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What we love most about the urbanMamas community is how it continues to grow and how it provides a dynamic platform for discourse.  We are a group of new mamas and veteran mamas, mamas of one, two, three, and more.  We each have different experiences; we welcome new thoughts.  urbanMamas began as an effort to build a strong, close-knit community, both online and in-person.  Almost three years later, urbanMamas continues to grow and we remain committed to all things *community*.

To further our community, we have started separate urbanMamas forums to help connect mamas and papas regarding specific issues.  Check out the urbanMamas forums and check back often!

  1. The Childcare Referral Forum is designed for parents to help solve their childcare puzzles.  Us the forum to find a family for a nanny share, post information for a sitter with availability, see current daycare availabilities.
  2. The Exchange Forum is a place where 'good mamas exchange mama goods & services'.  Looking for a tag-along for the bike?  Selling your well-loved mama or baby gear?  Offering your services as a professional chef/consultant/doula?
  3. The Calendar, of course, is one of our greatest features.  We are so excited to have one place for everyone to share their favorite family-friendly activities.  Email us with calendar items and events!
  4. The Activistas Forum is our newest addition to the urbanMamas family.  Many of us urbanMamas and urbanPapas are passionate about issues that affect our families.  The Activisitas site is designed to connect us with specific ways that we can impact larger-scale change.  We are partnering with established organizations and active community members who can make it easier to be involved in citywide and statewide change.  We hope to build a bridge to established efforts of activism and social change.  Our hope is that we can make it accessible for us, as concerned urbanParents, to make the world a better place!  As always, please email us with suggestions or comments.

As we continue to grow, we encourage you to: honor our cardinal rules, share more about yourselves, frequent the urbanMamas forums, get to know one another at urbanMamas gatherings, email us directly at urbanmamas[at]gmail[dot]com with post requests or any site suggestions, and consider sponsoring urbanMamas.  Oh, and don't forget to read the fine print!

Administrative note:  Typepad has recently (as of May 1) redesigned some things about their service.  One of the many "upgrades" they've introduced is the removal of e-mail links from comments.  Because they see this as protecting the commenter they have no plans to revert to posting e-mail links on the blog.  If you want your e-mail information available you have a couple of options.  1)  you can enter your e-mail address as your name (and sign your name to the comment if it's different from the e-mail).  or 2) you could include your e-mail in the comment text.  Sorry for the difficulty... we really do want you guys to be able to contact each other directly, it's just that this one is out of our hands.  URL links will continue to be posted in comments.


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The Activistas feature is wonderful. Thanks for the add.

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