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When Mama meets Mama

It can be really difficult to meet new people.  It's even more difficult when you're busy tending to your child(ren).  Conversations are difficult to hold and a child somehow senses when you are trying to talk, and usually (inadvertently) thwarts your efforts to keep your attention on said conversation.  Gaia is looking to get past the first awkward (and distracted) hellos at the park and find a mama's group nearby:

I am a young mother and hardly know any other moms in the area.  I live in SE on mt tabor with my daughter who is 7 months.  We love taking walks and spending time outdoors in the nice spring weather.  Also a nice cup of tea is always good on a rainy day! I'd love to learn about a mom's group in my neighborhood or somewhere in the SE area.


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Mothers & More has an Eastside group which has regularly scheduled playgroups and other organized activities, check out www.mothersandmorepdx.org.

The one problem (for me) with Mothers & More is that you must pay membership dues to belong. I wanted to get involved but wasn't ready for that level of commitment (and it felt intimidating to me to have to apply and be "approved," even though I'm sure there would have been no problem. As a shy new mama, all of this scared me away!). I know that there is a very active set of playgroups in Sellwood - it would be wonderful if there was something like that organized in SE. Gaia, maybe you should start one! I've heard other mothers say that going to the library story hour, etc., on a regular basis can start friendships with those familiar faces. And that if all else fails, when preschool rolls around there is lots of parent-to-parent involvment. The "mommy dating scene" is very tricky to navigate, I think. Wish I had more to offer - my main friendships with parents have happened at work, with people I had already grown to know and like - a lot of people had babies at the same time. If anyone else has good ideas, I look forward to reading them!

i wanted to put a word in for la leche league meetings, if you a new momma who is breastfeeding, and interested in friendships and connections with other new mommas. i met some of my closest friends at LLL, and contrary to general assumptions, the meetings are not only about breastfeeding, but many topics relevant to new parenthood, with lots of time for mother to mother connecting as well. For LLL meetings in the portland area see: http://www.lllusa.org/web/PortlandOR.html

LLL of NE Portland also offers toddler meetings for mothers of older nurslings, where the discussion branches even further beyond the early babyhood issues, more deeply into the realms of nighttime parenting, discipline, couples issues, and even the isolation of new motherhood...

LLL is a warm and welcoming organization that is based on mother to mother support, information, and education. Check it out!

The Mom's Club in the Clackamas/Happy Valley area is a really active group. I haven't yet joined myself but have attended some of the events I was invited to. The group of women are so much fun and of course all of the other mom's are in the same situation of half socializing, half running after their toddler, or nursing a little one that you would fit right in!

Last summer I also joined the Stroller Strides in the SE area. Melanie was terrific as an instructor, I just had to quite attending because the times didn't coincide with my son's sleep schedule.
Welcome to the area!

You might check out the Mt. Tabor Neighborhood Association web site (http://www.mttaborpdx.org/), if you go to the "News" section you'll see a contact for a n'hood parenting group that you can get in touch with. And Yoga Shala in N Portland has some Mommy & Me events (tea, etc...) where you can meet other new moms, as well. Have fun!

The new moms groups at the hospitals are great ways to make friends with moms of kids who are just your age. I think the one at Adventist, which I think should be fairly close to you, goes up to a year old.

check out meetup.com

then type in moms, playgroups, or anything similar to that in the search box.

good luck i know how it is!

i currently organize a mom's group in our area it has changed my life :)

I'm a new mom of a 5 1/2 month old daughter and am looking to be involved with a mom's group/ play group in North Portland. Meet-ups at the park for playing on a blanket or going on walks would be a wonderful thing for us. A relaxed, fun way to provide my little girl a chance to hang out with other babies somewhere near her age would be a wonderful breath of fresh air for us.

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