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Do you homeschool?

Melia would love your thoughts and tips on homeschooling:

On an education thread someone asked for local information about home-schooling, but it was never answered. We are thinking about home-schooling after a tumultuous kinder-year. I'd love to know if there are people doing Montessori-based home-schooling.


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there are lots of programs thru Portland Parks & Rec and Mult Co libraries; not sure about Montessori homeschooling. If you are a Montessori fan, join the group of us working on creating a public (free) charter Montessori school. See www.theivyschool.com. We submitted the completed proposal to the PPS District yesterday. We have our 3rd public info meeting (our 3rd) on August 9 at Victory Outreach at 30th and Alberta (NE). A public hearing will be held by the PPS District in October. Final approval or denial will be in December. The Ivy School would open Fall 2008 with 1st- 3rd grade, ramping up to 240 children 1st-8th grade over 6 years.

There was a great article on short-term homeschooling in a recent (within the last year?) Brain, Child mag that you might check out. It's on their web site.

No, That doesn't look like it. Here's a link to the Brain, Child article I was referring to:
http://www.brainchildmag.com/essays/spring2007_brodie.asp. It's a good read, even for those of us who've never considered homeschooling.

The ORSIG yahoo group is wonderful.


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Hi. I was home schooled through high school. If you'd like some input from a former home schooler, feel free to drop me a line.


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