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Run Mama Run: Hood to Coast 2007

With just a week to go, 12 urbanMamas rest their legs and ready themselves for Hood-to-Coast.  Run Mama Run is our team, and it's not our first appearance in the largest relay in the U.S.  197 miles, 12 mamas, 20 kids (though they're not coming for the ride!), 2 vans, 30 or so hours.  Is it fun?  Heck, we've birthed kids, so what's 197 miles, just a few hours of sleep, and 30 hours of on and off running?  If you like momraderie, then - YES - it is most definitely fun.  Expect chatting, laughing, butterflies in stomachs.  Start on Mt. Hood and miraculously end at Seaside.  It's the moment we've all been training for.

This year, Run Mama Run is being supported by some great folks at OregonLive, so check us out over at RunOregon and read all about some of our mama running secrets.  Run Mama Run also send e-shout-outs to Lara for fueling us with Larabars and to Virginia for juicing us up with VitaminWater.

We aren't the only mamas running this thing.  Last year, we counted several other mama teams: "37 kids and still counting", "I want my mommy", "Moms on the Run", "Running from our kids", "Hoochie Mamas", "Dolly Mamas".  Anyone else running Hood to Coast this year??


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Good for you Mamas! Please also root on your local lucy activewear team -- a team of 12 women all from Portland whose mission is to inspire your active life! See you on the road!!!

Hi, I'm a sports reporter in Gresham, Ore., looking to feature some interesting runners in an upcoming story for The Gresham Outlook and Sandy Post newspapers.

I would love to chat with you if you have a moment. Feel free to drop me an e-mail at mcade@sandypost.com and perhaps we can exchange additional contact info.

Michael Cade

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