV, travel to South America, read Essence Magazine, watch Face the Nation, and drive Hyundai Accents.
  • "Close-in Couples" Midtown Mix -- predominantly older, African-American couples living in older homes in the urban neighborhoods of mid-sized metros. High school educated and empty nesting, these 55-year-old-plus residents typically live in older city neighborhoods, enjoying secure and comfortable retirements.  They shop at Macy's, eat at Denny's, read the Sunday newspaper, watch People's Court TV, and drive Suzuki Grand Vitara SUVs.
  • "Money and Brains" Uptown Urban -- high incomes, advanced degrees and sophisticated tastes to match their credentials. Many of these city dwellers--predominantly white with a high concentration of Asian Americans--are married couples with few children who live in fashionable homes on small, manicured lots. They shop at Nordstrom, eat at California Pizza Kitchen, read the Sunday newspaper, and drive Mercedez Benz E class.
  • "Multi-Culti Mosaic" Midtown Mix -- a mixed populace of younger Hispanic, Asian and African-American singles and families. With nearly a quarter of the residents foreign born, this segment is a mecca for first-generation Americans who are striving to improve their lower-middle-class status.  They go to professional basketball games, buy Spanish/Latin music, read Jet Magazine, watch Jerry Springer TV and drive Nissan Sentras.

Comical?  Curious?  Accurate?  Not?  Who are the people in your neighborhood?  Just enter your zip code and see.


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Yes, the selections may be somewhat limited, but I have to say they were right on...deep SE Portland where I love is Multi-Culti...it describes my neighborhood as if they were standing at the end of my street taking notes! And my parent's suburban Massachusetts neighborhood is Middleburg Manager right down to the wooden deck in the back yard!

Wow. Funny, but I found it not to be very accurate at all. Interesting how it works for some. They didn't get my parent's neighborhood very well either.

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