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Share the Shopping Fun

Heading to Shopping_cart_2the supermarket has never been more fun than finding those darling little pint-sized real-life-looking metal shopping carts.  My girls have loved, loved, loved them.  They feel so responsible and part of the marketing process when they get to push their own cart.

Not all supermarkets carry these treasures, and we have only stumbled upon them by chance.  Below is our list of markets where we have found the child-sized shopping carts.  Unfortunately, none of them are in our neighborhood!  So, it is a real treat when we do happen upon one of these markets:

Food Front Coop (NW) - Not only does Food Front have the little carts, but it's such a great community coop grocery.  Great selection of produce and I do love their bulk section.  Plus, it's a perfect place to grab drinks, wine, cheese, and other picnic items on our way out to a summer concert.

Whole Foods Market (NW) -  I know, I know - aka, "Whole Paycheck."  We will find ourselves at Whole Foods when we want some hot, fast food that will please each family member's palate.  Plus, they've got the carts!  Usually stored over in the corner behind customer service.

Wild Oats - Laurelhurst (NE) - Not sure why one Wild Oats would have the prized carts, while another Wild Oats location didn't.  When we were living in the NE, we'd sometimes come to the Laurelhurst Wild Oats where they had the carts, even though the Fremont Wild Oats location was more convenient (but they didn't have the carts!).

Anyone else have kids who love to push carts their own size at the supermarket?  Where'd ya find 'em?  Do share, do share!


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My son loves these too. Lamb's Thriftway in SW (On Garden Home, just past Old Market Pub) has them as well as the SUV type carts (the ones with the car front). They also have a "flag" on a pole attached, so you can help corral any errant cart driving in time to avoid collisions.

We were just at Whole Foods today in the NW, and I had spent all the time luring Tati to the store with hopes of pushing a pint-sized cart around -- only to find that there was none to be found! I know we have seen them there, though not consistently.

Zupans on SE Belmont has the little carts. My kids LOVE going there with Grandma just so they can be "shoppers in training"

Market of Choice on in SW has them.

Lamb's Stroheckers in Portland Heights (SW Hills) has these as well. My favorite shopping trip was one where I let my then 20 month old push the little cart around, and I had to bite back laughter as he went down each aisle, inspected various items, put some in the cart and put some back. I was tempted to go ahead and buy all the things he'd chosen but hadn't brought enough money (turns out he has very expensive taste!).

The other coop: People's Coop in SE 21st Ave between Division and Powell. They have 2 of the tiny carts.

I used to work at a grocery store, and I *hate* those dang carts (ankle crushers, I say). But if you like the car-type ones, go to New Seasons on Interstate or Whole Foods in Tigard.

I know this thread is super old, but we just found another place with these mini-carts: the Alberta Street Coop. My littlest girl is now 5, but she still loves pushing around a mini shopping cart.

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