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Children's Muralist

Now that the hard part of the move is over, Sophia is looking to dive into the creative and fun part of decorating a new home.  She writes:

We have finally unpacked the last few boxes at our new home and are ready to start decorating.  Part of this plan is to have a mural painted on the walls of our five-year old son’s bedroom.  Do any Urban Mamas out there know of a wonderful, yet affordable, children’s muralist?


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Good morning! My name is Eben Dickinson and I'm a muralist in the area. I just finished doing a mural with a Lego theme for a children's room. I'd love to talk to you about your ideas!

My other mural clients have included Trader Joe's, Limbo Produce, and Providence Hospital in Newberg, where I collaborated with a group of students.

You can contact me by phone or email. My number is (503) 810-4917. Email: ebendickinson@gmail.com

Look forward to hearing from you!


I know Eben and can vouch for his awesomeness. He is really talented and creative! He is also a pleasure to speak with.

Hi there,

I'm sure Eben is great, and I also wanted to add another option if you're looking for different styles. My neighbor Erin does children's room murals. Here's her website. She's done a small-scale artwork for us because our baby's room was literally a closet. But she does beautiful and affordable large works too.


This is not exactly what you asked for but I thought that you might like it also.

I painted my own mural on the walls of my sons bedroom (jungle theme) & my friend Boni made me this beautiful chandelier that matches the room exactly. She designed the chandelier to go with both the mural and his bedding. Go to http://www.sillybearlighting.com to see her work. Each chandelier is custom made & she can do whatever you want. She is a stay at home mom from Hillsboro.

Boni's direct email address is: sillybear@att.net
if you would like to ask her more information.

I second Larissa's comment on Erin. I haven't used her yet, but hope to in the near future. She is wonderful!

We used Emily Lux and she was very afforable and is a great artist.. She worked on the Alberta Street mural.


My husband Bruce and I do murals. If you are familiar with SCRAP (the school and community reuse action project) on Williams and Failing, we did the mural there. If you are interested in seeing some of his style, go to www.bruceorr.com and click on murals. I have worked for years for the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program and in Portland Public Schools. I can basically do a variety of styles of work, based on your preferences. Thank You!

We can be reached at: bruce@mudeyepuppets.org or carlabforte@gmail.com Our phone number is


I am a muralist as well, specializing in children's rooms. Some of my children's murals are posted on my website: www.shaktispacedesigns.com. Feel free to contact me at 503.998.2411 or lucinda@shaktispacedesigns.com, I would love to talk to you about your project. Thank you!

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