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So you wanna post a childcare related question?  Or maybe you have an opening at your childcare facility or preschool? Or maybe you want to rave about your fabulous nanny?  Or perhaps you're looking to sell / purchase, or pass along goods and services to fellow urbanMamas?  We're testing out a way to allow the urbanMamas community at large to post on the childcare and exchange forum.  Here's how it will work.  We've set up a junior level author account so that you can log into our blogging software directly to compose your question. 

1. Go to: Typepad and login using pdxmamas as your member name and as your password.

2. Select the appropriate forum.

3. Click on Begin a New Post.  Create a title, select the appropriate categories for the question, and create your post.  Please remember include at least a first name an email address if you would like to be contacted!

4. Once you've formatted, spell-checked, added the appropriate links, hit the Save button and it will go to us for review and moderation. 

We will post questions that are relevant and appropriate.  Posts will appear on our ChildCare Forum or Exchange Forum as soon as we can get to it.  We may also spread out posts if there are too many in a day.  Happy posting!


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