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ERDC Daycare in NE

Chrissy is seeking childcare that accepts Employment Related Day Care (ERDC).  Any recommendations?

Does anyone have experience with Rose Quarter Grandma's Place?  Or know of a great FT daycare center in close-in NE? I have a 4 yr old who has been attending PT at Grandma's Place Lloyd Place, however I would like to look for work soon and she will need to switch to FT.  The problem is I wasn't sure I liked the feeling of the place when I visited it. I am intrested in shopping around. I will need someone to accept ERDC cause I am low-income and don't know where to begin looking for good FT daycare in close-in NE.

I am living with family and have been going to school for a long time and haven't been able to work because of the daycare situation.  I hardly have anyone who can help with my daughter, and I am sure many other mamas have been there.  I really just want to find a good place for my daughter where I feel she will be safe.


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Hi, Chrissy! I just saw this posting on Craigslist childcare the other day. Maybe it will suit you (it's free!):
Albina Head Start--Now Enrolling for 2007-2008 School Year

Free Full-Day Pre-school Program
7:00 am-5:30 pm
Children must be 3 years old on or before September 1, 2007
Classrooms in North, Northeast, and Southeast Portland
You may qualify if you:
* Meet federal income guidelines
* Are working, in school, or in training/job search
* Live within boundaries

Also available:
Pre-natal program for expectant mothers

Classes start September 2007.
Apply Now!
Albina Head Start
3417 NE 7th Ave. (corner of Fremont St.)

Albina Head Start--Ahora Registrando para el año escolar 2007-2008
Cuidado de dia completo para niños gratis
7:00am-5:30 pm
Niño(a)s de 3 a 4 años de edad
Salones en el N, NE y SE de Portland.
Usted puede calificar sí usted:
* Satisfce la guía federal de pobreza
* Esta trabajando, en el escuela, o en entrenamiento
* Vive en nuestros alrededores

Programa Prenatal para madres prenatales

Las clases empiezan en Septiembre 2007
Aplique ahora no espere!
Albina Head Start
3417 NE 7th Ave. (en la esquina de la calle Fremont)

A neighbor's 4-year-old is FT at Grandma's Place - Rose Q. & loves it. He's been there a while & really enjoys the current teacher. However, my neighbor says there's been a bit of staff turnover there lately - she wasn't sure what that was about, but it apparently didn't affect the quality of her son's care. I guess a new administrator took over a few months ago. Neighbor sez she's hardly ever seen the new administrator.

oops, sorry: forgot to add that you might find this place up your alley -- http://www.penchild.org/index.php -- heard good things about it from other neighbors.

my daughter is in the young preschool at gma's place rose quarter. she really loves it and in her classroom the teacher's are really fantastic. they work very hard. that said, i can't say that i love the place as much as she does. it has been good for us b/c of location and b/c she transitioned from drop-in care to fulltime care and knew the teachers. what i don't like is that it feels corporate. and i don't know for sure but i get the feeling that they don't treat their staff as well as they should. i will echo what the other mom said, they did change administrators not too long ago and i barely ever see the new one.

the class that your 4 year old would be in has great teachers too as far as I can tell but the class seems really big to me so you might check what the ratio is.

all in all, i really wish that they would treat their teachers better. i am sure they are not being paid what they are worth. my daughter's teachers go out of their way to get creative with the resources that they have. it means a lot that they have that kind of commitment but i worry that they will burn out and leave, which would be so sad for my daughter.

oh, one other good thing is that there is a lot of diversity among the children and the teachers at gma's place rose quarter.

all that said, we are also looking a pennisula chilren's center as an option. i hear they are wonderful.

Thanks! Albina Head Start did sound interesting but when I applied at Albina Head Start awhile back it was a big hassle with a long wait of a year and then they called me shortly before the school year started and asked me additional questions about my daughters etnicity which wasn't "clear" to them--I don't know why(She is half White/half Spanish I never know what to say when I have those little boxes on forms that say "Race?") and then I got a letter saying they would not accept her for some reason!

Thanks for the additional info on Grandma's Place. See I thought they seemed to have a lot of kids compared to adults. There were three older bored looking adults, and the classroom was pretty dark and the kids looked a bit bored- but they were just finishing nap-time to be fair. Corporate is a word that seems to fit. I met a woman- her name escapes me I wasn't sure if she was the admin. or not. She seemed nice, but from the vibe I got maybe the staff isn't treated as well as they could be? I am a bit curious about the turnover now myself.

My main concern for my daughter is for her to be happy and safe and to get the attention she needs. I feel guilty leaving her but I also need to have a paycheck to support us so it will be necessary for a little while.

Hi Chrissy,
We are in a similar situation; I was just logging on to post about it when I saw your post. We just moved to town, and GP Lloyd Center was the only place we could find with immediate openings for our 2yo and 4.5yo. The little one is fine there, she is stimulated and the teacher is great. My older one does not like it. The teacher in the preschool class also does check in and check out so she is pretty distracted, and I have heard her yell at the kids several times. To be fair, my son has been acting out a bit too. It's just not a good fit.

We are looking for a half day or full day preschool option for my 4.5yo from now through the summer. He will go to Kindergarten at Hollyrood in the fall. Anyone have ideas? We don't have income restrictions but we would like something close by. Thanks!

My child has been at Peninsula Children's Center(I posted about this a while back) for three weeks. She's in the toddler room, so I can't speak for the other programs, but so far the place seems friendly, clean, and cheerful. They have great outdoor space. The food is kind of lame, but along standard school-food lines. All the staff seem professional and nice. I assume they take ERDC. They also have a waitlist...

Hey Chrissy:

Have you considered a family day care home? If so, you can contact the Child Care Improvement Project at Neighborhood House, here's the link: http://www.nhweb.org/programs/CCIP-parents.shtml

With Albina Head Start, if you're interested I would say talk to the director about your experience. My experience when mine was little was that I had to really advocate to get any kind of sliding scale child care. Show up and INSIST on being seen. It sucks but sometimes that's what we have to do.

You might look into Escuala Viva, escuela-viva.com. They have incredible programs for half and full day and the four year old classroom is close to Rose Quarter (on MLK & San Rafael inthe Albina Bank bldg.) very little turnover with amazing, wonderful teachers! Also, this is bilingual, English / Spanish with pretty diverse group of kids. And low prices for what you get (hot meals, full day programs, etc.) We love it!!!

You might look into Escuala Viva, escuela-viva.com. They have incredible programs for half and full day and the four year old classroom is close to Rose Quarter (on MLK & San Rafael in the Albina Bank bldg.) very little turnover with amazing, wonderful teachers! Also, this is bilingual, English / Spanish with pretty diverse group of kids. And low prices for what you get (hot meals, full day programs, etc.) We love it!!!

Peninsula Children's Center does:


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