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Parenting Books for the Busy Papas

Remember when you could sit down an enjoy a good book?  Funny how life changes after kids. Cindy is in search of a good parenting book for Papas.  Have you any recommendations?

With Father’s Day coming fast, I am wondering if any of the Urban Mamas and Urban Papas can recommend Parenting Books geared toward the busy Papa.  I am also open to blogs, magazines, etc that address this issue.

Specifically in our house, I find that the dynamic between my two boys (nearly six, and three) and my husband tends to be a bit tense more often than any of us likes.  I think this happens for a few reasons but one reason is that my three year old has a very strong personality and seems to have a knack for pushing buttons and limits.

I have read more parenting books than I am comfortable admitting to but haven’t successfully passed on tidbits to my husband that he can apply.  I am looking for something along the lines of “Discipline for Dummies” to help the dynamic in my house and my husbands comfort but also a quick enough read that my tired husband with short windows of time can read and benefit from.


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Take a look at Play Parenting, I think it's perfect for the situation that you describe. It's especially helpful for guys because it stresses their role in the relationship/dynamic of parenting, and it gives examples and suggestions that are completely doable for the working father. It's all about reconnecting with the child, which is so important when a parent has been out of the home for 10 or more hours, and only has a couple of ours to try to build a relationship with their children. My husband was skeptical at first, but I've been noticing some changes in the way that he interacts with our son and I am just so grateful.

I should also mention that it addresses discipline in-depth, which you might not pick up from the title. And it is an Extremely quick read.

My husband and I have both read much of The Pocket Parent. It's extremely easy to get through, organized more like an index. You can pick it up and put it down often without losing any of its impact. And it stresses many creative, gentle solutions to common problems like bedtime, the 'gimmes', morning crazies and such.

Wondering if the book suggestion by sara up above is really Playful Parenting rather than Play Parenting? I just did an amazon search for the book she mentions (because I've been thinking of doing something similar for Father's Day too - thanks for the original email) but only came up with Playful Parenting. Or is there a different book she means? And if it is the same one, would it be appropriate for a parent of a two-year-old who is just entering that difficult tantrum-over-the-slightest-thing and new possessiveness age (the toddler, not the dad!)? My husband is having a very hard time adjusting to this, after having had such a mellow social kid up till now.

Ooops, I'm sorry. I did mean Playful Parenting.

It's definitely filled with a lot that will be useful when we have older kids, but the philosophy and techniques are wonderful for toddlers as well. I really recommend it. Our son turned two a couple of weeks ago. It really brings the child's perspective to light, so that those tantrums "sound" more like the child asking for connection, rather than just inconsolable wails. My husband has actually expressed "he must feel" statements since reading that book :D

"Unconditional Parenting" by Alfie Kohn. Amazing; conversational in tone, yet entirely backed by research - which to stereotype - I find appeals to men.

Thought provoking - can't say enough wonderful things about it!

"Wild at Heart" by John Eldredge is the best book I have read, as the father of three boys. I find that getting the kids involved in adventure and things boys love is an indirect and effective way to keep them "disciplined." The book also has spurred my thinking on how to be a better husband. I highly recommend it.

I just ordered the book "How to talk so your kids will listen and listen so your kids will talk" which also comes on CD. I got the book for myself and the CD for my husband. Although the CD is the abridged version I know its the best shot I have of getting him to "read" the whole thing. He reads but mostly just magazines and stuff on the internet, contrary to me, I like to sit down with a nice book.

Is "Playful Parenting" the one by Lawrence J. Cohen or Denise Champman-Weston??? Seriously there are two books with the exact same title but completely different authors. It doesn't look like it's just a new edition or anything either.

Lawrence Cohen. I wonder what the Weston book is about...


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