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Being a Mama: The Sixth Sense

Do you have it?  Did your mother have it?  Is it a curse or a blessing?

Maybe it's just me, being on a power trip, but I am convinced that I have developed that motherly sixth sense.  I remember being young and hearing my mom yell to me to stop doing this that or the other and thinking "how'd she know what I was doing??? she's three rooms over and has the phone to her ear!"  But now I find myself doing the same thing and I'm nearly sure that my little guy is thinking the same thing... "how'd she know what I was doing?"   But it's not just a here-and-now type of superpower.  Oh, no.  Mama's sixth sense can see into the future and predict all possible consequences that follow a decision. If you don't bring snacks, there will be a melt-down over no snacks. If you don't bring a small sippy with a drink, there will most surely be a disaster to follow.  And those are the reasonable thoughts... I won't burden you with the "If I don't hold his hand and he runs out in the street..." type thoughts.  Those are the times when I think the sixth sense can be a bit of a burden.  Let's just say I have an overly active imagination.

So, what do you use your sixth sense for?  Any great stories of discovering how your little one is getting into trouble without the aid of the pedestrian other 5 senses?


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I haven't had more than a sense of impending doom and then later found out that my daughter was sick or had fallen at day care, but my mom and I have a true connection. My favorite stories are of when we are driving along a highway and suddenly one person says some random thing, and the other one says, "I was just thinking that same thing!" We have come to find out over the years that we have the same thought process. So we may both see a Geico billboard with the lizard. The lizard makes us think of the time we were at the zoo and saw the alligators. The alligators make us think of the old Izod brand shirts from the 70's and 80's. That makes us think of when I was in Junior High. Then all of the sudden, one of us says, "I wonder what ever happened to Mr. Jones, the 8th grade teacher?" and the other one was thinking the exact same thing! I am not sure if this is a familiarity thing or a genetic thing that we think alike. However, we also have the phenomenon where my mom and I pick up the phone to call each other at the exact same time, and both get a busy signal. When we finally get through, within one minute one or both of my brothers has beeped through on call waiting! A sure psychic phenomenon!

I dont think I would call it a 6th sense, but if my son is quiet, I know that GAMES are afoot.

usually by games, I mean he is unravelling ALL of the toilet paper on the roll. or digging through his diaper pail (EW)
yes, only 1, yet he has mastered opening up any every type of garbage/diaper pail in the house.

Okay, I have had "the sixth sense" since I was about ten. I have one younger brother and one younger sister. Amanda is six years my junior and, like many famlies these days, my single mother worked so I was the one "in charge" around my house starting at an early age.
Starting in the 8th grade I was coaching her youth volleyball and soccer teams at the elementary school and her and her best friend Meghan were either with me at practice or with me at the house since they were pretty much inseperable for....like ten years.
My room was my fortress, like for most teenagers, and the door was always to remain closed. I still knew what was happening in the house at all times. My sister, and Meghan, had figured this out by about age eight.
Case in point:
In her third or fourth grade year Amanda and Meghan befriended a third muskateer, Nicole. Nicole was new to the neighborhood. One afternoon the three of them were in the living room and I was in my room with the music on. Let's be honest, probably I was on the phone too. :-) Anyway I could hear them vaguely and suddenly their voices dropped to a whisper and I could tell Nicole was trying to convince them to do something. I could hear Amanda and Meghan saying no and then Nicole saying something to the extent that "Its ok, she won't hear us". Without even being in the room, I swear I could see Amanda and Meghan exchange "a look" and Amanda goes, "Yes she will" or something like that. I didn't hear the exact exchange but I knew it was something like "No she won't," by Nicole and another, "Yes she will," by either Meghan or Amanda.
Now, mind you, I was almost the entire house length away, had my door closed and the music on and these girls were WHISPERING.
I stuck my head out the door and called down the hall, "Don't even THINK about it." and then closed the door again.
I started laughing when I heard Nicole, the new girl, going, "WHAT?!?! How did she know?"
And I could just see Amanda and Meghan sigh and explain to Nicole (who didn't have a mother in her life) that yes, its true, mother's have eyes in the back of their head, even if you are rooms away.
Even though I wasn't her "mother" my sister and I shared an incredibly close bond and still do.
As a matter of fact she will be twenty this year and is moving to Portland next week to move in with me and help me take care of my 10 mo. old daughter.
I couldn't be more thrilled becuase I know that A) Amanda will love her and care for her very similarly to how I raise her and B)Amanda knows there will be no "getting away with it" if she ever gets the itch.

What I wouldn't have given a year ago to have my then 18 month old play quietly in the other room, alone...Now, we've made huge strides in the independent play department, but total silence is definitely my cue that something is going on that I probably won't approve of. Luckily, he hasn't figured out how to lie yet, so when I stand at the bottom of the stairs and ask what's going on, he'll come out and say something like "oh, hi mama, I'm just borrowing some of Papa's deoderant/chapstick/toothpaste" and if I've timed it right, he's not covered in the stuff!

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