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Tell us about Concordia

Bella is in search of your experiences wtih the Concordia neighborhood:

We have been house hunting for a couple months now and are about to make an offer on a house in west Concordia, near 25th and Ainsworth.  The house is a great fit for our family but we're not too familiar with the area as we've always lived in Southeast.  I would love some urbanMama wisdom ASAP!


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we live at ne 9th and ainsworth and are very happy with the neighborhood; it's not really upscale, but we feel very comfortable and our neighbors are friendly. over at 25th could be great, because it's so close to new seasons and a bunch of neat businesses at 30th and killingsworth. also the kennedy school.

I was just telling my mom the other day how we found the perfect neighborhood for our family. We're on the cusp of Concordia and Alberta Arts, and have access to everything--cafes, movies, upscale restaurants, cheap ethnic food, art galleries, boutiques, public transport, Last Thursday.

Yet Concordia also offers big green parks, mellow neighborhood walks, giant trees, beautiful gardens, back alleys with blackberry bushes, and a family vibe. I also appreciate that I live in one of Portland's more diverse areas, where I can sometimes hear different languages spoken. We'll be sad to leave, but an international voyage beckons.

I live on 25th just north of Ainsworth. I say every day to my husband how glad I am that we moved here. The neighborhood is fantastic! Many excellent conveniences, lots of choices in entertainment and super baby and family friendly. The parks are also great. We used to live in the Hawthorne area which became a little too crowded and commercial for my taste. Concordia is a great place to live! (Also, our property value has *soared* in the last couple years since we've been here.)


Welcome to the neighborhood! Concordia is the greatest neighborhood in the world bar-none! Ok,ok, maybe I am just a little bit biased..

We have lived in Concordia for about six years, we were attracted by the diversity, affordable, well-maintained housing and overall family-friendly atmosphere.

More and more young families are calling Concordia home. There are plenty of places to eat, shop and play and these businesses are locally-owned and PART of the community, not separate from it.

The local schools, once shamefully overlooked, have improved greatly in recent years and this improvement is continuing.

Both Vernon and Faubion Elementary Schools are benefiting from active, dedicated principals, and revived, involved PTAs. Both will becoming K-8 schools in the near future (well, now that Phillips has left, who knows...)

The neighborhood is anchored by two parks - Alberta park at its western edge (technically in the Vernon neighborhood) and Fernhill Park at its eastern edge. Both parks are dog-friendly, kid-friendly and home to many community events including the annual free community concerts and National Night Our at Fernhill Park.

At present there is no community center but Concordia University may be building a new athletic facility in the area that will be open to the neighborhood.

One "recreation" perk you can enjoy as soon as you get your driver's license updated: Concordia residents can use the soaking pool at the Kennedy School for free!

The Neighborhood Association is active and involved and publishes a monthly newspaper highlighting issues and events in the neighborhood and beyond.

Now that I have given out the praises, full disclosure, I am the co-chair of the Concordia Neighborhood Association. Now that you are a resident, I hope you will consider being involved in the neighborhood association.

You can volunteer as little or as much as you would like on any neighborhood issue that you are passionate about. For instance, I tend to be involved in community events because I love parties...

Anyhoo, I could go on and on. I would be happy to address any specific questions you may have with my own not-so-humble personal opinion, just shoot me an email:


Again, welcome to Concordia!

Tony Fuentes

I just want to ditto everything that's been said. We live at the northeast corner of Fernhill park, and we love love love the area. It is a great place to live!

wow! you guys are so incredibly helpful. Thanks for your thoughtful insight.

That is a great area. Our friends used to live right on the corner of Ainsworth and 24th. We used to visit all the time and walk to the park. Just like any neighborhood be careful to lock your doors and cars. Their house was broken into and robbed once and their car was broken into a few times. That area has a lot of alleys that make it easy for burglars.

As we were heading down Ainsworth to Milagros for the Sound of Music singalong today, I was reminded yet again how much I love NE Ainsworth. I love the park-like median in the middle of the street. It gives the whole street a wonderful cozy feel. I would love to live in a home on Ainsworth. We don't live too far from the Concordia neighborhood and we really like the N/NE neighborhoods. It is a neighborhood with tons of amenities with the New Seasons at 33rd and the entire Alberta stretch just south.

hear! hear!
welcome to the 'hood.

We've lived in Concordia for 9 years and we love it! There is a wonderful community feel here and so much to do. We're about to move to Seattle, so if any uMamas or uPapas are looking for a 3 bedroom/2 bathroom house in Alberta Arts, drop us a line and we'll show it to you before we list it with a realtor next month. kadyd@comcast.net

We live close by Ainsworth and think it's gorgeous with lots to do. I think you'll love it!

hey all,

these comments are great!! well, they accepted our offer so now we just have to get through inspections. Fingers crossed!


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