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Non-Disposable Pull Ups

Calling all cloth diapering mamas!  Can you provide Susan with any suggestions for an alternative to disposable pull ups?

My six year old is not yet dry all night and has been wearing disposable pull ups.  He finds them somewhat irritating and uncomfortable and I would love to find something cloth for him to wear that goes on like a pull up.  However, most of what I see is for toddlers.  The few things I’ve come across are very expensive- anywhere from $25 to $40 for one pair.  I’d love to know if other people have tried any they think work well before spending that much money.


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See if Milagros has anything for you. We bought an overnight cloth diaper there a few weeks ago that my son calls "the sleeping underpants" and I'll probably be going back for more. It was only $17, and they had a nice selection of sizes...although I have no idea what a 6 year old weighs... :)

We use all cloth training pants right now from both www.snap-ez.com and www.theecstore.com. For overnights we use Snap-EZ's Nap EZ Stuffable Trainers. They are a pocket trainer that you put their extremely absorbant insert into. We have it folded into threes, so it's a bit bulky, but you can fold it less for a less bulky look. They make them all the way up to size 10 and my son thinks they are great. You could also just buy some of their wonderful inserts (many sizes and shapes) for their regular trainers or any you already have. Ruth, the owner, is a fabulous resource and always responds to questions promptly and personally. Good place to ask questions too. Check out other reviews on www.diaperpin.com under product reviews/trainers.

My little one isn't that old yet. Has your pediatrian made suggestions to help? Good to know know there are options besides bedliners and washing every day!
Good Luck.

Hi Susan,

As NoPo Mama noted we do carry a variety of training pants in our store. The brands we currently carry are Blue Penguin, Bummis, and Bumkins. Also, to provide a fun and functional locally made option, we will soon be carrying training pants from Zoom Baby Gear. Prices vary but everything is less than $20.

For the type of overnight issues you are experiencing, we used - and recommend - the Bumkins Overnight Pant.

Of course, what we offer at Milagros aren't the only brands/options out there. So don't be afraid to shop around.

All the best,

Tony and Jennifer Fuentes

We love Nikky brand cloth pull ups that we've purchased at Babyworks. They are spendy but are definitely long lasting and comfy. Babyworks stands behind their products and folks there are very helpful.

Thanks for all the great suggestions...unfortunately few of them seem to go high enough in size to fit my 60 pound six year old- otherwise they are just the kind of thing I'm looking for. I may end up with the Snap-EZ which go up to a size 10, but they have snaps on the sides which is not very appealing to a six year old used to wearing underwear during the day.

The Nikky All Night Pants go up to a size 8/9 which I think will work for 65+ pounds. If you get them from www.babyworks.com, they will let you try one pair to see if it will work and will accept the return if it doesn't. Those are the most trim, underwear-like overnight trainers you'll find that actually hold quite a bit of pee. There's also Motherease bedwetter pants. The Mediums go up to 65 pounds, but they are pretty poofy. No snaps though!

we love the AI2 side snapping pull ups from fashionably green baby!!!

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