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Manly Pedicures

Susan was brave enough to publicly ask even though we've probably talked about this amongst ourselves off-line.  Mamas, can you recommend where a dad can get a pedicure?  And lurking papas, don't be why, we want to hear from you as well:

I hope the Urban Mamas can help with this one.  My husband is desperately in need of a professional pedicure.  He wouldn't be comfortable in a girly type salon, so I'm looking for recommendations for him.  I'm thinking of buying it for him for Father's Day.  Any ideas?


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Hair M is a man's spa, located downtown.

My friend Tarah Shuler owns the Sante' Spa on SE Stark Street in Montavilla (across the street from Flying Pie Pizzeria and the Academy theater.) She says that pedicures for men are VERY popular at her spa, and that they see at least 2 men for every three women they give pedicures to, so Sante' might be a very good place for you to check out. The atmosphere is comfortable, but not overly girl at all.


I often see men at Vogue Nails on NE Broadway: 825 NE Broadway St Portland, OR 97232 (503) 288-9000

Oh yes, Hair M...my hubby loved the massage that I got him.

Hair M is totally perfect -- it is a "manly" spa and the pedicures aren't even called pedicures. They call them "foot detailing." :-) They're a full service spa as well as salon/barbershop. They have a downtown location and one in Beaverton.

i've been with the wifey to Vogue and thought it was pretty good - nothing special. The large row of windows (facing Broadway), and inquisitive walking traffic, may be too much for the discreet metrosexual.

A little follow-up to my earlier posting. Sante' (http://www.santedayspapdx.com/) has a new pedicure offering called "the Monsieur" which is an herbal foot treatment for men. They use all natural citrus salt scrubs, followed by a full 15 minute lower leg massage using Rosemary oil. Next comes a rosemary foot balm exfoliation followed by an application of neem nail oil buffed into the nail to create a natural healthy shine. They use Neem nail oil for its natural fungicidal properties which protect the nails and feet from infection.

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