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I Could Use A Little More Cowbell


We gathered last night, both the Run Mama Run and urbanPapas teams to feast, divvy up our sponsored-goods and get out our pre-race jitters.  We were absolutely enthused about the Oregon Live bells that will be dinging as we cheer all of the runners on.  We could use a little more time for training, but heck, a little more cowbell to get us through will have to suffice.  We will try to blog our progress along the way so you can share in the journey with us.  We've got our iPods loaded up with inspirational running tunes, and the van loaded with food and fuel to replenish us along the way. Lastly, since all five of the urbanMamas will be running this year, you can see that we are indeed a bit preoccupied by all things Hood to Coast. 


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OMG! i'm laughing so hard! love the cow bell reference!

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