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Do you S.I.G.G.?

What's with the hot new water bottles? At $20 a pop for a new liquid vessel, is it worth every penny?Sigg It is highly possible that the aluminum bottles (like SIGG bottles) are safer than those containing polycarbonates (like Nalgene bottles)". Studies show that a chemical in plastic may be dangerous even in the small amounts that seep from plastic bottles and food packaging.

So, have do you have SIGG bottles for yourself and family? Have you found an aluminum bottle lined with non-leeching product that is the SIGG alternative (i.e., more affordable)?


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My daughter and I use Klean Kanteens. You can buy the basic adult-sized one at REI, and I got a kid-sized one with a sippy cup spout attachment at ReusableBags.com.

I found some sigg water bottles at the rei outlet website for around $13.

We have also made the move to non-plastic. We bought aluminum bottles by Burton as a close out REI last year ($9 for a 1 liter).

Our decision was based on the potential health concerns but I must admit that we didn't toss the Nalgenes and sometimes still use them.

(As I took a big swig of water out of my Nalgene) -- I was going to ask whether folks chucked their Nalgenes out. Maybe I should reserve the Nalgenes for the adults water and use aluminum for the kids? I bought an aluminum "Life is Good" bottle on http://www.rei-outlet.com.

My husband and I have Kleen Kanteens, and my older kids both have both large and small SIGG bottles (one for a school lunch drink, and one for water). We tossed all of our plastic water bottles. When my little one is ready for a sippy cup, I will definitely get a Kleen Kanteen with the sippy top.

I had a SIGG but it fell out of my husband's backpack on an airplane and haven't replaced it yet. We also have a Kleen Kanteen sippy cup for the baby.

Before I throw out my Nalgenes I need to do a weight comparison on the 1 liters (SIGG or alternative) since we use them hiking/backpacking quite frequently.

Anyone out there happen to know?

you could always give your nalgene bottles to goodwill. we replaced ours with siggs for everyone.

We have always used plastic bottles from REI. I am going to give SIGG a try. Our plastic ones always seem to have a slight taste of soap no matter how clean and rinsed I get them.

I would like to make the switch to SIGGs/comparable bottles, but they're not dishwasher safe, are they? I am afraid that I wouldn't up with the hand-washing (sorry to say, but I know my weaknesses) Anyone have any tips for cleaning?

I got a SIGG a few months ago when I was pregnant and thirsty all the time. I wasn't drinking enough at work because I didn't like my nalgene. Like Lilah, the water always tasted a little off- kinda soapy or something. So I got a Sigg and baby and I stayed well-hydrated. I really like the Siggs. I am a little concerned about plastic chemicals but honestly, the pretty designs and colors of the Siggs really attracted me just as much as the material.

I've found them to be easy to wash. Since I'm the only one that uses mine and
I usually just have water in it, I just swish some soapy water inside it and rinse.

Aren't there potential health risks associated with aluminum? I guess I'm not convinced that it is so much safer. The siggs sure are cute though. Pricey too.

I wonder about the health risks with aluminum too. It wasn't that long ago that we were all throwing away any cooking or eating items with aluminum because of the association to Alzheimer's. I think that was found to be false but it raises a point. There seems to be no perfect substance to store food in and consume it from.

One of my new years goals was "buy/use less bottled water". So I bought more Nalgenes for bags and cars, and put a cooler in the car to have cold water. Felt positive about our progress. Now I have to be concerned about Nalgenes?!? argh.

My husband just bought a sigg for our 1 year old with the handle attachment. I think it will take some coaching to get him used to it. I will look into the Kleen Kanteen sippies. They had a feature on Good Morning America about the bad, bad disposable water bottles. I'm really amazed at how quickly the masses have been brought into the env. movement. I was an env. science major in the late 90s early 20s (only 5 years ago) and we sat around postulating about what it would take and how long it would take to catch the imagination of people in the US. Looks like we're finally on the right track. Who knew Al Gore would do it for us?

Oh...I checked the weight. A 20oz SIGG is 3 oz, a 32oz nalgene is 4.5 oz. I'm not going to do the math now, but I think, oz for oz, it's basically the same weight requirements. There are several SIGGS on rei outlet right now, screw top and water bottle top. They are 12.93 plus shipping. Happy shopping!

One more...reusablebags has some of last year's styles on closeout. They are all kids styles. Sierra Trading Post also has the Primus Aluminum bike bottle for 8.95. Amazon has a ton as well.

When you buy things for REI you don't have to pay for shipping if you don't mind going to the store. Just have them deliver to the nearest store and you can go in and pick it up. It can really help when you are trying to get good deals on their outlet site.

If you are outfitting the whole family check out Vermont's Barre Army Navy Store. They have some on closeout at what looks like wholesale prices +shipping.

Closeout SIGGS: Yah, the url might help,

I switched to a SIGG bottle for myself about 4 months ago. I loved my Dasani (yes I know it's just filtered tap water) but finally was too sick about all the plastic bottles in the recycle bin and had a filter installed at home. It's been great, definitely worth the money. I've dropped it 30 times and just finally hit the plastic cap-cover the wrong way and broke the top of it off but thanks to the design of the cap's valve, still no leaks. A bonus is my 2-yr-old can't figure out how to work the top yet so it's mine...ALL MINE! (unless I share)

The Kleen Kanteen bottles are stainless steel so you don't have to worry about plastic or aluminun leaching into your water. New Seasons carries them now (even a sippy cup version in the baby section.) It can be a bit overwhelming to try to avoid plastic altogether but I have been trying to limit it for food storage at home. I found sandwich bags at new seasons made out of wax paper that work great for snacks and kids lunches. Any other ideas?

I have been really enjoying the Kleen Kanteen sippy cup...it does not dent or chip as easily as a SIGG does when hurled by a firey toddler. Big people who do not typically throw cups in our house use a SIGG.
As for food storage, Martha Stewart (cough) has a line of tupperware type containers made of glass. Good for storing leftovers and re-heating in the oven. We use the half sized Ball jars for school lunches and snacks...you can buy those screw-on white lids to fit them at Mirador or Fred Meyer. I have a whole drawer of nothing but those jars and lids...I just cut everything to fit the jar. The slightly taller Ball jars with the scew-on lids are good for drinks going to school.

We have SIGGs for the boys and me, but not for my husband! I love the fact that you can fill it with tap water, and if you forget about it for a day and take a swig, it doesn't taste funny. I'm a huge fan. I just need to some in larger sizes.

Jennifer's voice here=)
Not sure on the lining specifically, but at Fred Meyer on Friday in the back to school section (more specifically seemed like the "back to college" area of back to school) they had cute aluminum bottles with two tops (regular and sip) for $4.95(!). If they are comparable to the Siggs, that is a steal of a price!

My kids and I have SIGGS and love them! The water always tastes fresh and clean. Since we use them for only water, I fill them with warm soapy water, shake and rinse.

I also sell them in my online store (I teach healthy cooking classes to kids), and have some on sale now for Back to School, if anyone is interested: http://www.whatscooking.info/catalog.php

(...For what it's worth, the head sales guy there said that he puts his in the dishwasher, and the only pitfall is that the colors on the outside start to fade after awhile.)

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