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Running Mamas Join the Fun

For the second year in a row, we've assembled a group of mamas (and papas) for the Hood To Coast.  This year, we thought we'd try for more team unity by participating in the Nike+ ChallengeLarissa has started a Nike+ Challenge team for the urbanMamas so we can run our way to some snazzy gear.  Only a handful of us mamas are Nike+ equipped so we are hoping for your help to up our mileage.  We're currently at 4.79 miles (yes, that's progress) but can we beat a bunch of Nike-sponsored teams?  Or, if you have some gear you'd love to donate to our fabulous team of runners, we'd certainly love to hear from you!



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Okay, I'm not sure I get it. How do I contribute?

I just logged in to nikeplus and added it to my challenges... and then you pick your team. I'm trying to log as many miles but looking at the teams in first place... there's no way to keep up!

For every mile I run I can log it? Honor system? I can do that. Do I have to sign up anywhere or will Nike+ walk me through it? I visited the website and saw a register link.

It looks like you can only log miles if you have Nike+ shoes (and a Nano or an iPod?), which this New Balance-wearing Luddite (speaking of gear-challenged) discovered too late, unless I'm misunderstanding the tutorial.

Oh yes -- this is Nike+ equipment... it tracks your mileage as you run so when you upload your data, it will go towards the challenge. Sorry I didn't make that more clear!

Hi all,

Let me clarify how you do this!

1. You do need to have an iPod nano and a Nike+ sport kit.

2. You do NOT need to have Nike shoes. You can hack the system and add your little sensor to any shoe.

3. If you have the things in #1 you will know that your miles get logged on Nike+'s website. On there you can sign up for "Challenges." Pick the Hood to Coast challenge, and make sure to choose our team - urbanmamasrun.

4. I think it would be really cool to start our own honor system running total too. For everyone, with or without Nike equipment. Hau, could we post that in the sidebar here? All readers could log miles somehow?


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