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HTC Recap: No Rest for the Weary

Just as I was preparing to upload a photoblog of our Hood to Coast progress during our rest stop, we got a call from Van 2.  Tracy's scheduled to arrive in 50 minutes.  Wait.  Say that again?  5-0 minutes.  Van 1 rushed around Shetha's in-laws house, gathered up most of our belongings and hit the road.  Darn.  No live updates!  Oh well.  I'm sure you're all tired of our HTC talk anyway.  But it would be a let down to not give you a peak of how it turned out.

At 12:15 pm on Friday afternoon, we are at Timberline, ready and anxious to start.  Here is half of our lovely, mama team:

Van 1 - Ready to go

We grooved to the music and cheered on the runners:

Grooving to Madonna

**Edited to add** Here is the mama behind the camera who also ran her patootie off, and did so in style:

Hau is modeling the tee

Supporting our fellow mamas who pushed hard, and ran strong.  Olivia was especially fleet of foot averaging 7:15 on one of her legs.  She truly was inspirational:

Leg 5: Finishing strong

We overcame odds.  Like running during the early stages of pregnancy:


Or recovering 6 weeks post-partum: Leg 7: Sarah heading out

We ran in the most stunning terrain: Stephanie in the rear view mirror

29 hours 56 minutes and 43 seconds later (with an average team pace of 9:07), we finished at Seaside: Olivia, Erica, Hien, Michelle, Keri, Sarah, Monroe, and Robin running to the finish

We beat last year's time by over an hour.  We were ecstatic about exceeding our personal goals, and reveled in the experience.  Keep on running mamas, we cannot wait for next year!


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Incredibly strong women! Way to go! I especially love Monroe crossing the finish line.

Congrats, Mamas!!! I was down at Seaside that day and looked for you all but couldn't find ya, I was hoping to do a little cheering for my fellow UM's! I agree with the comment above, the photo of Sarah holding Monroe is powerful and a huge testiment to all of your strength.

6 weeks post-pardom is amazing and inspirational and Olivia your action shot is GORRRGEOUS!
Way to go!

You all are a true inspiration. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics!

having raced both while pregnant and postpartum, I can say with authority that, when it comes to pregnancy, running *afterwards* is easier than running during! still, I'm impressed with all of us, and bet the hood-to-coast has rarely seen so much breast milk on the road what with monroe and Van 1's busy breast pumps ;)

it was fun, too, to see how supportive all the other mamas on the road were -- I had more than one mom of much older kids stop me and reminisce about when *she* was breastfeeding a baby in the van. I even met a teenager who'd been going on the hood-to-coast since she was a newborn. what a cool race with a great history... I can't wait for next year!

Awesome job, mamas! And beautiful pics too!

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