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Pregnancy-induced dairy intolerance

Strawberry_milkshake One week ago on the nose, which was (according to my calculations) day one of my third trimester, I suddenly got terrible heartburn. I almost never get heartburn, so at first I thought I was about to go into labor, or was struck with an awful pregnancy-related disease. But no: it was just heartburn.

The next day I finally started taking Tums (for some reason my addled pregnant brain is fearful of pharmaceuticals of any kind) after my OB's nurse said cheerfully, "you can take seven or eight a day no problem!" Once I'd downed eight without marked improvement, I made the connection between my consumption of dairy and the onset of symptoms. I stopped eating ice cream, milk, and cheese, and I was fine.

Here's the thing: dairy is more than just a food group for me. It makes up a good third of my diet most days, and eliminating it is not easy. Today even a bit of butter is causing symptoms. My friend-and-colleague Julie suggested I try Tofutti and Rice Dream (works for me). Any other suggestions? Has anyone else experienced this bizarre third-trimester-induced dairy intolerance? Any natural remedies for heartburn I may not have already tried (papaya enzymes, vinegar, almonds, raw apple, chamomile, mint tea, and black tea were all unsuccessful)?


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I don't have any suggestions for you on the heartburn front, but wanted to let you know you aren't alone. I also just entered my third trimester and have had to give up all dairy. My daughter had a severe milk allergy as a baby (and was hospitalized for it) and my doctor thinks it's worth a shot to try and go dairy-free for this last trimester and while nursing to see if we can prevent a dairy allergy in baby number 2. I am also taking a (dairy free) probiotic.

I've only been at this about a week and it's really hard to get over the cravings - I LOVE DAIRY!

The Soy Delicious soy ice cream is pretty good. Also, I haven't tried it yet, but they do make soy yogurt.

Also, in terms of cooking, I've had to change the way I cook over the past few years so my daughter can eat what we eat (she's also allergic to soy, which makes things tricky.) Almond milk as a subsitute for regular milk in sweet things like pancakes, muffins and cupcakes works wonderfully and it's really yummy. For more savory stuff (soups, for example) hazelnut milk is great - rich and nutty.

I haven't really learned to like drinking rice milk or almond milk - they just remind me how much I miss the real thing, but there are other non-dairy milks out there if, like me, you find soy milk a little too beany-tasting.

If you think you could tolerate a tiny amount of milk protein, almond cheese isn't bad, and unlike most fake cheeses, it actually melts. It's out for me, but I've had it before and while not the real thing, it tastes pretty good.

For pizza cravings, Hot Lips pizza always has vegan (cheeseless) slices available and they're delicious.

There are some good recipes on the Vegan Chef site (www.veganchef.com) and if you're craving junk food, you might want to check out Food Fight on SE Division: http://www.foodfightgrocery.com/ - they have vegan doughnuts, cookies - all sorts of stuff like that - all dairy-free.

Hope this helps a little - good luck!

This definitely goes against the "no dairy" strategy, but my mom always swears by buttermilk for heartburn...she said she learned about it while pregnant with one of us kids.

As for no dairy-New Seasons carries a completely yummy coconut milk based ice cream. MMMMMMmmmmmmmm......
I also had an increased intolerance to dairy during my pregancy which completely resolved after giving birth-My husband has dairy intolerances and so does my daughter now. So be aware that your child may not be able to eat dairy both for breastfeeding or when you begin her/him on solids.

I'm totally non-dairy due to allergy and my husband is as well, I just assume my baby is too. So if you need menu ideas we have lots. We've found that it's best to think of the soy and rice products as other foods entirely rather than a dairy replacement, that way you're not disappointed when they don't taste like what they mimic. The "coconut bliss" icecream is the best stuff I've ever tasted, dairy or non, I loved the dark chocolate (of course) and the mint and cherry were also delicious.

For heartburn I have found that miso soup helps, don't know why. Also fennel in tea form and lemon grass and ginger and I always throw in dandilion root too since that's good for the belly.

Be careful as you introduce solids with your little one, maybe s/he is letting you know of an allergy. I have heard that sometimes an allergy is not really obvious but can lead to later asthma or skin issues so it might be worth testing.

Good luck, I hope you find a way to be comfortable through the last few months. Feel free to e-mail me if you want food ideas.

I had HORRIBLE heart burn when I was pregnant and nothing really worked for me (not even prescription stuff) - but one trick helped a bit:
elevate the head of your bed by a couple inches so that you're sleeping on a slight incline. Putting a couple boards under the legs should do the trick. Just make sure it's stable.
This helps keep the acid down while you sleep and makes the day more pleasant too.

Ooohhhh you should DEFinitely get some of the Luna and Larry's coconut ice cream at new seasons that Sagu and Anne mention. It is Deeeeelish! kinda pricey, but way worth it, especially if you are not eating dairy. good luck!

coconut bliss is awesome, and trader joe's sells a double rainbow soy ice cream that I think is way better than soy delicious.

I became lactose intolerant during pregnancy, and sad to say, it never went away. I grew up in the Dairy State (Wisconsin, if you're wondering), so it was a major upset to me! I take lactaid supplements with any dairy, but drink lactose free cowmilk. This helps in my current state (non pg). Check with your midwife/ob to see if lactaid supplements are safe during pregancy. And I also want to say sorry - I truly feel your pain! Renee

I had horrible heartburn all through the 3rd tri of my first pregnancy...to the point that when my son was born, the first thing I did after reveling in his existance, was to declare, "Thank God, my heartburn's gone!" Now I'm starting to get it again, with only 5 weeks left in my second pregnancy, and thankfully much less intensely than last time. What works for me is just sleeping on an incline (with pillows stacked up behind me, not putting boards under the bed - I'm too lazy for that). Also, not drinking a ton of water at a time, which is tough, but it helps a lot. Smaller portions of food, of course. And definitely don't eat less than two hours before bed. I do find that no matter what, my heartburn is the worst in the middle of the night and wakes me up no matter what. But if I've followed all the precautions, then it's much milder, and I can go back to sleep. Otherwise, the one thing that worked for me in the last pregnancy (a.k.a. saved my sanity by allowing me rest) was liquid maalox. I know you rather go medicine free, but at this point, sleep is soooo important to your well-being. Plus, it's deemed safe in pregnancy. But try the other steps first. I haven't had to take even tums this time so far, and am very happy about that. Oh, and no carbonated drinks! Good luck and hang in there!

The one thing that totally helped my pregnancy induced heartburn was liquid cal-mag by NF Formulas. I think it is vanilla flavored and doesn't taste that bad. They have it at Pharmaca and maybe a place like New Seasons (or a naturopaths office) Don't try another brand, trust me, that is the one.
Also, I elevated my head in bed with a wedge pillow. That worked pretty well. I would not recommmend peppermint tea, which will actually increase heartburn by relaxing the esophageal sphincter muscle.
I like Coconut Bliss "ice cream" for the best tasting dairy free dessert. They have many flavors and they are all very yummy....its at New Seasons and daily Grind. http://www.coconutbliss.com/

Thank you Lori for remembering about the cal-mag supplement! I totally lived by that stuff when I was pregnant with my first. People always ask me about heartburn remedies (I am a doula) and know I remember what to tell them. Try it, I swear.

I feel your pain. I stopped eating dairy a few weeks ago when my morning sickness failed to dissipate in the second trimester, and cutting out dairy seemed to really do the trick. It's comforting to hear from others who had similar experiences.

It's definately been difficult to live without dairy, but substitutes I've found the most comfort in are goat cheese and sheep cheese. Soft goat cheese is great in a spinach and tomato omlette, and the sheep cheese is tasty for cheese and crackers or to snack on with apples, avacados, tomatoes etc.

Also, don't forget that you don't have to take papaya enzymes in a pill during these season--there's lots of great fresh papaya in the grocery stores and not only does it reduce heartburn, it has a lot of calcium among other nutrients.

Good luck!

Whew, I almost thought I was the only one! I am not lactose intolerant normally but after 8 weeks pg, I could not tolerate milk or any dairy! I get severe "D" if I eat cheese, and it goes on for days if I drink milk. I am really sad because I love dairy products but I'm giving it up for the baby.

Does this mean my baby will be lactose intolerant?

First-time-mommie: speaking nearly a year-and-a-half later (wow the time flies!) from anecdotal experience: no. I was actually able to have dairy in the last six weeks or so of my pregnancy and all through my son, Monroe's, infancy, while breastfeeding. we've switched to raw milk as a family and we go through four gallons a week, plus cheese and butter, and all of our guts are as healthy as can be!

looking back on this post with new information I've learned since the pregnancy, I'd suggest trying raw cow's milk or raw goat's milk, or raw milk cheeses, and see if you have any better results. but in the meantime enjoy the coconut bliss ice cream: no dairy and it's made with agave syrup, which is far better for you than sugar.

I am on my third pregnancy and each time I became gradually lactose intolerant starting at about 1 month of pregnancy. At first I could eat dairy products if I consumed 2-5 lactase tablets. At about 7 months I sadly had to eliminate all dairy. It seems I cannot take enough lactase tablets to stop the embarassing problem of lactose intolerance. After my first two pregnancies my tolerance returned. I just pray that it is the same with this pregnancy. My first two children both have allergies to nuts and eggs (not milk). It is bizarre and no allergist has been able to really explain the link if any. Hang in there and from my experience there is no link to the child being lactose intolerant.

Excellent information here. This interesting post made me smile. Maybe if you put in a couple of pics it will make the whole thing more interesting.

I so wish I would have read this at the time of when you needed help. Well, if you need any suggestions in the future here they are...

Ice Cream - try coconut milk, super delicious
Cheese - Daiya, soy and dairy free cheese substitute. It taste great on pizzas. 

Milk - Raw Almond milk is better for you than soy or rice milk. It's even better if you make it yourself as far as nutrition goes. 

Butter substitute - Palm Shortening and Coconut oil, my favorites. They're not only dairy and soy free, but tasty. Make sure the coconut oil hasn't been overly processed. The best is organic coconut oil, and an added bonus is it helps prevent stretch marks. Rub the coconut oil all over after a shower, and it will keep you skin moist and feeling soft. 

Yogurt - I'm not really sure, but I know the goats milk yogurt is okay and I'm guessing the coconut milk ones would be delicious too. 

Hopefully this will help someone out there. I have allergies to soy, corn, peanuts, and tons of fruit grown from birch trees. At one point in my life I couldn't digest dairy, so all of the above information comes from experience. In addition, a close friend of mine with a dairy allergy complete agrees with the above information. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at brittanyparks@live.com

Take care and have a happy! :)

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