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It's raining plums!

Fruit is ripening on the trees of Portland and dropping on the ground in buckets.  We're going plummy!  Through my neighborhood yahoo group, I found about: the Neighborhood Fruit Tree Project and they are hosting Harvesting Parties that begin this Saturday!  You can sign up for a Harvesting Party in your area.  They'll be picking in a different part of town every Saturday through mid-September. As a Harvesting Volunteer you can take home free fruit and help make fresh food available to those who need it most...A portion of each harvest will be donated to a local food pantry.

To sign up, please call 503-939-4914, or send an email to fruitproject@gmail.com and you will receive the address for our meeting site and other details when you sign up.

Harvesting Party Schedule:

  • Saturday, August 4th, 10am - 1pm, Inner SE Portland
  • Saturday, August 11, 10am - 1pm, N/NE Portland
  • Saturday, August 18th, 10am - 1pm, Outer SE Lents Neighborhood
  • Saturday, August 25th, Time & Location TBA
  • Saturday, September 1st, Time & Location TBA
  • Saturday, September 8st, Time & Locaiton TBA

For more information, contact Katy Kolker at the Portland Fruit Tree Project: fruitproject@gmail.com or 503 939 4914.

"Empowering  neighbors to share in the bounty and care of urban fruit trees."


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How awesome is Portland???

ooh, thanks for posting about this! our trees will be part of the project next year when they start a little sooner -- unfortunately, all the plums had fallen when the fruit tree people came by to check them out this week.

not only will the fruit tree project harvest trees, but they also plan to hold pruning and tree care classes, as well as preserving classes -- i personally can't wait for a preserving class as i'm still a little scared of canning!

woohoo! i love this! sarah, i'm going to can this year. i'm scared, too (of botulism), but i swear i'm going to do it!

i used to be terrified of canning, but jumped in a couple years ago and just kept thinking about the lid not being puffed out...uh, that's the best way i can describe it as my mind is lost right now. anyway, i've only made jams, but dang they are good and we eat them all year...no worries yet! just do it, so easy =)

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