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Inspired by our recent ability to RSS to urbanMamas comments, which allows us to keep abreast of all the urbanMamas conversation, we got reacquainted with our feeds on our google reader (just recently having switched over from bloglines).  Blogosphere, o blogosphere, how much do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.  While there are blogs upon blogs of mama musings (don't forget to peep the urbanMamas blogroll), I dusted off all the other feeds in my reader:

  • Food.  Just in case the hunny and I can steal away for some nice dining without the little folk, it's nice to read up on what's hot and what's not on Portland Food and Drink or ExtraMSG.
  • Drink.  Just in case the hunny or the mamas and I can get away for a little drinky-drink or happy hour, we hit up BarFlyMag or Unthirsty.
  • Gettin' Around.  Not only is BikePortland.org our ultimate resource on all things bikey, but it's also a great resource for current events and news on many regional public transit issues and upcoming policy.  For this multi-modal transiting family, it's a good daily read.
  • Other stuff.  Toward the bottom of my list, I save room to glance at PDX MetBlogs and the Portland Business Journal.  I also keep a hot list of things we may want off craigslist - the current item du jour is a tandem bike.

Now that I've shared, what about you all?  What feeds do you read?


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I also just started up Google Reader, having gotten tired of keeping track of all the tabs on my Google Home Page.

Now on my Google Reader I have folders for news links, technology links (because I am truly a gadget girl at heart), "lactivist" links (for all news and views in the pro-breastfeeding community), parenting links (including UrbanMamas, ParentHacks, AskMoxie, and others), gardening links for the day my baby is old enough to let me garden again, a few humor links for my daily dose of comics (including Hathor the Cow Goddess; if you haven't checked out this comic blog you should!), and links to friends blogs.

It's amazing I get anything done anymore considering all the online reading I do now!

But a hotlink to wanted items on Craigslist? Now that is pure genius!

I also love the Food Dude at Portland Food and Drink. Even though it's mostly voyeuristic at this point in time. (Though I will pass on that we tried Country Cat on SE Stark near the Academy Theater on Sunday night and it was FABULOUS. And BONUS: Kids under 10 eat free on Sundays!)

My other regulars include the Advice Smackdown on AlphaMom, Cafe Mama, AskMoxie, BlueOregon, BitchPhD, Dooce, various family blogs (including my own recent attempts at judsontwilliams.blogspot.com) and of course urbanMamas. But since I'm too lame to even do links without way too much effort, I of course still use my bookmarks. One day I will figure out this whole RSS situation...


How do you set up a hotlist for craigslist? I've always wanted to do that.

I just figured it out, or at least, I did for Google Reader.

I just did a search for something I wanted on Craigslist (Portland, obviously). At the bottom of the page is an "RSS" tag. I simply clicked on it and it added the items I was searching for to my Google Reader. You may have to add one per item you are searching for, but that should help you keep track/sort anyway.

Hope that helps!

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