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Obstetrician: Portland newbie needs recommendation

I'm always amazed at the chutzpah it must take to move while you're pregnant! Of course, if you're coming to Portland, it's for a good cause. Alecia is one such gutsy mama, and needs a recommendation for a good OB/GYN on the west side. You all gave us lots of raves and reviews of your fave obstetricians and gynecologists last winter; any new ideas or specific doctors in her neighborhood?

My husband and I are moving from Texas to Hillsboro, Oregon. I will be around 20 weeks when I arrive in November. We have researched Providence Saint Vincent and were wondering if you could recommend some OBGYNs. Obviously some who are reputable. We are also aware of the Women's Healthcare Associates right by this particular hospital. Any suggestions would be wonderful! We are very excited about this big move and want the best doctor for our first baby!


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Dr. Hoffman at WHA is great...never rushed, always taking the time to sit and talk, very patient and overall just a great guy.

Dr. Marni Kwecien of WHA was my ob. She is fantastic and I highly recommend her!

Dr. Sally Wentross and WHA is great. All of the other doctors that I have seen over there including a couple of midwives have also been very nice. WHA has it's own birthing classes and onsite ultrasound if you are looking for a one stop place.

The doctors at Women's Healthcare Associates (503-292-3577) at the Peterkort Center off of Barnes Road (next to St. Vincents) are fabulous. I absolutely adore my OB - Dr. Carol Stull. She's amazing. I've seen other doctors there when mine was on vacation, and they're all wonderful. One of them that is a favorite is Dr. Simpson. Like Stull, she's also very relaxed, never hurries you through an appointment, is very personable and really cares about her patients. They also have some wonderful midwives there as well. You really can't go wrong with anyone you decide to see. Plus, there are three pediatrician offices in the same building which is very handy.

okay, I'm laughing because I was so excited to tell you about Stull and the other doctors at WHA, that I didn't even notice that everyone was singing their praises, AND you already knew of the place! With a 12 wk. old in my arms, I tend to scan everything these days... sorry!

Fermine Jean-Baptiste @ PMG Columbia Women's Clinic by PSTV.

I love Dr. Stull too. I had a complicated pregnancy and because of her abilities and knowledge, we both came out fine. Her staff is really nice too.

Dr. Stempel at Portland Women's Clinic is really great! He is calm and takes time to listen and really knows his stuff.

Firmine Jean-Baptiste at Providence Columbia Women's Clinic is my doctor too. I love her and her medical assistant. The clinic is just up the hill from WHA. You actually park in the hospital parking garage when you go there. She was my doctor for both kids. They were both born at off times so she wasn't there for delivery but I LOVED both of the docs that delivered my kiddos. Good luck with your decision! ...mol

Dr. Amy Bruner at NW Women's Clinic - She's hard to get in to...but she's awesome!

I have heard great things about Dr. Kwecien - she delivered babies for several close friends and they just have nothing but confidence and great experiences with her; personally I would recommend Dr. Robin Barrett or Dr. Amy Bruner at NW Women's Clinic. They have offices in NW Portland and in Beaverton (off of Scholls Ferry Rd.). Dr. Barrett delivered my first (and soon my second) and I love all of the nurses and others at the clinic.

I'm the one who asked the original question late last year and loved that so many mamas chimed in with so many different recommendations. After seeing the cute, young doctor at WHA a couple of times (who I actually liked a lot and thought he'd be a great fit for us as an OB), I ended up switching to Dr. Barrett at Northwest Women's Clinic, primarily because she also delivers at Good Sam and that was our first preference for hospitals.

The thing I liked about WHA is the "one stop shopping" they can offer there--onsite lab, ultrasound, etc. and lots of good doctors, as well as being so close to the hospital.

Dr. Bruner and Dr. Barrett at NWC are both very popular and harder to get in to, but the male docs there are also great--Dr. Davis and Dr. DeCastro. Dr. Barrett's nurse, Stephanie is great, which is important because that's who you talk to when you call in with questions. Dr. Barrett delivers most of her babies, which was also very appealing to me....unfortunately, I went in to labor the one weekend last month that she was out of town! Dr. DeCastro delivered our son and we had a fine experience with him--nice, calm, patient and empowering bedside manner.

I would personally recommend Dr. Robin Barrett at NMC as well. Robin is incredibly warm, supportive, and unassuming; every time I walk into her office she greets me with a smile and ends our visit with a hug. Robin is constantly sincere when handling my concerns/worries and always gives me the impression that she is my strongest advocate. I simply cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Barrett; she is difficult to get in to see but well worth it.

Made a little error above: NMC - I meant: NWC for Northwest Women's Clinic. Just wanted to fix that.

I agree that WHA doc's are great. My OB is dr Hoffman who I can't say enough about. I have many friends who switched to him after my recommendation and were very happy as well.

I agree that WHA doc's are great. My OB is dr Hoffman who I can't say enough about. I have many friends who switched to him after my recommendation and were very happy as well.

I just delivered (a VBAC!) at St. Vincent's on Sept. 2nd. I too moved here during my pregnancy and discovered Women's Healthcare Associates through Urban Mamas. Even though I moved at 32 weeks and well into my pregnancy, I felt very supported by all of the Midwives I saw at WHA (Peterkort South). I especially recommend Helen Welch - she has a lot of enthusiasm, confidence in women and listens, spends time with you and is always honest and encouraging. I was able to meet with all of the midwifes at WHA and honestly loved all of them. Debbie Duran-Snell delivered my daughter and she too was awesome. WHA is a unique practice b/c OBGYN's and CNM's work together - in the same practice. I'd also recommend you hire a doula (esp. if this is your first pregnancy). We were pleased with our experience at St. V's (even though the hospital wasn't the nicest in town) - the nurses were kind and the food wasn't so bad... btw, you can order extra meals whenever you want (it took me an entire day before I figured that out!) and they have lactation specialists to help with nursing. Best of luck to you and welcome to Portland... check out the nurse midwives at Women's Healthcare Associates and I think you'll be pleased!

I see Dr. Simpson at WHA, and she is amazing! I just had my 24 week appt. today and she took time to answer all of my questions and she is so happy and enthusiastic about my pregnancy and all of the positive developments - it's like she's a member of our family (once a month anyway :)

Hi Mamas, I am wondering if anyone has experience with Columbia Women's Clinic at St. Vincents. Some of the doctors are Klotz, Payne, Thum, Strauss, Reindl and Keating. I would appreciate any info on these doctors and clinic in general, I am looking for an ob/gyn from this clinic. Thanks :-)

Hi Sophie,

My advice is to stay away from Columbia Women's Clinic. I delivered with Dr. Thum there and she nearly killed my baby. She also was involved in at least one lawsuit involving a baby who is now brain dead. Read about that here:


Even though some doctors at the clinic are good, they do not guarantee that they will deliver your child. They share a malpractice license - so you could have perfectly good care part of the time, and then when it really counts you can get stuck with a doctor who has no judgement at all. I had chorioamnionitis and Dr. Thum sent me home telling me I was paranoid first time mom. My child could have died or been born with cerebral palsy. It's not worth the risk.

Hi Mamas
This is a great discussion.
Today I discovered my pregnancy. I still have to meet my doctor. I was wondering how Dr.Marguerite Stewart at WHA at Tualatin is? Does anyone have any experience with her? thanks a lot for your help.

I had Dr. Debbie Murphy from Portland Family Practice. I loved the fact that she seemed to take her time. However, when it came time to deliver the child, even though the child and I were both fine, since it had been a long time (24 hours) they wanted to C section, and I didn't (guess who won). She is a good family practitioner. She does tend to run late. Ben Regan works in the same clinic and I would say try him as well.

Just found out that I am pregnant and am looking for md or midwife recommendations. We are deciding which hospital to go with at the moment and they range from Tuality in Hillsboro, to St. Vincent's to Good Sam's...quite the range I know! Any suggestions or advice on choosing a doctor or midwife would be much appreciated!!

I used Dr. Kwiecien with my daughter and would not go back to her. She was nice enough but then I had some complications with getting pregnant with our second..she was so hands off and lacksadaisical about what turned out to be a very complicated medical issue that only got figured out once I transferred to OHSU. She is probably fine if you have no complications whatsoever, but I did not like feeling so dismissed when I had a real medical issue going on.

Amy Bruner, check the Oregon Medical Board (free online) because she’s got a history. Only claims that she settles make it on the OMB.

Bless you all!!! I recently moved to Oregon. My Dr wants me to find a Dr up here for some more tests and I was totally lost! Till I found this post. What a relief the Dr I was thinking about was mentioned several times! Thank you!!!!

Look here for into on Dr. Carol Stull (from the medical board at oregon.gov): "On October 11, 2012, Licensee (Carol Stull) entered into a Stipulated Order with the Board for unprofessional or dishonorable conduct and gross or repeated negligence. This Order reprimands Licensee, places Licensee on probation for 5 years, requires that Licensee complete a pre-approved course in perinatal medicine, and requires that Licensee obtain a consultation from a pre-approved physician for 10 moderate to high risk deliveries. "
Always check here first for prospective doctors!

You all are amazing. I am moving to Portland this weekend and am about 22 weeks pregnant. Dr Murray has no availability any more so I am looking for other recommendations for doctors. I am new to Portland, but we have found a rental in Downtown so anywhere that is commutable by public transport would be awesome.


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