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Dutch Speaking Playgroup

Let's hear it for the foreign speaking playgroups!  First there was Spanish, now how about about Dutch?  Barbara writes:

A bunch of us in the local Dutch community (yes, there is such a thing!) have decided we'd like to have regular gatherings (perhaps a couple of different ones, split by ages) where our kids can speak Dutch together, read Dutch children's books, sing songs, etc. We are thinking of a semi formal arrangement where folks would commit to coming twice a month, pay a fee, etc. We are even thinking of hiring a "teacher". For this purpose we are looking for an affordable, kid-friendly space we could use/rent twice a month, preferably on Saturday mornings, possibly on Fridays. Ideally we would like to be able to leave some things there (a small library, CDs, DVDs), but that is not absolutely necessary. Since we come from all over the Portland area and beyond, we are looking for a fairly centrally located space. For now we are thinking that the group size would be around 15 kids or fewer and a few adults for each gathering. If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them. Oh, and if you are a Dutch mama or papa and are interested in joining us, also feel free to contact me!


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That would be fantastic! (Although we can only attend on Saturdays.) Our son Alexander, (17months) is learning both English and Dutch now; his first words were in English, Bah! :) Please keep me updated on this group.


I am so excited to find there's a Dutch community in Portland. And a Dutch speaking playgroup, even better !!!!!!!

My husband (American) and I (Dutch) and our one year old (Korean) are planning on moving to Portland from the Bay area within the next few months so we can be close to my husbands family in Portland.

Any suggestions of a great place to live/rent for us. Ofcourse we like to bike and walk to shops, parks, etc.

I am not a member yet of the urban mamas. How do I sign up?

I am looking forward to meeting other Dutch moms and families.

Tot ziens,
Elisabeth and Skye

Gevonden! Ja leuk inderdaad. Laat ons aub weten waar/wanneer!
Bedank/Arjan (de echte)

i just finished making appelfloppen for my relatives and remembered about this group. i wrote to the email address but never got a response. is this playgroup happening?

I know this thread is quite old now, but are there Dutch playgroups going on? I moved to Portland from LA where we had tons of Dutch exposure for our 3 year old. But now, sadly, she is surrounded by nothing but English. I'm worried she will start to lose the language. If anyone know of any Dutch language opportunities for preschool age kids, please let me know!

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