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urbanMamas Lunch on August 15th

It's been a while since the working mamas got together for lunch.  With a bit of a push from one of our lovely readers and mamas, Courtney, we are planning our next get together in a few weeks.  How about we support one of the businesses that seems to be suffering from the construction downtown?   Please RSVP in the comments and we'll make a reservation. Hope to see you at Pasha Mediterranean Grill, 19 NW Fifth Ave
Portland, OR 97209 on Wednesday August 15th, 12 noon.


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Since it was my idea...I will be there.

Love the idea and love the site... I will be there unless the baby comes early.

Great idea. I'll be there too.

Looking forward to it. It's a great idea, and I especially love the idea of supporting a business that has been negatively impacted by the bus mall construction.

I'll be there if I can find childcare (a probability :)

I hope you make it, Anna!

I haven't been to one of these events previously, but I would love to meet some fellow working moms. Count me in!

Count me in as well!

Sounds fun--I'll be there!

Hey, perfect timing. After almost 11 months off, I start my new job downtown on the 13th. Assuming there aren't unseen meeting conflicts, count me in (it'd be safer to consider me a "maybe"). I hope to see you all.

I'd love to join you all. My baby boy is due Thanksgiving Day!!

I, too would love to join in. Thank you to the organizer!

I'm in! I am new to town and haven't met many people yet. Would love to make some new working mama friends!

Sounds great. New to this site and would love to meet other working moms! Thanks!

I'll try to make it, slam in the middle of a meeting filled day.

I will try to come as well. I have tons of patients in the AM, but maybe they will finish early....?

Reservations have been made under "Hau". Looking forward to seeing you all there next week. I will bring name tags!

Thanks for making the reservation, Hau. Also, I just happened upon this Pasha review that really whet my appetite!


I just saw this - I have a meeting in NW tomorrow morning, and if it finishes in time, I would love to join you. Thanks!

Bummer! It's not going to work out for me this time. Have fun!

darn, i just saw this. i would have been so there!

It was great to see so many of you yesterday. We hope to do it again, and we hope to do other different events to get more of us mamas together more often.

Have an idea for a great urbanMamas event? Be sure to email us at urbanmamas@gmail.com

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