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The Dangerous Book for Boys

Thank you, Sharon for sharing this review with us:

The Dangerous Book for Boys - by Conn & Hal Iggulden

The Dangerous Book for Boys is a bit of a cliff note type book for a child to become a cross between James Bond and Huck Finn. It starts with a list of 11 things one must always keep in ones pockets (needle and thread, book of matches, compass) and ends with 8 badges to earn while conquering the tasks in the book. A reference type book on all things the authors think young men/boys need to know. For example : ways to make the best paper airplanes, the seven wonders of the ancient world, how to build a tree house.

Overall - I think it is a fun book. I could certainly see giving this as a birthday gift. My husband and son (who is six) have both enjoyed the challenge of figuring out some of the building projects. They both thought it was pretty cool. Lots of great activities for parents and kids (girls or boys) to do together. Certainly a tad bit over the top, in the sense of what children are ever going to need the needle and thread to "sew up a wound on an unconsious dog...", but I completely understand the premis of the digital age taking over and our kids need to learn how to "do" more. All in all my engineer husband has repeatedly made sure that he can keep the book. So, if you are interested in knowing not only the best coin tricks, but also how to map the sky - great book for you!


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Another book that I think is great (maybe even better than Dangerous Book) is The Big Book of Boy Stuff by Bart King. I found this in B&N when I was helping my son look for a science fair project book. Thia book has all kinds of fun activities, and the author explains the science behind the experiements. It’s also got a section on girls, gross stuff like vomit and burping, and some funny jokes and wacky facts.

He also has a Big Book of Girl Stuff that is very cute, and a great book for middle-school girls who might need some reassurance.

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