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Perinatologist Recommendation

Nicole needs a referral and was hoping someone could help.  She writes:

I am new to Portland and am 7 weeks pregnant with my second child.  My first child was born 2 months early and was in the NICU for a month due to my misshapen uterus. My next child will also most likely be born premature, so I am looking for a good high risk Perinatologist/ OBGYN.  Do you have any recommendations? I know that I need to deliver at OHSU, St. Vincent's, or Legacy Emanuel due to their NICUs, but I don't know which would be the best.  Any help on that regard would be much appreciated.


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I was also high risk and delivered at St. Vincents. We had a good experience there and they took good care of us. I really liked my perinatologist, but I have Kaiser insurance so he's a Kaiser dr. I don't know if you can go to them if you aren't Kaiser. His name is Dr. Freidman and his office is connected to the St. Vincent's birthing center. St. Vincents does the high risk deliveries for Kaiser.

The NW Perinatal Center is located next to St. Vincent's Hospital, and they have an excellent staff of Perinatologists, Nurses, Genetic Specialists, and onsite Ultrasound Specialists.

I especially like the following Perinatologists: Dr Watson, Dr Lee, and Dr Martinez-Poyer. I have found them to be highly competent AND to have a good "bedside manner" (which is soooo important when you're dealing with extra risk-factors and complications that can be upsetting/emotional).

All the nurses at NW Perital are very supportive, and have always returned my calls within a few hours (even sooner for urgent issues). I have always felt like I received excellent personalized attention there. Matter of fact, the staff became like family to me, since I saw them so frequently, and they were so involved in my care.

Also, it was great being able to get all my care under one roof---no need to go to a separate lab or hospital for ultrasounds, etc.

Here's their website for more info:

Hope this info helps! Good luck with your pregnancy. I hope it is a happy & healthy time for both you and your new babe! :-)

I had some prenatal contact at NW Perinatal as well and really felt good about me care there. And my cousin's baby was born at St. Vs and in the NICU for a time and she had only good things to say about them. Best of luck to you.

Hi there! I had a great perinatologist at OHSU, Dr. Pereira. He took great care of us from about four months on. He was reassuring and straight-forward, and I felt very safe in his care. We had a beautiful, healthy baby girl at a wonderful birth center. Best of luck to you and your sweet family!

Dr. Carey Winkler (out of Legacy Emanuel). The entire office staff is incredible. The nurses are top-notch. They have some of the best u/s equipment in the state. And he is about the nicest guy I've ever met. Completely approachable, funny, smart, compassionate, etc. Can't say enough good things about him.

I went to Dr. Wyatt at OHSU. She is very straight forward and will follow through on questions or concerns you may have. Their perinatal clinic is located in Doernbecher Hospital, and they have an ultrasound lab right there. She also has great nurses and when you get an ultrasound, you always meet with a doctor to go over it in addition to the techs.

I agree with Danica--I just experienced top-notch care & technology w/ Dr. Pereira at the brand new perinatal center at the S. Waterfront location for OHSU. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Nicole - We have Kaiser insurance, like a previous poster, and we are getting our perinatal stuff done at St Vincent with Dr Steven Friedman. We love him. He also delivered our first child. Good luck with your search!

Our daughter came early and was delivered at St. V's by Dr. Martinez-Poyer from the NW Perinatal Center. While recovering from the c-section, I was also checked by Dr. Lee. Both doctors were wonderful and my experience with them and St. V's NICU was top notch.

I feel I should elaborate on why I liked Dr. Friedman since others may be reading this that have Kaiser. His nurses returned calls within minutes. I had two miscarriages and they didn't even think twice about seeing me when I showed up in tears with no appointment and no prior notice. They have a 3D ultrasound machine in the office and they even made me a CD of all the anatomical parts of the fetus because I am a biology teacher and wanted to share with my students. I had twice weekly stress tests which I sometimes had at the regular OB office and sometimes at the Perinatologists. The beds at the peri's were very comfortable, I never had to wait for care and I had the same staff each time. The nurses and ultrasound techs were fabulous as I said before. They tried to schedule my induction for a time when both the perinatologist and my OB would be in. Unfortunately, Dr. Freidman couldn't make it in for my delivery (and thankfully there was nothing out the ordinary that required his immediate attention).

We think the best perinatologist in Portland is Dr. Andy Merrill at the Center for Maternal-Fetal Medicine (Emanuel). Emanuel also has one of the best NICUs in the country--their preemie survival rates are great. Our first children, twin girls, were born at 23 weeks and died shortly after their birth (3 years ago, before 23 weeks was considered viable). We needed a perinatologist for our second pregnancy to get a cerclage, and not only was Dr. Merrill recommended to us by everyone we talked to who had had a high risk pregnancy, he was also the choice of our excellent reproductive endocrinologist and OB/GYN, both of whom are at different hospitals. You won't believe how fantastic he is--I've never met anyone who didn't love him immediately. We also were treated by all the other perinatologists in his practice during our hospitalization with the twins and felt confident with all of them. I'm kind of surprised at the responses you got to this post--I expected all of them to say Dr. Merrill! :) Good luck!

Maggie was born at St. V's and spent 3.5 wks in the NICU there. Pretty much all the perinatologists were great, and the neonatologists. They are on a rotation, so if you sign up with one, you sign up with them all. If I ever have another baby, I will go back there (insurance providing).

I also had a great experience with Dr. Periera OHSU with my son a year ago, as well as with other docs 4 years ago with a high risk pregnancy with twins who did not survive. I felt well cared for and felt that all the nurses were wonderful as well. I had both of my kids at OHSU, although neither had to be in the NICU I felt secure knowing it was there with the qualified docs.
Good luck!

I have had great experiences with NW Parinatal and St. V's. I see Dr. Martinez-Poyer. The thing I can't believe is through 2 pregnancies I've never had to wait more than 15min for an appointment!

If you are pro-life - I highly recommend AGAINST seeing Dr. Martinez-Poyer. My baby has a genetic (chromosomal) condition. Dr. Martinez-Poyer pushes his 'pro-choice' agenda when the baby isn't perfect, encouraging couples to terminate.

I recommend Dr. Winkler or Dr. Periera. Also, for future readers - the NICU at Salmon Creek (in Vancouver) isn't that far away and every baby has their own private room, which NO other area NICU can boast.

I could not say enough good things about Dr. Martinez-Poyer. He is an excellent communicator and a top notch expert. Dr. Gwen was also ok - though Dr. M-P was amazing. The nurses at St V's NICU are patchy at best in my experience so it might be worth checking out salmon creek.

Dr. Martinez-Poyer sort of got stuck with me when my regular OB Dr. Polo (the best in the entire world) asked him to take over my care until 34 weeks. I am at high risk for delivering before Providence Portland Hospital can delivery me safely at 35 weeks (no NICU)
Dr. Martinez-poyer has been great and has always seemed to keep things calm. However, I do believe he may down play some things alittle more then I would prefer, as I am a RN. I would recommend NW Perinatal as well as St. Vincents Hospital.

Dr. Sig Linda Jacobson - she is the best and has delivered 3 of my kids!!

I agree with Kirsten, Dr. Andy Merrill is the best perinatologist in Portland. When you meet him and the rest of the team at Legacy Emanuel, your stress level just drops knowing you have these professionals looking out for you and your baby. Dr. Merrill is just plain nice, and smart, and reassuring, and takes his time to answer your questions and make sure you understand what is going on with your pregnancy. Like another posting for Dr. Winkler of the same practice noted, they have the latest ultrasound equipment, the practice is exceptionally well run, and the other doctors and nurses are wonderful to work with. However, like Kirsten, we LOVE Dr. Merrill and cannot imagine why there aren't more postings about him!

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