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Git yer strawberries!

Before the blueberries, there are strawberries. Where do you go? Sauvie Island or elsewhere? Sarah emails:

I'm looking for recommendations for u-pick strawberries, preferably organic or minimally treated. we've been to Kruger's on Sauvie Island but I'm not sure of their pesticide policy... does anyone know or know of other good places to pick with kids?


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Have you ever been to the fruit loop in Hood River?? Our family goes every year ans we love it...but we have never done u-pick. Check out there website for more info, http://www.hoodriverfruitloop.com/index.html

Thompson Farms in Damascus doesn't spray. And I think people's food co-op maintains, or used to maintain, a list of organic u-pick farms.

We always go to Thompson Farms in Boring. They have no-spray strawberries and later on, marionberries, loganberries, raspberries etc. etc. Call the crop line for daily updates on what's ripe: 503.658.4640

24727 SE Bohna Park Road, Boring, OR 97009

I talked to Don Kruger this past Sunday, they (Kruger Farm) does not spray or use any pesticedes. Horray- plenty of bike parking too. It's only 10 miles out to the island and a bike lane the whole way on 30!
Good luck with all the fresh fruit pickin'.

We went to Sauvie Island Farm this week - they spray fungicide when they plant the plants, but no pesticides at all and no spraying after the initial fungicide.

That's interesting...we picked at Kruger's this week, then stopped at Sauvie Island Farm to check on their spray policy. We were told they spray an initial fungicide, then an herbicide.

We decided to give that a pass.

thank you for all the information, I'm happy to hear that kruger's doesn't spray! we picked 20 pounds there this weekend!

We Kruger's this weekend as well. Be sure to check out their Berry Jam on Father's Day Weekend.

We spoke with Mr. Kruger about spraying when we picked there last year and got the same response as "bikey mama," so we were more than happy to make a return this year.

After my husband got home from work yesterday we decided to go on a little stawberry picking mission at Krugers Farm....they are open until 6pm and cost us $1.50 a pound. We were the only ones picking and my 3 year old just loved it....probably ate his own body weight in stawberries. Its wasnt hot anymore and just a fantastic way to end the day. Just another great reason to live in Portland.

Here here, from another very happy fan of Krugers Farm. We went yesterday morning for a playdate and it was the perfect outing. After we picked strawberries, we had a picnic in the shade. I'm not sure I'll be able to eat the strawberries imported from California or the nether parts of the world again.

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