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The path to Mamahood: Adoption and Surrogacy

An urbanMama who is looking to expand her family asks a really great question.  Perhaps some of our readers can share some resources:

We are beginning to consider adoption/surrogacy to expand our family.  I am emerging from 2 years battling cancer and it's side effects, the most emotionally devastating of which has been going into premature menopause.  We had a crazy rush before chemo/radiation began to freeze one embryo, so our first option would be surrogacy, a (very, very) long shot with only one embryo.  Does anyone know of any good resources to start exploring the surrogacy option?  We are also considering adoption.  Does anyone have experience with adoption agencies or other resources in the Portland area?


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A friend of a friend of mine is a surrogant right now for a couple. Check out her blog:
There are links to surrogacy resources there.

My step brother and his partner went through: http://www.futurefamiliesnw.com/ and then for the IVF: http://www.portlandivf.net/

Their surrogate is due in June!

My step brother and his partner went through: http://www.futurefamiliesnw.com/ and then for the IVF: http://www.portlandivf.net/

Their surrogate is due in June!

Dr. Hesla at Portland Center for Reproductive Medicine is a straight shooter and an amazing doctor. He is one of the doctors at the firm listed above portlandivf.net.

For adoption, you might want to check out this Northwest Adoptive Families Association site, which is an incredible resource for people considering adoption (example: if you're ever thinking of breastfeeding an adopted child, one of their volunteers pretty much wrote a book on it). Their baby and toddler care classes are fantastic, and they have lots of other events for people before and after they've adopted.

Catholic Charities' Pregnancy Support and Adoption Services has an office near Providence Portland. 503-238-5196. They are first a pregnancy support group that helps a pregnant woman become a parent if that is what she wants, and helps her place her child if that is ultimately her choice.

If you are considering a domestic adoption, I have heard good things about Planned Loving Adoptions. For internatioinal adoptions and some domestic, I personally know many people who have been very pleased with Holt International based out of Eugene, Oregon.

Best of luck with your endeavors!

My husband and I just adopted a little boy through the US Foster care system. We went through a private agency based out of Seattle called WACAP (they do adoptions in Oregon). We looked into numerous agencies for both international and local adoptions. The most highly recommended is WACAP and Holt International(based in Eugene). If you decide to go the adoption route feel free to email me. We spent six months trying to do international adoption before we changed are minds and did a local adoption.

We are currently going through the adoption process for a school aged child in the Oregon foster care system. We are using a Portland agency called The Boys and Girls Aid Society. They also do infant adoptions. The staff are terrific. Our case worker is available and responsive and has been a tremendous advocate for us. They offer a variety of pre and post adoption services, classes, etc. I would highly recommend them.

We have adopted both internationally and fost/adopt. The only one we have not done is a private domestic adoption. They all have their pros and cons. For us both times in the end we are parenting two really amazing girls. For some the wait is longer, their are lost referrals, there are health issues, etc. If you would like to discuss it privately I can be reached at sarah@hevanet.com. Good luck in your journey - remember that you will find the child you are meant to parent even if the route to find them is not what you planned.

Hi - this might not be timely but we adopted our 4 year old through Open Adoption and Family Services - the staff there are great - the up and down side can be the open relationship with the birthmother - would love to talk if anyone wants to hear. I agree with Sarah that your child will find you somehow.

A good friend started and administers a local (Portland-based)non-profit called Adoption Mosaic that offers post-adoption trainings for families who adopted internationally. www.adoptionmosaic.org

Looking to expand your family with an open adoption? Catholic Charities offers free information interviews as well as a tri-annual orientation class. Catholic Charities has over 100 years' experience placing children in loving homes. The next class will be offered June 6 & 7, 2008. For specific details, please contact Shawn Cass at Pregnancy Support & Open Adoption Services, 503-238-5196 x 221 or psa@CatholicCharitiesOregon.org.

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