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We agree with Sarah! Opinions are wanted here.  Sarah's looking for a dentist for herself.  She writes:

I've become so dependent on urbanmamas that I can't make a decision without consulting the crowd. This time it's about me though. I need a really, really great dentist and I'm counting on the urbanmamas out there for some suggestions. I'm not fully trusting my current dentist and I definately need a second opinion. I'm having anxiety about a dental procedure for the first time in my life. N or NE preferred but I'll go anywhere for the right one.


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I have really liked Dr. Connie Masuoka. I was told I needed a root canal by another dentist. Luckily, I got a second opinion from her and it was only a faulty filling. She's moved to a new office, which I haven't been to, but her old office was on E. Burnside.

There was an earliest post asking a similar question. Here is a link to the post.

There were a lot of suggestions from UMs there in the comments:


Good luck!

I highly recommend Dr. Ryan Blair. He's located at 3435 SE 75th, off SE Powell. I've been his patient for almost two years and he's a great dentist and his assistants are nice, gentle, and meticulous. Dr. Blair is young (mid-thirties), but experienced in my opinion. The office number is 503-777-5544 (Powell Dental, P.C.). Prior to Dr. Blair, I was a patient at Willamette Dental for years and the difference between the two is like night and day. Good luck finding a dentist!

We've been going to Laurelwood Dental for a couple of years. It's right next to the Hollywood Fred Meyer in NE. Very nice office, clean, professional, and very friendly. I've only seen Dr. Rice, but I've heard good things about his partner too. I highly recommend this place, and the referral came to us from a friend of mine who's pretty picky about this kind of thing.

Dr. Leslie Milfred, located downtown portland. the happiest dentist you will ever meet. which he should be, as he is not cheap and presumably makes bank! but as far as professionalism, actual care for your teeth and their longevity, cheerfulness, efficiency, competence, Dr. Milfred and his office cannot be beat!


Dr. Hicks at Moreland Neighborhood dental on SE Milwaukie in Westmoreland. Great with nervous patients, very calm and honest and a great dentist. I have a quite a few friends that were anxious about dentists they went to see him and they all love him. 503.235.7000.

I am a general dentist and also a mother of a two year old. I welcome all of you urban mamas to our practice. When you visit our dental home, we promise to spend time with you, listen to your concerns and perform the highest caliber of dental care. We thouroughly review your treatment plan and options with you and make sure all questions are answered before any treatment is started. I am blessed with five wonderful staff members who share my vision to make our patients feel as comfortable and informed as possible in a gentle and tranquil environment. Please give us a call, we would love to see you. My name is Lenore Supnet DMD, and our office is located 122nd and Powell ( I know it's kind of far, but well worth the drive!), phone 503-762-2525.

I have been going to Laurelwood Dental for several years and have been very happy with them. I usually see Dr. Rice, he's very nice, knowledgable and trustworthy. Their number is 503-284-3575

I just recently went to Glenna Sequeira for the first time, on the recommendation of a previous urbanmamas post, and really liked it a lot there. the exam was extremely thorough and gentle and the hygienist took her time and was very friendly. my sister also just went there for the first time, for two fillings, and was very happy with them as well. she was really nervous and they offered an ipod and bose noise cancelling headphones for her to use during the procedure!

also, dr. Sequeira is close-in in NE, on fremont.

I'll second Dr. Sequiera on 24th and Fremont. My father, sister and my family all go to Dr. Sequiera --- including my 3 yr old daughter. The hygenist is very gentle and they also have early (7am) appointments available one morning each week(can't remember which day of the week it is.)

I love & will return to Sandra Iacobs at Happy Valley Dental when I can afford to see a dentist again! I know, Clackamas is far but she's really good (and I'm the daughter of a true dentist snob). The number is 503-698-1112.

I love my dentist. And as a person who inherited her parents soft teeth I spend plenty of time there! My dentist is Dr. Joshua Moffitt on 4511 SE Hawthorne 503-231-8228. He is kind, gentle, patient - great with the denta-phobes. His staff is great too - love his assistant. I found him after I had a TERRIBLE experience at Dental Care Today on NE Broadway with Dr. Lee Hazen - he butchered my mouth during a root canal and I ended up in the emergency room with an bad infection in my hard palate. Never, ever go to these hacks!!!!! That's actually how I found Dr. Moffitt - I needed someone to fix Dr. Hazen's mess. Dr Moffitt was a blessing.

Hi-Can anyone recommend a swimming pool that's warm enough for toddlers and has good swim classes??? We live in NE portland.Thank you.

Hi-Does anyone have good ideas/tips on how to ween your baby?
My daughter is almost 2 and nursing to go to sleep still. any advice would be appreciated.

At Friendly dental, we believe healthy smiles and a confident well-being, go hand and hand.

That’s why maintaining a beautiful smile is more than regular brushing, but requires periodic professional care to keep that long lasting healthy outlook on life along with a beautiful smile.

definitely don't go to Green Apple Dental! i had a filling that they did crack w/in 9 months! and it's expensive there! i decided that if i'm going to pay that price that i better switch to a more qualified dentist!

I love Green Apple Dental. I've been going to see Dr. Kang for years and have numerous visits (and fillings etc) with him and have not had any bad experiences. Too bad the above post didn't have the same. My friend went for the $20 exam with full exrays and then got the cleaning for an additional $70 something. She got the cleaning, all exrays and exam for all under $100. That is pretty affordable.They also accept OHP and Capitol Insurance for my children or else I probably wouldn't be going to the dentist that often. Another nice touch about the office is that they make it pleasant and the style of the office is not stale. So, In my honest opinion; wonderfully nice people, affordable prices and I have not had any issues with my root canal or other fillings so I think they are just peachy.

I had a super dental visit at green apple dental. I called to make an emergency appointment becuase I had extreme pain. The office secretary said they could see me that day and I did have to wait a little to be seen but I still got my tooth worked on by the end of the day. While I was waiting they were nice helpful. They tried to make me comfortable. I called all the offices on the UrbanMamas referalls up above to try to get help. ONly at the Green apple office did they get me in, took my insurance, and my out of pocket was minimal. So I now have a new dental office to go to and very pleased that UrbanMamas has great referrals to help find nice local businesses like this one. I plan to take my whole family in for dental ckups in January.

Thanks to all of your suggestions, I also was able to find a dentist I love! Finding the right dentist can be such a pain. Match insurances, personalities, etc.

That is the ideal trait of a very sociable dentist. The accommodation and pleasing personality will foster a strong doctor-patient relationship.

I need a really, really great dentist and I'm counting on the urbanmamas out there for some suggestions. I'm not fully trusting my current dentist and I definately need a second opinion.

Bad breath treatment is gaining velocity. Breath mints, breath strips, mouthwash, toothpaste. It's a multibillion-dollar-a-year industry, but they all simply mask the problem for a very short time.

I am sorry to hear you are having some anxiety about finding a dentist and trusting your current dentist. I hope our teeth problems and issues are in good hands.

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