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Punk Rock Dad Book Review

Punk Rock Dad By Jim Lindberg.  The title just seethes coolness, but is it over-hyped?  Thanks to Kathy Tucker for reviewing the book recently for us:

The premise of this book is rather thin, but it does have some really funny parts.

I personally don’t think that a punk rocker being a dad is so unusual that it is worth a book on that basis. Lindberg, who is the lead singer of Pennywise, relies rather heavily on the idea that he is really on the outside of traditional fatherhood – which I suppose might be true if you live in the mid-West or something, but not here in Portland! Okay, maybe having a co-worker (band-mate) who likes to throw up on the fans is out of the norm, but otherwise he is really not that unusual.

Lindberg does describe some really hilarious scenes that any parent can relate to, including the diaper-blow-out from hell, and being told by his wife that he has put the onesie on upside down. Another endearing aspect of the book is that Lindberg is able to turn his humor on himself, too, often referring to himself as an aging rocker who dies his hair and would prefer to get home quickly rather than hang out in the bars after a show.


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