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Seeking Nutritionist

As they say, you are what you eat!  The pregnancy and post-partum periods may be challenging for making sure you eat the right foods, MollyJ asks:

I would like to get connected with a nutritionist in SE/NE Portland or the downtown area. Does anyone have any recommendations? I would like to ensure that I am getting the proper nutrition during my last trimester ( I am 7 1/2 months pregnant) as well as have support and guidance for post pregnancy weight loss and nutrition while breastfeeding.

originally posted by urbanMamas on August 18, 2006.

Another urbanMama writes:

After having a baby, I'm struggling to lose the last 5 lbs.  I'm exercising 3-4 times a week but still need some help.  Since I'm still nursing my 11-month old, I need to find the healthy way to help shed those last few pounds.  Can anyone out there recommend a nutritionist in the NW portland area? 


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Perhaps the student/faculty clinic of the naturopathic college? Located downtown toward the Ross Island bridge, if I recall correctly.

An excellent naturopath, Rachel, is at the An Ho Clinic on 23rd. Naturopaths have extensive nutritional training and Rachel understands the needs of women who want to be fit and feed their children the best possible milk. I saw her before and after my two pregnancies and she really provided some excellent insight into my body, plus ensuring the best nutritional care for my two babies.

Good luck


I dont have a recommendation for you, other than to mention that if you are still nursing, your body might just be hanging on to that last 5 pounds for your babe! I lost about 5 pounds all of a sudden when I quit nursing without any effort--it was a nice, unexpected treat!

I actually just learned that New Seasons offers one hour with their nutritionist for free. I met with Christy (can't remember her last name) and it was amazingly healpful. She travels around to most PDX stores so has a flexible schedule and works most saturdays. I'd call them and ask about it.

Need a nutritionist?!?!? In my opinion, look no further than your local New Seasons market. I made appointments, had lots of undivided attention, great information, follow ups, and support. She was SUPER, helpful, and enthusiastic. Did I mention...FREE???? She really helped me make great choices, and look at food differently. Her schedule was flexible, and she didn't mind the time when I had to bring my little girl with me.

Hope that helps! And cudos to all of us who want to be healthy and well.
Ericka Rickman

I posted the original post about needing a nutritionist and have yet to find one! A few years ago I went to Louann Frisch, however,I didn't care for her style. She was also spendy $50 per visit. I am looking for someone who can give me weekly one-on-one guidance and weigh-ins. I am seriously on the search now so I will post if/when I find something!

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