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Brace yourself: IKEA set to open July 25

It's the moment we've all been waiting for! Or not?  The IKEA Grand Opening is fast approaching.  To prepare, the Port of Portland has even issued a traffic advisory and has prepared an IKEA traffic flow plan.  IKEA has been billed as the big-box that even Portlanders love.  Today's Oregonian tells us to brace ourselves for the traffic nightmare that this grand opening will bring.

According to all accounts, the store format will be the same as all the other 30 IKEAs in the US.  Another fun thing to look forward to will be the big bright and primary playroom where the kids can play while the adults wander through the maze of staged room after staged room.  We'll all be hungry after all that bouncing and playing (the kids) or shopping and hauling DIY furniture (the mamas & the papas), that we'll soon end up in the IKEA cafeteria, where we'll have 50 cent Swedish meatballs and other Swedish delicacies in true IKEA frugal fashion.  Kids will have bright red tables and yellow chairs, they will love their kiddie food trays and utensils.  It will be fun, won't it?

So, are you making your list and checking it twice?  Will you be heading out there on July 25th or soon thereafter?Ikea

Opening July 25!  Please bring your family for a morning of fun and festivities July 25.  Entertainment begins at 6:00 am, doors will open at 9:00 am.  July 26-29 Store & Restaurant open at 10:00 am.

6:00 am?  Will that be you waiting at the door?  That's mighty, mighty early....  but in case you'd like an earlier start:

Air out your camping gear!  Customers can begin lining up at IKEA Portland at 9:00 AM on Monday morning, July 23, 2007 - in advance of our July 25 opening.  We are going to be doing something special for everyone on opening morning so you do not have to be the first, second, or third customer* in line to share the fun.

* There will be no specific prize given to just the first, second, or third customer in line.


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I'm sure at some point we'll hit up IKEA, primarily to outfit my Tween's new digs in the basement (I highly recommend all parents of teenagers to have a space for them in the basement where their possessions can freely "explode" out of your eyesight and they can sleep til noon without bothering you).

But there is no way we're getting near that place for at least the first 6 months. I'm dreading going to the airport to pick up family in August!

Online shopping anyone? Or it will probably be worth it to head up to Renton just to avoid the mess.

I'll probably go opening day if I can swing it. I'm almost twisited enough to stay overnight, but not quite. My brother and I like going to strange events and observing the weirdness...the weirder the better. I'm sure this will be right up there as far as the weird factor goes, but I can't take 3 days off from my life to camp outside a store-darnit all.

I am so excited for Ikea. When I saw the sign go up several months ago I actually got giddy! When I lived in Houston, I was 2 miles from an Ikea, and it was a social event to go there. I will never forget when we took my friend's 3 month old for "baby's first trip to Ikea!" The cinnamin rolls there are the best, and you can smell them as soon as you walk in the door. Forget the furniture! But opening day? Same as my theory on the Harry Potter movies. It is much more enjoyable to delay your gratification and wait until the throngs settle down. Ikea is an event worth savoring!

I'm really excited about IKEA too, but I'm not going to go for quite some time. It's just scary.

We're super excited for IKEA too. I've loved IKEA since the first time I went to Norway 10+ years ago. My (now) husband never understood the attraction until recent years, and more than anything just thinks the business concept is great. I survived the throngs a few years ago when the first store opened in New England, near Boston and was one of the "lucky" ones to get to the store before they shut down the exits from the highways because of the traffic. We may not be there opening day, but we'll be there in the next few weeks--letting Anders play in the kids area, eating meatballs in the cafeteria and stocking up on caviar and chocolate and other Swedish yummies.

As far as getting to the airport goes ... don't forget the red line Max train!! It literally drops you off at the bottom of the escalators. You can grab your visitors and head back that way, nice and easy - and they can oogle the IKEA madness from the train!

I'm super curious about the folks who will camp out and I'll probably watch the local news that one time this year just to get a glimpse of that wackiness. I didn't realize it would be such a big deal that freeway ramps would have to be closed. Eeks. Lucky for me I can take the back way because, yes, I'll need to get out there at some point those first few days.

Having just moved to London from Portland, my family and I are so very sorry to miss the opening of the IKEA. Of course, London is well supplied with 4 stores of its own. We outfitted our new place here with IKEA goods, needing 4 trips over the course of 6 weeks (and it was VERY crowded on the weekends....1 shop in Portland for 1 million persons...4 shops in London for some 9 million persons..)

What I wanted to comment on really, however, is the children friendly aspect of the company. They really have got it down like no other shop (being from Sweden, the country of 1 year paid maternity leave...). Childrens play area with childcare, playstations in the midst of adult furniture areas (in those areas where decisions are lengthy), changing rooms with diapers, and the cafeteria with toddler size portions, bottle warmers, bibs. It is simply amazing how much thought has gone into the design and planning of such a place. And that it is standard in all its shops.

We always loved to simply stop at the IKEA in Renton to eat.....and our 2 year old LOVES their meatballs. Also have great cakes and coffee

With time and the clearing out of the first few months frenzy, I would recommend it just as highly as Sydneys, Peanut Butter and Ellies (even if you don't need to shop). I know it is a mega chain, but it deserves so much support given its values.

ONE YEAR of PAID maternity leave!? Holy mackerole. I'm pretty bitter because I had a preemie who was 7 weeks early. Only had 8 weeks paid, so I ended up going back when her adjusted age was only 2 weeks old.

sorry to be off topic.

I work out at Cascade Station next to the Ikea, and I'm really glad I planned my vacation for next week. I'm looking forward to to getting some Swedish meatballs and fun furniture (especially kids' stuff), but not for several months!

i most certainly will NOT be lining up at 6am, nor the night before. however, i have to pick my sister up the 25th at 10:30pm at the airport. i suppose i could google it, but i'm lazy....to get to IKEA, is it *the* airport exit?? and does anyone think there will be a problem that late at night??

I'm so very excited for Ikea! I am, of course, feeling highly superior that we don't drive so we HAVE to take the Max ;) we'll definitely be visiting lots, and might even camp out the night before since, after all, I'm on MY very short American maternity leave.

(and kirsten, never fear, I join you in your bitterness! having just heard the perky short-term disability leave woman tell me that, because I had a vaginal birth, my due-back-to-work date was exactly six weeks after my baby's birthday... *sigh*... my Canadian colleagues are shocked and awed at our inhumane system)

Just to whet the appetite, here are accounts and photos from the IKEA Portland Press Day - The IKEA Tour: Come with us ---- http://portland.metblogs.com/archives/2007/07/post_21.phtml

I think we will maybe take the MAX out to IKEA or maybe bike and just have a look around - pick up a colander or some votives for pennies or something. IKEA gets way too overwhelming. We'll wait a while before we get something substantive there (if we ever do).

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