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What would you do - let her keep the binky?

BinkyLet's just say that one day, you were walking around the Division-Clinton Street Fair, moseying about with some other urbanFamilies.  Let's just say that you happened upon another urbanFamily's home, where they were having a mongo garage sale.  Now, let's just say that lots of the urbanKidlets got a hold of some pacifiers (all clean ones, some new) at said garage sale and your 3-1/2 year old urbanKiddo insists on going home with the binky in her mouth.  Let's just say that we catch her sucking on said binky almost every single moment in the past 24 hours since she's found the novel little thing, never ever having had taken to the binky as a baby in the past.  Let's just say that she goes to sleep with it in her mouth and she also took her nap with it.

What would you do?  Yank the damn thing outta her mouth and chuck it in the trash?  Or, just let her suck on the thing and decide herself when enough is enough?


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She sleeps with it? All hail the sleep aids!!! If it were so simple to get my little guy to sleep, I'd buy him a bushel of binkies!

Oooh, that's tough. I know when they are older like that, and have teeth, they tend to bite at those rubber nips pretty good, shredding them in the process. It might become a choking hazard, and actually I'm a little leery about mouthing plastic materials to begin with. If it starts getting bitten up, I'd definitely toss it.

I'd nip this one in the bud. We have two little children who simple can't live without them... Ella (who will be 4 in December!!) was not able to find her fav one one night said, "Mom, I'm just heartbroken."
The little boy is the same way. It's a total nuisance at this point, what with having favorites, wanting them all the time, fussing over Jack having one that she wants or visa versa. I say toss it and make something up... For us, the binky fairy is going to visiting our new house when we move in.
Good luck.

I would say get rid of it. Why start a new habit now if she sleeps by herself already and can already sooth herself?

Toss it, toss it, toss it! Do it now before its too late and she falls in love with it. Trust me as I speak from dismal experience...if she asks, let her know it was a one-day special treat (or something along those lines). Good luck!

I'm with Westsidemum. Get rid of it as fast as you can! If she's gone this long without ever having one, she'll be fine.

How about letting it "get lost" in the house. Then look for it. "Maybe we'll find it later?" and "maybe if we pick up these toys we'll find it..." That helps with my daughter who is not quite 3. It is easier at this age to forget about things. And my house is guaranteed to be messier than yours, so it's not much of a stretch for us! I haven't tried that with something she is TRULY attached to though. Good luck. Let us know what happens?

Toss it! It's only been 24 hours. She might pitch a fit, but I bet she forgets about entirely in a day or so.

I would get rid of it, perhaps it could be "lost" overnight or something. I would agree that earlier is better, before she gets too attached.

I would say get rid of it. You may have several days of sadness but it will pass. I decided to not have any screen time in the morning after having allowed it for quite sometime. We had to go through 3 days of them being really upset that I'd taken something away from them and then we haven't had any talk of it since then (about 6 months ago). Good luck!

Ok, so we are in the same boat here as my 4 1/2 year old, loving to play "baby", started this "fad" on this particular day. Her's has been misplaced but I have to say she asks for it about every minute. From what I have read and discussed with "connected parenting" educators, it seems that if I coddle her and respect her needs of being close (thus acting like a baby) the phase will pass more quickly than if I make a huge issue out of it. Fortunately, neither of my girls every used a binky for more than a month thus we don't have that serious attachment to the thing. For us, I think it's a need to be "babied" and my girl just thinks acting like a baby (no matter how annoying that may be for me) is the way to get that attention. I hope this one passes quickly and I am sorry to have had the instigator there.

my almost 2 year old found one in a drawer that I had bought for her once at the airport (of course she refused it then) and went around the house with it in her mouth for a day or two. I just kept putting it out of sight when she put it down and now she's forgotten it.

I have no advice, only sympathy! My 2.5-year-old is obsessed with babies and being a baby. She never had a pacifier (or a sibling!), and still doesn't, but she pretends other things (plastic toy teapot lid, etc.) are pacifiers, and sucks on them. It kind of disgusts me and my husband, but we ignore it and try to redirect her. We also snag the faux-fiers when she's otherwise occupied, and stash them up on a high shelf where they might stay for a week before she asks about them, at which point we give them to her... parenting is so weird.

I'm in with the identifying with being a baby thing. Is there a new baby in the house? I know a lot of toddlers "regress" when there is a new baby as babies require a lot of attention. I think it will pass, but it probably wouldn't hurt for binky to go "missing" pretty soon.

I agree with the "get rid of it now" comments for the binky. I was allowed to suck my fingers for far to long and ended up damaging my teeth. It also led to some embarassing situations - I did it even when I had reached school age. It is early enough to take it that she will forget about it soon.

Insofar as the baby regression - my four at the time daughter did this when we added a baby to the family. She still does it but not as often now that she is 5 3/4. I say go with it. For us the play act of being a baby lasted maybe five minutes and at the end she declared herself a big girl. Change is hard for kids and just the act of growing up is change. A lot of kids go through this and it is considered to be very "normal".

Here I am working, looking at the binky. My husband claimed to have lost it yesterday, but I found it at the bottom of my pannier.

I am chuckling at the responses - thanks everyone for sharing! There were no instigators here; Tati just enjoyed being a baby for the past day or two. There are no new babies in the house. I will give her extra cuddles, though. Everyone loves to be babied every now and then, myself included. Maybe this was a message for me to cuddle a bit more.

I'm going to chuck the "tacifier", as Tati calls it. Right now. Buh-bye, binky!

Don't make a big deal of it... just explain to her that she can pretend to be a baby with her binky for the rest of the day. When it is time for her to go to bed, leave it on the front porch for the "binky fairy" to come by and pick it up for the new babies who need it... at 3 and a half she should understand she's too big for a pacifier and while it's fun to play baby, the other babies in need are counting on her (and if she's really lucky, the binky fairy can leave a thank you gesture... a treasure, something that sparkles, or whatever she is into). Good luck!

Try the precursor to the tooth fairy....the binky fairy! The binky fairy brings a special & highly desired toy if the child leaves the binky under her pillow!

As I breathed out a sigh of relief that my boys binky play didn't last more than a few hours, who should I spot with the binky in his mouth tonight? Anyway, after I snapped a picture, I plucked the binky from my 2 year old's (who never had a binky before) mouth and "accidentally" dropped it on the ground. After I told him it was dirty and that I'll be right back, I dropped it into the trash. He pretty much forgot about it. Phew, that was a close call.

That's what we did with both kids' pacifiers when it was time - they got handed over to babies who needed then and they got special 'big kid' privileges instead.

I'll never forget watching my daughter stroll over to the house next door to hand over her little stash of chewed on pacifiers to give "to Haley, 'cause she's a baby and I'm not any more."

(Of course, I'd worked this out in advance with my neighbor, so she was hip to the strategy!)

We have a new baby in the house, so it's understandable and kind of funny...I'm catching Anders sneaking a little suck here and there on Henrik's new pacifier. And last week (before Henrik even arrived!) I walked into the room and Anders had crammed himself into the baby carseat, and was sucking away at a pacifier he'd found! We're not too worried about it though--if that's the worst "regression" he experiences as a result of getting a sibling, I think we can work with it.

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