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Diaper pail for cloth diapers: Just how stinky IS it?

Do you cloth diaper? Camellia is about to launch into the World of Cloth and needs your advice.

Our first baby is due in a month and I'm trying to figure out the whole cloth diapering thing. We decided to go with a diaper service for the first few months anyway, and then to reevaluate whether to stick with the service, switch to all-in-ones and wash them ourselves, use g-diapers, or some sort of combination. I'm interested in hearing about what has worked best for other parents, but first and foremost, I'm wondering what to do for a diaper pail for the first few months, with the diaper service.

Tidee Didee advised us to begin with 70 diapers a week for a newborn, they provide the diaper bags, we provide the pail, and they pick up dirties once a week. They have a 54-quart white plastic pail we can buy from them for $17 or we can provide our own. Has anyone used this system? a 54-quart pail sounds huge--can you really just throw all your diapers in there for a whole week, or doesn't that get super stinky? Is there a different pail we should get instead?


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We didn't do a diaper service, just jumped right in there with doing cloth ourselves. We got a diaper pail that was meant for disposable diapers and took out all that complicated plastic stuff at the top so that we were left with a basic pail.

We used the dry pail system. We just tossed the dipes in there. After the poop gets more solid, you have to shake it out in the toilet (is this TMI?) before transferring to the diaper pail. I kept a little rag with a few drops of lavender oil in there to cut down on the smell. It wasn't too bad. The lid had a good seal, so it didn't get too funky in the baby's room.

I washed the diapers in hot water with a splash of white vinegar and they came out fine.

If you do end up considering doing cloth yourself, Babyworks is a local company that sells diapers and covers. They are really friendly and will let you try stuff out and return it (even used!) if it doesn't work out for your kid.


We invested in a very nice quality metal garbage pail with a tight sealing lid operated with a pedal. It was soooo worth the $100! I don't know the gallons, but it is about waist high. We have a bummis wet bag as a liner and about every 3 days I wash the diapers and the liner. So far no bad smells have escaped into the air.

Good for you with the dipes! So we just use a "Diaper champ" pail that is I think 25 bucks or so from babies r us and put a washable diaper bag in it then when you are ready to wash them you carry the whole thing to the washer, dump it in and throw the bag in with it. If you get the DC make sure it is the new one with the wider neck thing, it fits cloth diapers really well. (and I hate to admit it but spinning the device on top to dump the diaper in is wierdly fun) I got the washable diaper bag at mother nature's in se. His room smells fine.

we used tidee didee at first too, and bought the diaper champ from them. we didn't use it for long, though, because it filled up pretty fast and became sort of annoying to stuff the diapers into. since then we've just been using one of those large-size waterproof bags (bummis brand?) from mother nature's, no pail required. we just throw the bag into the wash with the diapers. and actually we have two so there's always one clean, and a small-size one for taking places. also I want to say that plain old cotton prefolds with diaper covers are a great (and affordable) way to do things. we got all our prefolds on craigslist, barely used. wool covers are really good because you don't have to wash them as much- the wool resists odors. and you can make your own out of sweaters from the goodwill. the whole thing can actually be really easy and not that expensive.

We've been cloth diapering for about 5 months now. TO start, we bought a huge dog-food size tupperware container with a lid that hinges backward and seals tightly...just until we figured out what other option would be better. We're still using it 5 months later. No liner--I just wash it out with bac-out every time I do diaper laundry. I think it cost $20 at Storables. Works for us!

Sarah, that waterproof bag sounds like a fantastic idea! My diaper days are done (yahoo!) but if I had it to do over, I would definitely go that route. Although our diaper pail wasn't bad, scrubbing it out was a pita. I wish I could have just dumped it in the washing machine.

Camellia, take note!

We have been using tidee d. for a while- I bought that white pail and have mixed feelings about it. In any case, I am not really using the cloth anymore so if you want the white pail for free I'd be happy to give it to you with some of the scent disks to try. I live in NE, my email is apaskow(at)hotmail.com if you'd like the stuff.

We use Tidee Didee, and bought the pail that they have just for the sake of convenience. It has worked very well for us; you use the plastic bag that the diapers are delivered in to line the pail, fill it as you go, then tie the whole thing off on delivery day, hand it over and forget about it. I think the pail they sell is a perfect size (Mr. Bug is coming up on six months now, so we've been doing this for a bit), and the whole delivery system is great. I would rather wash my own, but we're in an apartment right now, so I can't hog the washers/run extra rinse cycles, etc...
We haven't had any trouble with the pail being too stinky, and I just found a baking soda thing at the grocery store the other day that is meant for the fridge, has a suction cup on it and is chock full of Arm and Hammer--stuck it to the inside of the lid, and it works really well to mitigate any of the odors that linger there. I second the wool cover vote, I've used disana wool covers from the first and they are excellent, much much better than any of the pul and other wraps. Also found something locally made called a Potty Pail that is great for clean up of all kinds of things, esp. the washcloths we use for wipes and doublers and things of that nature. Good luck and happy diapering.

A determining factor in what kind of pail to use is whether you have a dog, and what that dog likes to eat. I don't want to provide too much information, but if you are the owner of a hound like mine, unless you are VERY disciplined about closing the nursery door, you are probably going to need a diaper champ (if you are using cloth you pretty much have to get the one with the wide mouth). The Tidee Didee pail was a disaster with the dog. Diaper champs are hard to defeat, even for a big, clever dog, and they've got an odor seal that works pretty well. That bag thing sounds wonderful to me, too, but I probably couldn't use it because of the dog factor.
We use flushable liners on the diapers and throw the solids in the toilet, and launder our own wraps (oxyclean gets the stains out) every couple of days, and use the deoderizing disks that tidee didee supplies. While there isn't much smell left over to me, apparently the dog thinks we're serving roast beef in there.

On a separate note, if you end up getting the service and using the prefolds, it is worth learning a bit of diaper origami to make sure you know how to fit them in the wraps so that the diaper stays inside the wrap while still being comfortable to sit/lie on for the babe. If the prefold sticks outside of the wrap, it can wick the pee up out of the wrap and get her back wet.

One other thought - you might want to keep track of the diapers from the service. The only complaint I have ever heard from anyone about Tidee Didee - but I've heard it from a lot of people - is that when it comes time to settle up, they always seem to think that the customer has lost a ton of diapers and must pay a hefty replacement fee. I have not kept track of my numbers, and I'm dreading a big bill at the end.

Cloth is the way to go. We gave up on cloth a little prematurely with our first because she couldn't stand to be wet - couldn't sleep after she peed. We should have explored options like all-in-ones because those would have worked fine. We used Tidee Didee with her and are now using them again with our 4 month old. We now use about 40 regular size Tidee Didee diapers at home each week (love the convenience) and Bum Genius all-in-ones the rest of the time. They are supposed to fit newborn to 35 pounds - you just adjust as they grow. We use the BumG at night and she'll often go 12 hours without a change, no leak, no discomfort. They are pretty amazing. Lots of people feel that way about FuzziBunz but ours have leaked too much. The BumG fit our girl perfectly and never leak. We catch most poops in the TD dipes but when she poops in a BumG we rinse it out with BacOut in the sink (still breastmilk gooey poop so no solids yet) and wash every other day or so. (Hot, cold, cold). I loved Nikki wraps for newborn (and their nighttime training pants were great when our older daughter was 2) but now we like Bummis wraps to go over the Tidee Didee Diapers. One thing I've found about cloth diapers is that we are all happier changing her every 90 minutes except when sleeping. Our baby has NEVER had a rash, never needed diaper cream. So we used to use a Diaper Champ but the regular diapers are too big and the Champ is more trouble than it's worth (although I agree that it can be fun - that's why we used it for so long). We now use a regular (52 quart) garbage can with a lid that works great. Tidee Didee provides some deodorizer discs and we don't have a problem at all. We keep the Tidee Didee bag in as a liner. All 40 dipes fit so it's as simple as tying a not and throwing it out on the front porch in time for pickup. We keep the BumGenius diapers in a separate pail but honestly I wash them with regular clothes half the time (if it's just pee). If you want to try a Diaper Champ you can have ours for free. We also have a used Diaper Genie up for grabs if anyone wants it (good for disposables). Send me your contact info and I'll give either/both away to the first person to make arrangements (I'm in close-in NE). Babyworks has been a great help - their catalog has a lot of information to read and they are also great in person. When people throw a lot of new terminology around it makes cloth diapering sound more complicated than it is. I find it really rewarding. I also find that my non-domestic husband is a huge help with taking care of diaper chores (why are dads so good at such a strage job?). Let me reiterate that Bac-Out is our product of choice for stain removal. It also works great for preschool style stains! Good luck to you!

I went with cloth with our daughter and loved it. We skipped the diaper service, which I have heard mixed reviews about in general, and opted to go it alone. I did a ton of research online before I bought and found that Imse Vimse and Fuzzy Bunz covers got the best reviews across the board. Since Fuzzy Bunz are insert covers, and therefore cannot be reused when the diaper gets wet, I went with Imse Vimse for daytime and Fuzzy Bunz for over night when Nova got older and we stopped needing to change her throughout the night. I ordered chinese prefold online, rather than through the service.
The tricks I picked up from online and trial and error to eliminate the odor and ease the workload were these:
White vinegar (about a 1/4 cup) in the place of fabric softener will eliminate the urine odor completely from the diapers. They smell funky coming out of the wash, but the vinegar smell comes out in the dryer. Soaking in Oxi-clean helps with staining.
A few drops each of tea tree oil and lavendar oil in water makes an excellent wipes solution that is very gentle on little booties and smells great. The same combo into the laundry bag will help with the smell and is also antibacterial. A spray bottle works well for both.
For the laundry, I used the diaper champ with a regular kitchen garbage bag and some baking soda for the smell. I started out using a washable laundry bag in the attempt to waste nothing, but both the smell and the moisture leaked too much. On the go, I carried gallon size freezer zip lock bags (the kind with the zipper) and rinsed them out in the sink and reused them.

The biggest problem with smell and using a diaper service is the amount of time you have soiled diapers sitting around your house. I washed the diapers at the end of the night every night when Nova was an infant and that was really the thing that kept things from getting too smelly. If we had to hang onto those stinky things for the whole week, I probably would have had to put them outside and hope they didn't attract wild animals!

Camellia -- if you decide to go with a diaper champ, you can have ours -- we still have it somewhere I think!

We're expecting our first baby in 3 months and plan to go cloth without the service. I've been reading a lot of advice at diaperpin and many people say a kitchen trash can with a really good lid is best. I don't have any first hand experience though so I'd be interested in hearing what ends up working best for you.

i've been obsessed with all things cloth diapering for a couple of months. we used tidee didee with my daughter, but i'm due in january with our second and we want to wash them at home this time. i second the previous comment about learning diaper origami, which i've just read about. i am stunned that i went a whole year just tri-folding prefolds, putting covers on them and letting my daughter blow out with every other poop. there are better ways!

a good resource for folding those prefolds:

and a good resource for EVERYTHING cloth diapering is diaperswappers.com - tons of ideas about all of it, with people weighing in on how different methods work.

We don't use a diaper pail. We just fill the washer with hot water, add a scoop of BIOKLEEN oxygen cleaner and detergent,and throw in her diapers as they are used. After two or three days, we run the load, catch up on the other laundry, and start over again. That way, stains don't set in and the house stays smell-free.Pretty easy.

Now for the negative bit....We do not recommend tideedidee at all. We had the worst customer service experience we have ever had! We were overcharged for two weeks of service.They would not let us return two new diaper covers, that leaked on the first use. Saying at first that we'd bought them used,then that we must have put them in the dryer, neither of which was true.We found Cindy Martin, the owner/manager, to be unable and unwilling to communicate.It has been six months, and I still shake to think about it. Plus, they only have two sizes of prefolds, which were really bulky, and limited our daughters mobility.

On the bright side, I learned to sew. I borrowed a sewing machine & put the manual in my lap.A few late nights and a hundred dollars later, I had 39 diapers.
I don't know how to do a link, but if you check out mamabird.com they have an easy pattern that is similar to FuzziBunz All-In-Ones.I should warn you that diaper making can become highly addictive!

Congratulations and good luck!

Congrats on your pregnancy!! My husband and I used Kissaluvs size 0 diapers until she was the right size to fit into Bumgenius diapers (both available at Mother Natures in SE) and LOVE both of them. We seriously just bought a simple flip lid garbage can from Target (which was so cheap compared to actual diaper pails) and a waterproof bag online from cottontailbaby.com (if I remember correctly!). We do laundry every day or every other day depending on mood and haven't had a problem with smell. We just empty the diapers into the washer and throw the bag in too! It's a great system. Good luck with whatever diapers/pails and methods you decide on!! :)

The pail Tidee Didee brought us was a Diaper Champ. Keep in mind that it will get yucky! Newborn poop is really runny and if it gets on the sides of the plastic deal that slides up and down (and it will) you can never get it out without taking the whole thing apart. Diaper pails are gross no matter how you look at it. Also, don't forget to put your diapers out on diaper day or you will have an extra bag in your house for a week. We use gDiapers these days. Poop goes down the toilet. No more stink! You just have to get the hang of tearing without getting it all over yourself. Good luck and happy diapering!

I want to learn to sew! I went looking for that mamabird link and found it here:


Carmom,If you would like to borrow any tips, or the use of my machine, you can contact me at elciel@comcast.net. I have been making pinafores and robeez-like shoes with a friend. But I have fantasies of starting a sewing circle, of sorts.Anybody game? No experience neccessary.

We only used Tidee Didee for my son's first 18 months. They have always been great to work with for us and accomodating. We stopped cloth diapering all together after that though because keeping an 18 month old's diapers in the pail for a week is not pleasant. After having a service for so long, I just felt overwhelmed with the idea of doing it all on my own. Perhaps if I had started off washing my own when he was tiny and the diapers were virtually smell-free, I could have stuck with it. We did buy EC store and Snap-EZ trainers for potty training and I washed those myself. It was pretty easy - we just rinsed in the toilet or threw them directly into the washing machine and washed a load every other day with a Downy ball with vinegar. If I had to do it all over again though, I would certainly give G diapers a try. They would have been much easier for my relatives than the cloth.

Tidee Didee was a wonderful service for the entirety of my son's diaper career. We had three dogs at the time and I bought an additional dog food storage container (it has an "airtight" seal lid) and it was PERFECT! You can find them at any Petco.

DISCLAIMER: Although we never intend our comments or posts to be ads, it should noted that we do carry cloth diapers and accessories at Milagros.

We used cloth diapers with Mila and are doing so with Gael. There is a whole myriad of reasons why we choose cloth but the biggest were

1) the environmental and cost benefits - cost wise you can go to Hawaii on what you will save

2) the ease of toilet training - on average cloth diapered children potty train 18 months sooner than babies in disposables, Mila basically trained herself

Honestly, I find cloth diapering to be as convenient as disposables. There are no pins involved anymore and once a routine is established washing your own is really no big deal. I will admit that traveling can be a little challenging (and bulky if it is a long trip).

As for pails and such, we have a couple simple plastic trash cans with tops that seal for our diaper pails. We use a reusable waterproof liner on the pails (an XL Bummis diaper tote ). If you are using a diaper service, they probably provide a special plastic bag.

For odors we have citrus circles in the pails. Odor-wise, while the babies were only breastfeeding the odor was no big deal at all. Once they started on solid foods, well...let's say having the citrus circles really paid off.

Bi-O-Kleen is our laundry product of choice. We use BacOut for presoak on poopy items.

All the things we use at home for cloth diapering are things that we carry at Milagros. But we aren't the only game in town. Other good local shops for cloth diapering are Babyworks, Mother Natures, and our friend Cynthia's store - Zoom Baby.

Hey Nic,
Are your Diaper Champ or Diaper Genie still available? I'm planning on a combination of diapers and realize that I didn't plan for a place for the disposiable diapers. If so, my email is marymarcelle@hotmail.com. Thanks!

lea, a sewing circle sounds like fun, let me know if it gets going!

oops, here's my email: doyoulikeponies@hotmail.com

We've used the $12 pail from Tidee Didee for 4-1/2 years off and on. We keep ours in our bathroom--not in a sleeping room. Since we use cloth wipes and have to make a trip to the lav anyway to rinse out those and to soak blown out covers. We use the citrus circles from Milagro's (or if I remember to ask, the Tidee Didee deliver guy always has some for free).

Now that my little guy is 20 months and eating all sorts of food, the pail does stink when opened. I find the odor dissipates a minute or so after it's closed.

While no one wants to smell poop in their home, I think a lot of times we overblow the issue a bit in our minds before the reality of all the other odors, stains, spills, teeth marks, wall art, etc., sets in. Life with children will be full of all sorts of things we found intolerable before kids. While I am not suggesting leaving poopy diapers about the house, I do think it's important to come to peace with the mess of life with young children at home and not make ourselves crazy trying to keep our homes antiseptic.


i too would love to hear more about a sewing circle. Were you thinking in the evening? I've been sewing clothes here and there for my daughter since she was about a year and a half. It seems to be turning out to be a winter hibernation activity for me : ). I just dusted off the sewing machine again this week and threw together a couple of skits for her as a warm up. I'm trying to push the idea of a home-made Christmas this year in our home and want to make her a bunch of fun new dresses as part of her present. I wish I had known about the diaper pattern back when my daughter was still in them. I suppose if we ever decide to go for number two, I'll have the chance to try it out. Which fabrics did you end up using for yours?

We use the 7 gallon diaper pail from this site -
- and line it with the bummis pail liner. We have two liners so there's always one at the ready when the other is in the wash. The great thing about this particular pail is that there's a place under the lid to hold a deodorizing disk or, in our case, charcoal filters. We much, much prefer the charcoal filters to the perfumey smell of deodorizers or citrus circles. Between the charcoal filters and sorta-frequent washing (every 2 to 3 days) nothing gets a chance to get smelly. Once a month or so we spray the pail with a bleach solution and let it air-dry. Easy enough to do for two straight years so far.....

Wow! Thanks, everyone, for all of the information and suggestions.

Lea, I'm interested in the sewing circle idea, too! I wonder what the best forum would be for interested parties--perhaps a yahoo group or some other mailing list system?

I'm a bit surprised that people are talking about putting poopy diapers straight into the pail, without rinsing. In our experience that would have been pretty gross and would have led to a lot of nasty odor problems. We used a regular 25 gallon plastic garbage pail with a spring-loaded lid that we got a Target for something like $6. We lined it with a waterproof diaper bag and washed diapers every day and half or two. I would definitely recommend rinsing poop into the toilet, there are even those handy hose assemblies you can add to your toilet if you're a bit squeamish like me (though we didn't have one of those).

I don't really see the point of the diaper service, unless you don't have access to laundry facilities in your home. Really, washing diapers adds about 10 minutes of work every couple of days, and I never had to deal with contracts, billing mishaps or bad customer service.

We used prefolds with Proraps and a couple other similar hand-me-down covers, which are pretty much the most utilitarian diapers around, and we loved them. I tried the Fuzzi Bunz, a few different wool covers, one pair of all-in-ones, but I wasn't really diligent about trying out a million different things b/c the proraps are cheap and they work. 'Nuff said.

About G-diapers, we liked them, but the covers seem to run a bit small and they're pretty pricey. They're nice for overnight if your kid wakes up when they feel wet. We also like them for traveling since they take up so much less space than cloth and you don't have to carry a giant bag of wet diapers everywhere, but many friends of mine found that their covers were wet or dirtied every diaper change. I would recommend getting the covers used since they're super easy to find on craigslist or ebay. Hope this helps. Congratulations!

From diaper pails to sewing circles.....Just like any conversation my husband and I have!

Elena, I have midday/afternoons free(12-4ish).Maybe we could do a rotating hostess throughout the month, each one offering a different timeslot, to acommodate everyones different schedule?

For fabrics, I just used flannel for the first batch,four-ply and cut into an hourglass shape(used with a diaper wrap).I left the back seam open so I could stuff in a soaker at night. Then,I moved on to All-In-Ones.I ordered my material from diapercuts.com. Microfleece for the inner and PUL for the outer. I bought the least expensive PUL, which I'm not happy with. I'll have to do better research before I can recommend a PUL.(I didn't find a local fabric store that sold PUL.)

Camellia, I really like the idea of a mailing list or yahoo group. Maybe we could even calender it through urbanMama? I am sort of a luddite, so I wouldn't know where to begin.
Anybody want to meet at a coffeeshop sometime next week? If so, email me with best time and location for you--- elciel@comcast.net

We used a pail that's meant for composting so it's good at keeping smells out. We got it at Babyworks:

And then we bought 2 of these diaper pail liners:

When it's time to wash we put one liner in with the diapers and rotate the second one back in the pail.

I spray out the pail with Seventh Generation Orange clearner when I have take the dirty liner out. I used cloth wipes with a solution of water and a few drops of lavendar oil which cuts down on the smell overall.

Diaper services sound great, especially if you're on septic and can't handle the extra waterload. I like washing dipes because I can control when we have clean ones and it just doesn't take much time at all. In fact, I'm doing a load right now as I'm, uh, working. ;)

I've cloth diapered my son, who is now two, since birth. As a full time working mama, I knew I would not be able to launder my own diapers, so I chose to use Tidee Didee. I have been very pleased with the diaper service diapers + diaper cover system (I prefer Bummis Super Whisper Wrap covers after much trial and error).
The best diaper pail for cloth diaper service diapers is the Diaper Champ http://www.amazon.com/Baby-Trend-4200-Diaper-Champ/dp/B00003TL7P The way that you place the diaper in the pail really minimizes the odors leaking out, and you can place the Tidee Didee bag right inside so when the bag is full, just take it out, tie it up and it's ready to go. Just be sure to ask Tidee Didee for an extra bag, as the Diaper Champ only holds about 25. They are happy to give you an extra bag, all you have to do is ask.

We are going on 18 months of Tidee Didee and it's been great. I was not looking forward to extra laundry so the service has been a life saver. We put our diaper pail in the hall closet, it's just the plain regular pail from TD. As long as the top is kept sealed and the door is shut, we have not experienced odor leaks into regular living areas. What also helps is that halfway through the week, I often seal up the bag and put it outside by my trashcans and start a new bag. 3 day old diapers vs. week-old diapers = much less smell. On the pickup day, I put out both bags.

BTW, the diaper service prefolds have always been fine for us. We use pro-raps and lite-wraps for the covers, also from the service. I found out that everyone likes something different though, so you should experiment.

We are cloth diapering my daughter who is 6 months old exclusively in Fuzzi Bunz, which are the BEST out there (and I've tried them all in various combinations). It is honestly WAY easier than I ever thought it would be to just wash them at home. I don't handle poop like I thought I would, and the laundry is really quite easy if you have a good washer and a prewash cycle.

We didn't cloth diaper my 3 yr old, so I wasn't sure what would work for us in terms of diaper pail, so I just bought a Bummis waterproof bag (two of them, plus a travel bag) and we just turn that inside out and throw it in the wash when we do diapers. It actually is great and does NOT ever stink even with poops in there. If anything, the smell of ammonia from the pee-pee diapers smells the worst. But, it gets thoroughly cleaned every time. Plus, it's a drawstring bad so you can keep it closed tightly.

I honestly would suggest that you look into investing in some Fuzzi Bunz or Bum Genius pocket diapers once your child is out of the newborn stage. Firstly, they aren't as wet as regular cloth prefolds because the fleece wicks the moisture away from baby's skin. This was huge for us, as my daughter hated the sensation of being wet (our cloth prefolds are now used for cleaning up spills, and absorbent pads, but not diapering) and also would get really red if she was in a wet cloth diaper for any length of time. Secondly, they are so much easier to use than prefolds and covers...much less complicated. Just snap and go.

Also, my husband was NOT able to get the hang of a prefold and then a snappi to hold it together and then a diaper cover. With the Fuzzi Bunz, I stuff them and all he has to do is snap them on. He thinks it's great! I didn't want to do diapering that my husband wouldn't do.

I wash every 2-3 days, depending on stink factor. When my daughter was exclusively breastfed, the poop didn't stink at all, so it wasn't an issue. Now that we are embarking on solid poops, I actually knock them into the toilet, and sometimes all that is left on the Fuzzi Bunz is a streak mark! On the occasions when it is formed but not solid, I use one of my toddlers flushable wipes and scrape off what solids I can and then just throw the diaper dry into the bag. I also invested in some cloth wipes for the breastfed poops and then just threw those into the diaper and the whole thing went into the wash. I have a front loader and it gets FB really surprisingly clean. I also use vinegar once every few weeks.

Over baby's life, it's really a lot cheaper to do it yourself at home. I've heard mixed reviews about TD, so decided to try to do it at home, and it's really much easier than I expected! We also use the occasional disposable in a pinch, so we aren't religious about it. But, the size Mediums FB that my daughter is in will last until 30lbs, and for us that will be almost 3 yrs old! So for us, the initial $200 or so spent on FB was well worth it.

By the way, I will soon have some covers (Super Whispers Wraps, Thirsty's, Imse Vimse's) that I will be selling. My daughter has another month or two in them and then I will want to unload them. They are all size M, one L. Contact me if you're interested at lsgw at comcast.net. They have gotten little use as we prefer Fuzzi Bunz.

so many comments! can't read through them all, but wanted to tack on, that wool has this amazing odor-neutralizing property. my friend who's handy with knitting and sewing made a huge bag out of old sweaters from Goodwill, and I could not believe it, but she'd just toss the diapers in there, no cover or tie, just a big open bag like a kid's laundry hamper, but made of wool and the wool COMPLETELY neutralized the smell. you could not smell a thing. just putting that out there for all the cloth-diapering mamas.

you probably got more responses than you wanted but....from a mom who has done cloth washed at home through 2 babies.

there is a health product supply store in NW that sells THE BEST cloth diapers. its on 18th or 19th at the very end. they also sell neat stuff, books, diaper wraps, etc. for the natural minded parent and midwives.

I bought my second diaper bucket at Home Depot--$7 plus $2 for lid. works fine. if putting them in the bucket dry is too stinky put 1/4 cup of BORAX in with about 1/3 full of water. I think 1 week is really too long.

definitely wash them with vinegar.

I have a front loading washer & struggled to find a cycle that got them clean. Then I found SOAK. Do that. then wash them heavy, hot. Also, don't scrimp on soap--I know you can usually use half of what the detergent manufacturer recommends but when I finally admitted that my family really does get clothes REALLY DIRTY and I should use the full amount of detergent, suddenly my washer started working better (it wasn't the washer, it was lack of soap!).

if you use tidee didee keep very close track of how many come & go--a daycare mom of mine had the same problem.

I'm interested in the sewing circle, too, though intimidated about making diapers... :)

Has anyone used G diapers? The whole cloth diaper conversation makes my head spin, and G diapers seem like they might be a good compromise. But I want to hear real-life experience from those who have been there . . .

We had a problem with stinky cloth diapers when we were using Tidee Didee . . . after a week (even with a closed-lid container), the smell was too much. All that changed once we started washing our own diapers. We bought a nifty sprayer that attaches to the toilet--you spray away and then flush any solid waste and then put the diaper in a wet pail until you're ready to wash. Now there is no smell--except from the regular trash can where we throw wipes and the few disposables we use. You quickly get used to the extra steps, you save money, and although you use more water than you did before, you probably use less than diaper companies that need to provide their customers with perfectly white cloth diapers. Babyworks is a great resource if you want to start using your own (www.babyworks.com).

We have the diaper pail from cottonbabies.com and love it. It has a spot for a carbon filter which helps out immensely. We rinse out the poop with a sprayer attached to the toilet before any diapers go in the pail. It helps with smell and washing.

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