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Travel Suggestions: Astoria

The urbanMamas definitely seem like the travel-happy bunch.  Monica is seeking suggestions for a trip closer to home.  Any thoughts?

I'm looking for some insight on where to stay in Astoria.  I've got a history-obsessed daughter, and I'd like to take an overnight trip to the area to see Fort Clatsop, etcetera, but I need some recommendations on where to stay.  I'd love to stay in a B&B, but it seems most do not welcome children.  She's an incredibly well-behaved and mature 6-year-old, but, still, a child nonetheless.  Also, B&Bs seem to require a 2-night stay.  So, does anyone know of a great place to stay that is well-situated for walking around and experiencing Astoria and also close to Fort Clatsop?  Many Thanks!


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My extended in-law family spent three post-Christmas days at the Grandview Bed & Breakfast (http://home.pacifier.com/~grndview/rooms.html).
Because my boys were coming along they offered us a two-bedroom suite with separate entrance, thus keeping kid noise away from the rest of the house. I don't see a minimum on their website... Breakfast was good & the house is centrally located on a hill.

I don't know how close it is to the Fort, but we stayed at Hotel Elliott, a quaint, historical boutique hotel that offered free breakfast across the street at a cafe. Very comfortable and in the downtown Astoria area.

I second Hotel Elliott - lovely rooms and very close to good eats, right smack in downtown.

This past weekend, we stayed at the Holiday Inn Express. It's right under the bridge with the trolley passing by the front of the hotel. It has beautiful views and my kids had a blast watching the boats go by. The hotel was super kid friendly. Bibs at the continental breakfast, brought the luggage up to the room because my husband checked in while I was running HTC, brought crayons to the table when they saw the kids were done eating, employees really engaged the kids and said hello or whatever when we walked by. They embraced the fact that the kids were there and didn't treat them like they were annoying or needed to just be tolerated. Our room also had a refrigerator, microwave, kitchen sink, paper plates and silverware. We just spent a couple weeks in bed and breakfasts while up in BC and staying in the hotel was much more relaxing for us. I am sure it's not as quaint as the B&Bs but it has a great location and ammenities (pool too).

Check out the state park there. We stayed in a yurt years ago and loved it. Great accomodations, particularly during the off season. We were there in January and very comfortable. The yurts have electricity, beds, etc. I don't know how rustic you're willing to be, but this definitely has the historical feel you're looking for.


I also have to agree with the Elliot Hotel especially if she loves history, it has quite a bit of it's own and is nicely central in it's location.

I have also stayed at the Franklin Street B&B, very nicely run, nice owner, child friendly.http://www.astoriaoregonbb.com/ we stayed in the Starlight suite at the top with a fireplace and incredible claw-foot tub. The room is complete with glow in the dark stars on the ceiling.


Check out the Crest Motel. It is on the bluff above the city. Secluded location. Breathtaking views. Outdoor hot tub overlooking the Columbia River.

We stayed there when our son was 2. The manager was so friendly. She even gave him some children's books her kids had outgrown. Locally owned and operated (love that!).

Clean. Economical.

Not right in town, but only a two minute drive from city center.

Have fun.


We stayed at the Hotel Elliot a few years ago and really liked it- definitely a good location for walking to (some) things. I also saw this place, The Cannery Hotel, www.cannerypierhotel.com/
I don't know what your budget or how kid friendly it is but it looks REALLY cool.

My husband and I recently stayed at Clementines B&B. They welcome kids and pets. Nice people, nice place (old victorian house) and you can walk everywhere in downtown Astoria. And if you fancy a horseback ride on the beach, just drive up to Longview, WA and there are several ranches that do that for $20 per person(kids are free up to age 5).

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