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05.04.2007 - Naked Mamas Party

Black Wagon and urbanMamas team up to create a new twist on an old favorite, the naked lady party!  This event is for mamas only! 

Be prepared for clothing flying through the air, the ultimate friendly fire, while women beg, borrow and steal new favorites from friends new and old to spruce up their wardrobe.

Don’t expect well-worn maternity bras, or granny panties!  These mamas are swapping their pre-loved garb in an evening of fun, recycling, and bonding.  Low-rise boot cut jeans don’t fit like they used to?  Cute camis too snug for your post-baby boobs?  Your previously favorite purse not big enough for wipes and dipes?  Don’t fret!  Barter ‘em away in exchange for your hot new mamalicious gear.  One mama’s trash is another mama’s treasure!

Sip wine, enjoy nibbles, and meet new friends for the evening,.  All items at Black Wagon will be 20% off during the Naked Mamas Party.  Great gifts from N. Mississippi boutiques like Flutter and Gypsy Chic will be up for grabs, too!  And - for those who have yet to meet up with other urbanMamas - come on down and get to know this fine community at the Naked Mamas Party!

Portland’s urbanMamas.com is a community of like-minded mamas and papas, facilitating connections on-line and in -person with resources for everything from breastfeeding support to childcare references and a guide for fun activities for children.

As a community based store for babies, kids and their style conscious parents, Black Wagon is excited to focus on Portland mamas for this evening of fun with other mamas!

Friday, May 4th

6:30 - 9:00 PM

3964 N. Mississippi Ave

Please RSVP in the comments!



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This sounds like fun! I'm getting rid of almost a whole wardrobe, including some vintage dresses of my Nana's, so I'll be there.

this sounds fabulous! what a great motivation to finally clean out my closet. i'll be there.

I'm in! And I'd like to bring a friend. I have a large bag of pretty cool stuff ready to go - all either too big or too small for me now.

i'll be there too, with *my* mama, who will be visiting .. . (hope that's ok!)

I'll be there, with at least one friend and possibly two.

oh yes, i've got clothes in boxes...!

I'm in and bringing a friend!

I've been waiting SO long for this. I have a Huge tupperware full of stuff although, not sure how "styllish" others will find them since I don't get out for myself too often ;) Hopefully I can bring a friend too.

This sounds like just what I need, but can I come with my three month old?

I'll be there too! It should be a lot of fun and what a great way to find some new pieces for the wardrobe.

Heather: Please feel free to bring your three month old! I'm sure there might be a few there that wouldn't mind holding your babe while you try on stuff.

Thanks, that would be a big help!

I'd love to come! I am 3 months pregnant with our first and just starting to need some new sizes - great timing!

Monica: Should I bring my maternity clothes for you? I have small and medium pants and tops from The Gap, Motherhood and Japanese Weekend...

I'm looking forward to it!

Sounds fun!

I will be there with a friend!

The past few weeks, I have poured through stuff. I have tons of stuff to bring, and I can't wait to swap with y'all!

Yes, I would love maternity clothes too - I just need something! :)See everyone tonight!

Thanks, everyone, for a really fun night. I only came away with a couple of things, but seeing you all in my once-adored tops, having a glass of wine, and sharing my first evening away from my 3 month old was a real treat. I hope we can do it again!

What a great evening of laughter and fun! Looking very forward to the next one! Thank you for opening up your fabulous space to everyone, Sarah. Were the *lost* shoes ever located...? :)

What a great evening of laughter and fun! Looking very forward to the next one! Thank you for opening up your fabulous space to everyone, Sarah. Were the *lost* shoes ever located...? :)

thanks to everyone who came, we had a great time! i enjoyed drinking, er, uh, i mean *chatting* with all of you.

i can't wait for the next urbanMamas/black wagon event!

I was curious what everyone decided to do with the clothes we didn't take home... I had to leave before I think it was finalized. The evening inspired me to finish going through my closet, and I have a bunch more stuff that I'd like to find a new home. Is there a charity that the things are going to that maybe I could take some of my other things to as well?

Too bad I missed this event, sounds like fun! I'm due in August and am looking to expand my social network would love to meet some other pregnant women and/or urban mammas. Any ideas?

I had a great time last Friday with all you naked mamas! Thank you for coming, and thank you to Black Wagon for being such gracious hostesses. No one went home empty handed, and we all even got gift certificates and goodies from some of N. Mississippi's great shops.

And, yes, the *lost* shoes were found! Success all around!

Some goods were brought to the Black Rose Collective up the street on N. Mississippi:

Some other mama gear was stashed away for our next naked mama event. Be on the lookout for the next one in the fall!

i am moving to Portland from the east coast and found this site. i am super stoked about this event! i cant wait for the next one so i can go,

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