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What's up for Father's Day 2007?

So, uMamas, do you have special plans to celebrate the urbanPapas in our lives this Sunday?  Melissa recently emailed:

Please tell me that I am not the only mama out there with a "daddy" that BUYS everything he wants.  If he doesn't already own it then it is out of our price range.  What are you getting the father of your children for Father's Day?


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My hub is hard to buy for as well. Then there is the sticky issue of competition - my birthday and our anniversary are the same weekend! Poor Daddy. I hope to surprise him with an order of cinnamon rolls from Zingerman's. Spendy - yes...but decadent and consumable. It won't clutter up the house :)

Hi Melissa! (waves)

My hubby is the stay-at-home dad. I'm the work-40-hours-in-4-days-then-have-baby-all-night momma. Fathers Day falls on my 35th birthday this year. So I'm treating both of us to one hour massages and we'll play pass-the-baby in between.

My almost-19 year old stepson (yes folks I've been through the teenage years as well. It's hard but in the end they turn into magnificent adults) will be home from his first year of college this weekend. His mom is throwing a bbq to celebrate all the events.

So an intangible gift or a gathering of friends and family around a big pile of food is always a welcome treat.

Maybe a bike tune-up? I haven't decided yet. He usually does buy everything he wants so it makes it hard. It's really tempting to say "happy father's day!" when he just runs out and buys himself a nano, just to keep track of his running...

My husband appreciates time more than things, so I'm giving him a free pass to go backpacking over a long weekend with his best friends.

At our house, Mother's day and Father's day gifts are hand made only. Or as close as you can get. This way, the boys show appreciation and love without spending money which they did not earn anyways.
This year for Father's day, the boys are making a painting and I am going to laminate a picture for his wallet. That's all. Really simple and sweet.

Since I spent Mother's Day 7 months pregnant, lugging our 2.5 year old around the forest watching Papa do a 3 hour bike race this year, I think Father's Day will translate to a manicure and pedicure for ME! :)He owes me and he knows it... :)

For Father's Day I'm going to get RID of at least 10 major items from our basement. My husband will be thrilled with that gift, rather than taking more stuff into our house. I like the idea of a laminated photo, too, and of course a little artwork from the boy.

My husband has everything he needs - I so know what you mean. I'm thinking of doing something creative... maybe buying a baseball and inking the boys handprint. We have 3 boys... and my husband is a HUGE baseball fan. Other than that... I"m thinking of just giving him a Daddy Pamper DAy!
- Audrey
Pinks & Blues Girls

in the past, we've made glazed ceramics at the place on broadway (um...mommy brain can't remember the name) and made "coupon" books full of things like "your choice for dinner", "a day fishing", "foot massage by the kids", or "something else by mommy..." ;) *that one was hidden in the back of the book....

this year, he's going fishing and...well, i don't know. something intangible...because that's what matters to him.

The kids & I will make breakfast then the sitter's coming to pick them up. We're getting massages at home -full body for me, feet & lower legs for him (he's got issues :-) followed by tea, Dove bars and reading the paper in silence.

Kids back at 4.30 along with the sitter's kid (their turn.) We'll make pizza & watch movies. (I'm not going to hold my breath but maybe that darn fish won't end up in the aquarium this time)

I think we are doing a bike ride to Sauvie Island and picking berries. That was the daddy's activity idea. That day is also our (7th) wedding anniversary. StellaE, your massage at home sounds lovely. Let me know if you can share the name of your massage therapist or anyone that does house visits.

We may also want to spend time at the Chinese Classical Gardens. We are giving him a membership as his present. It is an amazing place of tranquility.

DVDs, magazine subscriptions, free day pass, sleep in, fun greeting cards to celebrate the day ( he gave me amazing ones for Mom Day), upcoming concert tix or play, a homemade certifcate of something you want to give are a few ideas I have done in the past...I my hubby the PLANET EARTH DVD from Costco, it is the best price there. It is amazing footage of nature at its best, not my thing but a "man thing in HDTV"

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