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Baby Registry for the urbanMama

Armed with her list of baby must-haves and baby nice-to-haves, where's a mama to register for her goods?  Some place local, hopefully?  Camellia says:

I was hoping to gather information about *where* to register--recommendations of sites that are affordable, have good quality products, and where you can register for everything you need. I've been searching around, but all of the stuff that has been recommended to me is scattered across different stores.


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We registered here:


it was called Organic Bebe when we registered, but they've since changed the name. But they have tons of great stuff, and a lot of organic and eco friendly things as well. but it's not local, so not quite the perfect choice. :)

It's tough to get a truly complete registry @ just one local place. We ended up w/ 3 but probably could have been more efficient and just gone w/ 2 of them and gotten everything we needed. Depending on how much stuff you think you need, you may me OK with only one registry.

The places we used and would recommend are:
Segal's: http://www.segalsforchildren.com/
Lots of stuff you need at prices that are pretty close to the Big Box stores and perhaps the friendliest staff of any store I've ever been in.

Milagros Boutique: http://www.milagrosboutique.com/
A little more high-end but some very nice things.

Babyworks: http://www.babyworks.com/catalog/default.asp?
Especially great if you're planning to do cloth diapers.

The other thing we did was encourage our guests to get gently used stuff in place of new things on our registry. This requires more effort on the part of your friends and family but it's pretty easy to do in Portland.

I preferred registering online with myregistry.com. Instead of being stuck with one location, I can say what I need from anywhere, and give directions to preferred local stores, or link to any website.


Do you have more suggestions? We just received an email: "I'm due with our first baby July 5th and wondering where to register. Everyone I know in Portland has registered at Target and BabiesRUs. I'm open to registering at one of those stores for basics like thermometers, diaper pails, etc. But, I don't shop at those stores much and I'd prefer to register for as much as possible at stores that are more in line with my values and buying preferences: locally owned, sell natural and organic products, cloth diapers and supplies, quality natural toys, etc. The catch is that I'd also like to make this as convenient as possible for people: online shopping (especially for our families in the Midwest), easy to find location, and not too intimidating – helpful staff etc. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!"

Land of Nod has a great organic baby gift registry that I added to my blog.

You can find it here: http://organicbabynook.com/baby-gift-registries


A little nudge on this one for a shameless plug...

There are two ways to register at Milagros, come in the store and/or register on-line.

We have a much, much wider selection of items in store than on-line but we are adding basics and fun stuff to the on-line store all the time.

So you can hit the local friends and family and out-of-towners in one stop now by registering at Milagros.

To get started, drop in or surf to:



When it comes to a baby registry there are so many places you can choose from. Some popular places are Babies R Us, Target, WalMart, JCPenneys and Amazon.com. With a little time and patience you can also find places that are theme oriented, organic or handmade. Selecting baby gift is fun. Good luck.

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