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Dentist for Big People?

I have seen a lot of great recommendations and honest assessments of health care providers for families on this blog, so I am hoping I can find the help I need here.

I haven't been to a dentist in a few years. I don't have any pressing issues, the real problem is that  I don't have a dentist that I am willing to see.  Admittedly, I'm not a dentist fan. I wish I had someone like Dr. Pike when I was a kid instead of the dentist and his team of sadistic hygienists I ended up with (there may be some hyperbole in that statement...)

Anyhoo, any recommendations for a friendly dental professional? I would prefer the Eastside but will make the trek for the right person. Thanks for listening!


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Dr. Lance Bailey @ Downtown Dental.
511 SW 10TH Ave Ste 1114
Portland, OR

Phone: (503) 228-4122

Ask for hygienist Dana. She's wonderful!

Laurelshurst Denistry is awesome!
Its all women, close-in on burnside.
It feels so nice in there and they are all so wonderful!

I really like Lincoln Dental ... they don't push the "extras" like whitening, unlike another office I tried. They're on 39th near Division.

Schweinfurth Marn K DDS
511 SW 10th Ave # 1105
Portland, OR 97205
(503) 224-4277

She's awesome and her hygenists are great. They put nummy stuff on your gums before they clean your teeth, if you need it. She also doesn't do high sale kinda stuff.

We like Glenna Sequiera on NE Fremont (around 25th - a few blocks from Alameda Elementary) - her hygenist is very gentle.

Dr. Troy Portash on about 45th and Hawthorne is terrific. He's very funny and personable and all of the hygenists are very sweet (Susan's my favorite!). The office is nice, the chairs are comfy, parking is easy...what more could you want?!

Troy N. Portash, D.M.D.
4511 S.E. Hawthorne Blv. Suite 109
Portland Oregon 97215

Sounds like you've already got lots of good options, but one more can't hurt.

My midwife recently referred me to:

Karen Weliky, DMD
Gary Haight, DMD
2636 SE Harrison
Milwaukie, OR 97222

I had Dr. Haight and he was extremely personable and pleasant. The chairs face huge windows overlooking lots of greenery, and they offer you headphones and music, sunglasses, blankets/pillow, and other aides to help nervous patients relax. It's a very friendly environment.

Are any of the above also pediatric dentists? If not, do people have ped. dentists they recommend, esp. for that first appt?

I second Troy Portash. Very nice, down to earth, and quick.

Burlingame Dental Arts
Dr. Elizabeth Kierkegaard
Awesome Hygenist, Brandi
7471 SW Barbur Blvd.

At the corner of Barbur and Terwilligar and worth the drive.

I have severe issues with anything mouth related...enough that I had avoided care for over 2 years. My last dentist was at Laurelhurst Dentistry. It IS nice that they are all women, everyone is very kind there, but during a cleaning the hygenist popped out one of my cavities. After having it refilled, it came out within 6 months.

Soooo, the women at Burlingame are fantastic. The doc reassured me I was in a safe place (issues...my BP was through the roof), and I've been back for routine care twice.

My 3 year old has also been twice and loves it there. His first visit was a little cleaning and a lot of tinkering with the tools they use. The dentists (husband and wife team) have aftercare emergency numbers on their voice mail. They are so kid friendly and really gentle. Good luck.

Dr. Hicks at Moreland Neighborhood Dental. 503.235.7000

On SE Milwaukie Ave in Sellwood/Westmoreland.

He sees children too. He is great with kids and adults.

I'd like to second Dr. Glenna Sequiera. Lynne, her assistant, is incredible with both adults and kids. We all love going there. Especially convenient for Alameda Elementary families -- two blocks from school.

Anyone have a recommendation for a big-people dentist for mercury amalgam removals? I have had two names suggested to me: Douglas Matz on the eastside and John Chung on the westside, but don't know anyone with experience with these dentists. I'm looking for someone who uses safe removal protocols, etc.

We go to Green Apple Dental, Dr. Kang is very easy to talk to and affordable. My family and neighbors go to his office. I was so at ease with the whole experience that I would recommend this office to all my friends and family.
503-254-0888, Located in East Portland. Hope this helps.

Cam at Green Apple Dental is the most gentle and friendly dental hygienist that I've met so far. She is always smiling and in a good mood when I go. She even had to numb my gums up a couple of times and did wonderfully, again very gentle touch.
I asked them about taking my 3 y/old twins and siblings to them but they said to go to a Pediatric Dentist, Dr. David Cavano (west hills). Don't forget to ask for Cam when you get your teeth cleaned!(she's the best!)

Dr Marn Schweinfurth is a great family dentist. She's gentle, relaxed, and doesn't try to push you into accepting treatment you don't need. 503-545-9481

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