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Do you Yahoo!?

Most of you know that urbanMamas grew from a yahoo-group a few years ago; that group is now defunct.  Here at urbanMamas, we often get emails from mamas and papas all throughout Portland, looking for a playgroup or like-minded parents or stay-at-home parents or working parents.  We come in all strains and varieties.  Chances are, there's a yahoo group out there for you to connect with other parents!

I am personally a member of lots of yahoo groups.  My old standbys for Portland family-related groupie action include: Mamananda (an active & supportive group of mamas in North Portland), the Overlook Network (a group for family-related announcements in the Overlook neighborhood), urbanMamasRun (a group of mamas of all levels who like to run and connect for races or runs), and outdoormamaspdx (mamas who hike, bike, paddle and a forum for planning monthly excursions).  Tonight, I just found and joined MOB_Moms on Bikes, and can't wait to use the group to talk about family biking gear or even get together for family rides.

The yahoo group world is endless.  There are the Sellwood Playgroup Association groups.  There are 85 "Portland Mom" yahoo groups and about 137 "Portland Families" yahoo groups.  From an archived post, Kirstin offers:

If you're in Milwaukie, there is a chapter of Moxie Moms in your area:

There is a group called Clackamas County Moms:

And, there are two larger Portland groups for all Portland-Metro areas:

Do you Yahoo!?  Which groups do you belong to?


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I moderate a group on Yahoo for people who have adopted or are thinking about adopting from Guatemala. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/oregonguatemalanadoption/

I also belong to a Google group for my daughter's school (Beach Elementary). Anyone with a child that might attend Beach should consider joining. http://groups.google.com/group/beachelementary/about?hl=en

I just joined the North Portland and Overlook groups you posted about since that is where the school is (and we are spending a lot more time there).

ReadySetMom is another active blog for Portland-metro area moms. We're also a great resource for SW & SE preschools (and more to come). See the right-hand sidebar for schools.

On EnviroMom we tackle all issues relating to raising green kids in Portland. Recently we've been really focused on ways to get kids to appreciate the great outdoors in order to foster their care for the environment. All are welcome and always treated with respect. Bring your sense of humor!

i don't belong to any yahoo groups right now. i started one for single moms a while back but it was a lot of work to facilitate it and i basically gave up.

i am wondering if any one knows of single parent groups or groups for mamas who have shared custody/are co-parenting. it seems like there isn't much out there...

this is an awesome thread though! i am going to check out mamananda.

Thanks for the tips on your blogs; we'll definitely add them to the urbanMamas blogroll!


I did a quick search and found a couple of yahoo groups related to single parents in Portland.


Single Mothers By Choice in Portland:

I am sure there are other groups out there though with respect to co-parenting/shared custody.

Check out Meetup.com...there are two single parent groups on there, both are fairly new.

I belong to crunchyearthmommies and gdiapers! As many of you know gDiapers is a local company that makes flushable inserts with cloth outer liners. A mom who was a gUser started the group and the members are extremely active.

I'm a member of what used to be the Portland NINO group, now the PDX_Babywearing group, that holds monthly meetings at Milagros Boutique
as well as the former SW Washington NINO group, now renamed Slingmamas, which meets monthly at Christ Community Church in Vancouver

I also co-mod a group mostly focused on Westside parents who babywear (or want to) and enjoy meeting frequently at local parks, the zoo, etc. This group is also working on getting classes scheduled at several locations on our side of town. Slingbabes

All three groups will provide volunteers for the upcoming Gentle Birth World Congress & Free Baby Expo in late September.

There are quite a few awesome local WAHMs who make wonderful & beautiful babycarriers: Moshi Baby, Fizzabella Ringslings, My BeiBei, Silly Goose Baby, Dream Carriers. We're hoping to not only encourage more parents to learn how to comfortably keep their babies close but to also get the word out about these local businesses and their excellent products. Hopefully, we can have fun too while we're advocating!

We wanted to share that another pdx mama has formed a yahoo group:

I created a Yahoo Group for parents dealing with kids who are highly sensitive, spirited and/or explosive. A few Urban Mama-ites have joined but it would terrific to expand the support. Can you please let folks know we'd love to have them in our group and they can check us out at:


or subscribe at: PDX-Spirited-Explosive-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Does anyone know of a yahoo group or other group for parents of kids with asthma or food allergies?

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