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Knitting something new for baby

I've been knitting like crazy, lately, for all the new babies in my life (and those to come). Today I just found out my sister Jenny is pregnant! Meaning that, in the space of 15 months, my children will have amassed SIX new cousins and one new little brother or sister. Among my own siblings: five new babies.

I've knitted three pairs of tiny baby pants for my brother's twins and my own soon-to-be newborn baby. They're outrageously cute, but I'm kind of over baby pants after three pairs in 10 days! I've got a couple of baby blankets in process, and about four baby sweaters. My mom's a pro with booties (not that they really get worn, anyway), and I knitted a cute little robot for my three-year-old niece's birthday. Hats? It's summer!

I guess what I'm saying, is I need a really killer idea. A friend just had a baby girl -- she has three older boys -- and I want to knit just the right thing. Any brilliant thoughts for me? Let's just go ahead and eliminate hats, booties, and anything in the "it's just a rectangle" family (i.e. blankets, burp clothes, and the like). What is (to you) the ultimate baby handknit?


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How about leg warmers (maybe too close to pants)? They seem useful in the summer when it may get cool in the evening.

ooh! yes, I've been wanting forever to make some like the 'baby legs' (http://www.babylegs.net/) and this is the perfect opportunity to try it out. great idea!

I love to make sweaters for the babes, and, being the mom of two boys, I love making the frilliest, pinkest get-ups I can when I have the chance!

In the Spring/Summer issue of Vogue Knitting, there is a gorgeous little cardigan by Debbie Bliss with for either boys or girls. I'm making one in a lovely pink alpaca/cashmere blend for my newest niece (who is 1 week old today!). I'm making the 9 mos. size so she'll be able to wear it for Christmas.

I love Anouk, from Knitty. It's a dress that can be worn as a top as the babe grows.


I've been knitting soft toys for friends and now for my impending kiddo. Here are some of my favorite patterns:

Nautie the Nautiloid - http://knitty.com/ISSUEspring06/PATTnautie.html

Raincloud and the Sleepy Snake

Knit Octopi

I have been knitting many items out of Zoe Mellor's book of knitted toys. I haven't been bored yet and I have made the alligator, bear, robot, owl, turtle and have yarn for a few more items. I was also going to suggest leg warmers, very trendy and fun. ENJOY!!! :)

My favorite is "Baby Hooded Cardigan" from the "Minnies" book by Jil Eaton. It knits up incredibly fast. I really recommend the Berrocco Plush yarn for it because it completely hides any small mistakes you might make (not that you would make any!).

I couldn't find a picture online but here is a picture I posted after I finished my own.

If I wanted to knit a baby gift for someone, this would be my first choice.

I know this is late to add, but a good one I've found is making a tag of their name or initials that can hang from their carseat - great to identify which is theirs at daycare, also good chew toy and something to grab as they become more aware of their surroundings - I just worked mine in double knitting (no seams, and the front and back mirror colors) fromthe bottom up in all caps - then bound off the side stitches at the top to end up in the middle and crocheted or made i-cord from there with a loop at the end to pull the whole thing through - super easy, very unique, one size fits all, and my son love chewing on his now :)

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