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Toddler Play Group in NE

Calling all mamas seeking to join a play group in NE.  Andrea is starting one.  She writes:

Hi!  My son is just over 2 (27 months) and I would like to find or start a play group for 2-3 year-olds in NE Portland.  I have a few friends with older kids who have started them, and I'd love for my son to have more time to play with kids his age and to get used to some time without me. 

This group would include 4+ families who would split the cost of a teacher (to be hired by the group).  The group is hosted at different people's houses based on their preference, but the teacher is consistent.  Each child comes 1 or more mornings per week, but we work out the schedule so each day the teacher has no more than 4 children (or for more than 4 children a parent helper could be present to help out).  The group structure is pretty flexible and should serve the parents and kids participating in it.  The group would provide play and socialization opportunities and some preschool readiness with reading, singing, crafts, music and anything else the kids enjoy. 

The number of people involved will determine the number of mornings the group will be offered and the cost to each family (but I think it usually works out to $5/hour for the hours your child attends the group).

If you're interested, please email me at palight_2000@yahoo.com.  We can get together to work out the details.


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Hi, Andrea, you are describing my NE playgroup almost exactly. (We don't have any 3 year olds but most kids are 20-something months old). A bunch of us moms hired a wonderful group leader with preschool experience, and we have the same teacher/kid ratio of 1:4.

Our group has been operational since spring and we love how our toddlers are blossoming in this program. We're always interested in having back-up families to contact in case one of us has a sick kid or vacation breaks, so if you don't get your group going, please let me know if you're interested in being a back-up for ours, or taking a permanent spot. You can email me at suzcloset@yahoo.com

I might be interested (I have a 27-m.o. girl in NE Portland). I work part time so I would have to work around that schedule (Friday mornings are best). I like the idea of getting a bunch of toddlers together to play, but I'm unclear on the role of a "teacher." My daughter will be starting "pre-preschool" for a couple of days in September, so I don't think she will need any "teaching" outside of that. What exactly would the role of the teacher be? Thanks.


The teacher is really just the adult who is supervising the kids while the parents aren't there. The specific role that person might play can be determined by the group. Probably they would engage the kids in some play-based activities...or more...or less. A lot will depend on the preference of the families who are participating.

If you're interested, email me directly at palight_2000@yahoo.com.

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