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Run MAMA Run - We're OFF!

We've been pounding the pavement hard for the past few months, and - in earnest - over the past few weeks.  We've written some of our training secrets, mama-style.  We've reminisced about how scary-but-fun it was last year.  With all that and a little bit of hype, we're off again!

Wish the Run Mama Run team lots of luck and fresh-feeling legs as they kiss their babes goodbye for over a day, as they run-mam-run the 197.2 miles from Timberline Lodge all the way down to the beach at Seaside.  We should be cruising through Portland around 10:30-11PM on Friday night, so if anyone is up past their bedtime, come cheer us on at the Hawthorne Bridge!

We'll try to check in with some pics mid-way....  in true urbanMama fashion, never far from a wifi connection!


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Run, mamas, run!!! Good luck to all of you! I'm in awe of each and every one of you, but especially Sarah.

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