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Sports for Kids in NE

Kimber would love your suggestions:

I live in the Sabin neighborhood and am trying to find any T-ball or soccer programs nearby for my 5 1/2 year old.  Do any exsist?


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Here's a link to Portland parks activities for kids.


Have you tried calling the school? I don't know if Sabin has a team or not, but I know there are some t-ball/farm league/baseball teams associated with Alameda school, and they have been playing for a few weeks already this spring. Soccer has traditionally been more of a fall sport in Portland, though I'm sure there are some spring teams. You could try the OYSA (Oregon Youth Soccer Association) or try calling the indoor soccer place for suggestions.

My daughter played in the Laurelhurst Soccer Club Kick and Chase (for 5-6 year olds) last year. Their information can be found here at http://www.laurelhurstsoccerclub.org/. They also might be able to give you information about a Sabin area club.

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