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When the heat is on....

Did we break 90 degrees over the weekend?  Or cloJamison_2se to it?  When the heat is on, where do you go?  Jamison Square is always a favorite standby, but it isn't always easy to get to, plus there are no public restrooms!  Have you hit all of Portland's 'municial fountains'?  Can't wait 'til our neighborhood wading pools open up!  Maybe you just fill up a kiddie pool in your front yard and invite all your friends and neighbors?  What did you do this weekend when the heat was on?


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I live in SE Portland but found myself with my almost 10-month old in NE Portland and had some time to kill before an appointment. We saw signs for Irving Park and headed over to see if we could find a playground for half an hour. I was surprised and delighted to find an area next to the playground that had a variety of "water features" - pipes that came out of the ground in different shapes and configurations that sprayed, fountained, and misted water on a 5-minute cycle (you press a button to get it going). There was one that looked like a gigantic showerhead, a loop that sprayed water that you could run through, and traditional fountain type features. The kids there were having a blast! And being right next to the playground there was plenty of room for everyone.

Though we had to stay on the fringes (no change of clothes and no spare diaper cover; boy was I unprepared!) we did get "misted" enough to stay cool. Next time we'll make a plan to go there and bring swimsuits and a picnic!

my daughter's favorite is ESSEX park, at SE 80th & Center. I started going there because I liked the play structures more than the park that was closer to home, I always wondered what those tubes were...then in the summer I found out that they are fountains!
Another favorite is the MtScott community center, although the pool is usually pretty full, but there are parent-preschool swim times in the mornings as well.

There's a fantastic waterfall across from Keller Auditorium, we haven't had the chance to loll there on a lazy afternoon, but it looks like tons of fun.

There's also another nice water feature off of Harrison between 4th and 3rd tucked away in the plaza which might also be nice to check out on a hot day. I don't think either draws the crowd that Jamison gets.

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