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Maternity Clothes Resale Shop or Charity?

Congratulations to Aarin who had recently had her second child. Now, she's looking to pass along or sell her maternity clothes.  Do you have any recommendations?

I just had my second child in April and am confident that she is my last one.  So, I am ready to pass on my maternity clothes.  I would just save them for a friend but I think they are mostly too big (mostly larges) for any of my petite friends that may need them.  Does anyone have a recommendation for a good resale place to sell them or a good charity that specifically needs maternity clothes?  They are fairly stylish and in good shape but mostly casual (as opposed to professional office attire).


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I took my maternity clothes over to the Insights Teen Parent Program at SE 26th and Powell (http://www.insightstpp.org/).

They're always in need of maternity clothes in good condition.

tickled pink on killingsworth in north portland has a great selection of maternity stuff and probably the most i've seen in the area! anne is great about giving fair credit to her shop and i never have any trouble spending credit or cash there.

Tiny Hiny's in Vancouver, Wa will also give you cash or store credit.

You could consider giving them to the Providence St. Vincent Prenatal Clinic (they provide care solely for uninsured patients) or Northwest Children's Outreach.

You can find a Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC) and donate there...I know there is one in Beaverton and one in Milwaukie, and they work with a lot of low-income mamas-to-be.

Sweetpea in Sellwood takes maternity clothes on consignment or for cash I believe and you could trade them in for new and used baby stuff and they have REALLY cool baby things there plus the lady that runs the place is awesome!!

Your local domestic violence shelter would truly appreciate your gift.

great ideas. thanks!

Hello, one and all

I work for non profit social services organization (The Bridge Inc) which serves menally ill homeless men and women. We are currently in need of maternity clothing for a particular younger women who is 6 months pregnant.
If your organization could assist us with this matter it would be greatly appreciated.

another good alternative for selling, trading, or buying slightly used maternity clothes is www.LaBump.com It's like craigslist for moms - it's only for baby, kids and maternity resale. It's free to use. Lots of cities are active and you can add your own city easily.

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