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What Website to use for Pictures??

All of must have byte upon byte of photos of our darlingest little bon-bons.  We have memorialized everything from the first bath to the day she lost her first tooth.  What to do with all of these pictures?  How to best share them with family and friends across lands and oceans?  Something like an urbanMamas flickr pool?  Sarah emails:

I have just under 15 bazillion pictures of my 1 1/2-year-old daughter trapped on my computer and on memory cards. I would like her to actually SEE some of these pictures one day but just can't seem to get myself down to the drug store, with toddler in tow, to scroll through all of them on a touch screen and print them out while someone taps their foot impatiently behind me. Plus, I've been disappointed with the quality at those do-it-yourself photo kiosks.

I am ready to enter the world of online photo uploading and processing but don't know where to start.  SnapfishShutterfly? I have no idea.  Are they all about the same? Are there some Web sites that have definite advantages or disadvantages?  Where have other mamas been particularly happy with photo quality, security concerns, and price? Or is there a local digital photo processing place that is even better? More organized mamas, please show me the way...


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I highly recommend Flickr.

Not only can you easily create prints from your photos or a family members -- you can also restrict access to those photos for only the people you want lookin' at 'em.

Plus the social aspects of commenting, sharing photos with family and friends and adding your photos to fun groups (i.e. "Urban Mamas") makes it even better.

i recommend Flickr for the same reasons. I love it.

I have been buying prints through Shutterfly for about two years now, and am always happy with the results.

As far as posting online, I use Zenfolio. It costs $25 -$40 per year but I think the professional quality and ease of use is worth it. If you are interested, let me know and I'll give you my coupon code (good for 5 or 10 off the first year). They have recently added print services too but I haven't had a chance to try this out yet.

I have been buying prints through Shutterfly for about two years now, and am always happy with the results.

As far as posting online, I use Zenfolio. It costs $25 -$40 per year but I think the professional quality and ease of use is worth it. If you are interested, let me know and I'll give you my coupon code (good for 5 or 10 off the first year). They have recently added print services too but I haven't had a chance to try this out yet.

I use wallgreens.com. you can upload your photos and they will be ready at your local wallgreens in 1 hour. 1 HOUR! Wow. They can also mail them to you.

I highly recommend Flickr -- it's great for my purposes because I use photos a lot for blogging, work, and just for fun. Not only is flickr a very easy way to organize and, later, find, photos, but it's very community-oriented and makes it easy to share things that I don't have time to blog about. I've met people through flickr, and also had my photos discovered for inclusion in online guides like Schmap and, also, I actually sold one photo through flickr!

But flickr doesn't have to be open to the world, and you can choose the privacy settings PER PHOTO on your pictures, making it really great when I want to have something in my "files" but don't want it viewable by all the weirdos out there (or when I want to keep a positive pregnancy test a secret for a little while)

I haven't used the printing options on Flickr (I'm a dinosaur and use film, getting my film scanned when I process it at Quick Stop Photo -- a local place I recommend for their digitizing if you need that, or for printing photos, their quality is amazing, www.picturepreview.com), but they have lots of third parties that work with them to allow you to do just about anything you want with your photos, digital or physical. I *have* ordered the little Moo cards, which are brilliant and awesome http://www.flickr.com/photos/cafemama/293454830/.

i use snapfish to store, print and share our photos. the quality isn't fabulous (it's owned by HP), but it's good enough to send to the grandparents and to scrapbook with.

i just recently purchased one of their memory books and i was extremely happy with the quality. the price was ridiculously low too.... something like $8 for 20 pages with a nice, soft cover. very cute.

there's always promo codes too. before i place my order, i always google for a promo code. it always pays off either in free shipping, a percentage off my purchase, or free photos.

i've heard that costco's photo services are really good. we've always been happy with the quality of their prints and i think i heard that they'll ship for free to anyone (send some to grandparents, some to aunts, etc....).

As said before, Flickr is great. My husband is a professional photographer and videographer and he highly recommends Flickr for all users - from beginners to pros.

I have used Snapfish for about 4 years. I absolutely love their service. I haven't had any quality issues and I order all our prints from there. We store every photo we have on their site in albums, easy, easy to send photos and videos to other people. I haven't even looked at other options due to likeing them so much :) I send out an album or so a week since my family lives all over... My sister has blown up and framed some of her photos of her travels to poster size from Snapfish and they look fab too.

I love Flickr but have been REALLY disappointed with the prints I've received. One turned out okay but the rest were really blurry. I think something might happen to the file in the process when it gets uploaded or something. I would LOVE to find an online service though that doesn't compromise the quality of the photos!

I recommend Wolf/Ritz camera for uploading pictures. I feel their quality is highly superior to those other online companies such as Snapfish, Shutterfly and Costco. With WOlf you can download them from your house and have them either mailed to you for a fee or pick up at a local store. If you get their membership for an annual fee of about $35, it's even more worth it depending on how much you plan on spending. You can of course fix, crop, edit each picture as with other websites. You can also download to your account and print at a later date (I use this function as I'm constantly being interrupted). Check out: http://ritzpix.com/net/Default.aspx

Good luck.

Yes, Flickr is great. I am a pro photographer and use it for my online portfolio, super easy. There is another free program through google called Picasa and it is wonderful for storing images straight from the camera and doing minor edits. My favorite feature in Picasa is the "gift CD" feature where you can make a CD slideshow to send to friends and family.

I use the Kodak site - I think it's less of a "community" than Flickr, but uploading is very easy, you can organize your photos into albums and share them with specific people (who can also order whichever prints they choose), they have tons of print size options, border options, scrapbooks you can make online, etc. The quality is outstanding, the prices are really great, and the shipping is quick and reliable.

I use Picasa.com which also gives you the option to label albums as private instead of public. It's free and I like the way it organizes my photos on my hard drive. The language (for editing) is plain english, not photo-babble.

For organizing pictures, I love Picasa. For editing and digital scrapbooking, I use Photoshop Elements.

My FAVORITE photo printing place is scrapbookpictures.com, which is here in Portland. They can do a HUGE variety of print sizes, prices are great, they offer a variety of papers, and shipping is always a flat rate of $2.00. Because they are local, I often have my pictures within 2 days of ordering. They can also do color correction, cropping, and have great card/calendar/border options if that is something you are looking for. I can't recommend them enough - and I love supporting a local business!

I use Picasa and like it also but have you ever thought about buying your own photo
printer/scanner? We bought ours for $150 and love it. Ink is expensive so look at how much ink replacement will cost when determing what type of printer to get. My favorite part about it is how easy to upload pictures!

I also recommend Picasa (through Google) - it's an easy way to share photos and if the people you share them with wish to purchase anything, they have the option to select whatever company they want. No passwords, no slow slideshow to download - and you can make the albums private or public.

I like flickr a lot too and have been on it for about 3 years. My flickr account has pretty much been only Maggie photos since she was born. I did get some prints through them and they are sufficient. They look a little dark to me, but it might be the photos I'm taking rather than the processing.

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