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The Entertainer - for a 4 yo's Birthday Party

Anne would love to hear your thoughts on making her son's fourth birthday party the bestest 4th birthday party there ever was:

I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a fun, low-key entertainer for a 4 year old boy's birthday party this summer? I'm thinking of a clown, magician or puppeteer, but would be open to other possibilities.


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Molly the clown is great...and so is Giggles. Giggles does the best face painting I have EVER seen. They both book up far in advance.

My friend also had the magician who travels to the Vancouver Applebee's at her son's bday party and said it was a huge hit. Around $150 I think...if you want contact info, let me know and I can get it.

Penny (www.pennypuppets.com) also does bday parties and she is very entertaining.

My daughter has gone to a birthday or two where BJ the Clown has performed and the kids really love him. Here is the website:

I went to a party several years ago where they had a Reptile Man. He was a huge hit! I'm sure there is something like that around here...

we had bizzy the clown at my 3 yr old party and she was amazing - great face painting and a really inviting fun show for kids!

We went to a sign language party last year and it was great! The kids had fun AND learned something new. Portland Early Learning Project did it (www.portlandearlylearning.com). I think they do Spanish birthday parties too, as I recall.

We went to a party that had Joe the Balloon Guy. Not sure how you get a hold of him. (sorry if it's lame of me to post but i'll try to get the #) He was pretty darn impressive and full of energy. Plus then the kids took home thier balloon creation as the party favor. Easy Peasy.

wait...here's his site:

I just had BJ the Clown for a party and he was absolutely fabulous! Highly recommend him.


We considered using The Ballon Guy (Joe, mentioned above) also. His website: http://www.joemishkin.com/. We see him often enough at events at the Kennedy School and he's engaging and great with the kids.

Does anyone know who Dan the Reptile man is in Michigan? Or of a reptile show I can hire for my son's 8th B-day party. I cannot find him anywhere! THANKS

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